• Accurate Breadcrumb Trail in Modules

    Open for Voting
    347 votes
    It would be great if the breadcrumb trail would follow your navigation correctly when you are working in modules rather than switching to "page", "discussions", "assignments" or whatever you click on. Would it be poss...
    Liesl Wuest
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  • Module Progress Bar (amended)

    Open for Voting
    92 votes
    Amended after comments and questions from James Jones. TL;DR Instructors should be able to add a module progress bar Amendment: Instructors should be able to add a module progress bar that includes the module title. W...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Blueprint: automatically lock content

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    Blueprints are a powerful tool in Canvas. TasTAFE has 16 campuses in all corners of beautiful Tasmania and, therefore, we have  geographically isolated teaching teams. Blueprints allow us to have c...
    Kate Hayes
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  • Prohibit Replies to Group Discussions for Students without a Group Set

    Open for Voting
    43 votes
    The Problem: If students post to a group discussion before they are placed in a group set, their discussion posts appear on the main discussion topic rather than in the group discussion. During add/drop period, ...
    Rachel Lee
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  • Bulk Download of Annotated DocViewer [Crocodoc] documents by assignment

    Open for Voting
    302 votes
    Instructors can easily bulk-download student submissions, and instructors can individually download the PDF showing the annotations they've made to a student's submission in Crocdoc DocViewer. There is currently no wa...
    Joanna Kovacevich
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  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    1250 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
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  • Removing unused assignment groups from grade book

    Hello,  I saw a couple of years ago that someone asked about how to remove unused assignment groups from the grade book because she alternates projects with each term. I saw responses that included deleting the ...
    Patricia Clarke
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  • Newsela

    Where is Newsela located on Canvas?
    Elizabeth Krueger
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  • Recorded Conferences - How long does it take?

    Hi all,   I usually record lectures that last about 45 minutes to about 90 minutes in the past which I have not had any issues with, in regards to having the recordings ready to access within 8 hours.   La...
    Aileen Tran Mapletoft
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  • Student can't see chat features in BigBlueButton conference

    I use BigBlueButton conferences for my virtual classes.   I have one student who can't see any chat features on the left side of the screen. I thought she might just need to click "Public Chat," but there was no...
    David Mann
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  • Regarding Announcements on Canvas

    How do you tag an announcement so that students in a class see it right away?
    herbert herd
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  • Automatic due date reminder notifications

    Open for Voting
    196 votes
    Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it...
    Shoshana Brassfield
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  • I am trying to create a quiz. When I save the question, it doesn't appear.

    Trying to create a quiz.  I enter the question and save, but the question doesn't appear
    Jon Krupp
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  • How do I prevent the individual criteria from reverting to alphabetical order on a rubric with points removed?

    I’m running into a Canvas issue where a new rubric I’m creating (complete/incomplete, with points removed) reverts criteria to alphabetical order when I post it. I’m not running into the same issue w...
    Anna Eveslage
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  • Exported gradebook should match filters on the grade screen

    Open for Voting
    203 votes
    On the "Grades" screen you can filter the students who appear on the screen so that it only shows active students or only shows a particular section of a merged class.  However, the exported gradebook csv file sh...
    Chuck Yeung
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  • Maintain gradebook column order when exporting

    Open for Voting
    18 votes
    Existing behavior: When an instructor exports the gradebook, the order of the grade columns are ordered by the time when they were created.   Desired behavior: When an instructor exports the gradebook into a spr...
    Knox Mallette
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  • Teacher PD User Group - May 2020 Meeting Minutes

    Agenda Organisation Introductions & Snapshots Ideas for collaboration -  Making the most of this group Themes for User Group disucssions Instructional Design and Templates Next Steps  Attendees:...
    Ryo Sakai
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  • Teacher PD User Group APAC - Kick Off Slides - May 2020

    Ryo Sakai
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  • Export aggregate rubric scores to identify strengths and weaknesses of class as a whole

    Open for Voting
    394 votes
    I'd like Canvas to be able to generate a single table that shows the rubric line item scores for all students.  Then I would easily be able to tell which items students struggled most with, and plan subsequent le...
    Jean Bower
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  • Studio Admins - change the default so only top level admins are Studio Admins

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    By design subaccount admins are also Studio Admins.  This became apparent as a student contacted our support team as he could not create and post content to Studio.  While exploring the cause we found a...
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