• Embed CSS in Canvas page?

    I use a fair amount of inline CSS to visually format the materials for my courses. One frustration I have is that I cannot use external or embedded styles to do this more efficiently: I have to micro style every insta...
    Lisa Moline
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  • Student Activity Report: Student Time Log

    Open for Voting
    210 votes
    There are many reasons and uses for a Student Activity Report/Analytics that demonstrates the amount of time a student spent in an activity.  This Time Spent data should be available for both Instructors and Stud...
    Renee Carney
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  • ctrl+k - target of link

    In the new RCE we no longer have the option of pressing ctrl+k which allowed us to choose between the link opening on the same tab or in a new window/tab - it seems the default is now new window/tab and there is no op...
    Tony Sales
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  • Is it possible to import a Canvas quiz into Word?

    I have a fairly long quiz with 75 questions, many of which have multiple answer options. I need to repurpose it as a hard copy instrument. Can I do that easily from where it is in Canvas Quizzes without copying and pa...
    Angela Breckenridge
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  • Missing Assignments in PowerTeacher Pro

    Is anyone else having issues with syncing "Missing" assignments to PowerTeacher Pro??  Late and Exempt transfer fine but Missing assignments do not.  Thanks
    Gary Bacon
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  • ePub is in reverse Module order

    Has anyone seen this issue? When downloading the ePub of my course, it is producing it in reverse order from the order of the Modules in the course. I'm not super ePub savvy, but can't think of a reason this would be ...
    Tom Gibson
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  • Control Visibility of courses?

    Hey so, I've just been working on a course which I created in canvas.instructure.com and went to make it public then found I cannot change the visibility. What's going on Canvas?  Is this a recent change that...
    David Yeats
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  • Home page

    We are creating a new Induction course and want the homepage to be designed well (we have the images) just need to see how others have been creative with home pages. We want our new employees to feel engaged as a lear...
    liz weir
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  • Admin Rights

    Hello all,   I wanted to know if an administrator can restrict access to a module?   Thanks
    katherine scarbrough
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  • Unable to open "collaborations" in class

    I can get to my son's page for his speech team, but unable to open the collaborations tab to see shared google docs.
    Pam Cocalis
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  • bigbluebutton conferences

    Can I use the bigbluebutton conferences option in free canvas account? I created a conference as an instructor, but it does not appear for students.
    Murad Alaqtash
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  • How to calculate averages based on displayed percentages

    I have many assignments in one category (homework, classes, and quizzes).  These assignments vary in the amount of points that they are worth.  I like to display the grades as percentages so that it's clear ...
    Julaine Rosner
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  • Create UTF-8 encoded CSV files for SIS import from Excel

    In case your institution doesn’t have any connections to a Student Information System (SIS) and you have to manage enrolments manually, than the SIS import feature could be your best friend. Same goes for creati...
    Jaap Stelpstra
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  • Group Quizzes

    Open for Voting
    304 votes
    I propose the ability to make a quiz a group quiz, like you can for assignments. As a course gets larger instructors would like the ability to automate the activities to include more students and not have to rely on T...
    Bradley Wall
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  • SCORM vs xAPI?

    Hi all,   I'm new here, and this is my first post.  We are moving to Canvas at my institution (from Blackboard).  I do a lot with SCORM, and am looking at xAPI as well.  Do you know if Canvas has ...
    Helen Davies
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  • Allow Quizzes.Next assessment to be initial assessment for Mastery Paths

    Open for Voting
    50 votes
    I would like to apply Mastery Paths as an option at the initial step of a Quizzes.Next assessment.  A specific use case is:   A student is assessed via a graded multiple choice quiz to be in one of three ca...
    Keith Sollers
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  • On writing a 5-page paper

    If an instructor asks for a five page paper where the title page, abstract and reference pages don't count against the total, does that mean that the introduction, definitions and conclusion paragraph remain withing t...
    Anthony Ferrantello
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  • Extra time on a quiz for 1 student

    I have one student in my class who required time and a half for quizzes. How do assign this one particular student more time? 
    Wendy Deters
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  • Can a student unenroll a section?

    Hi,   One of our teachers did add students to a newly created section.   After a few weeks he noticed that two students were not enrolled in the section anymore.   The students told the teacher that ...
    Tobe Baeyens
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  • Don't allow students to access course sections they are not enrolled to

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    There is a bug in Canvas when a teacher does use dual enrolment.   F.e. A teacher wants to add a list of students to a new section. The students are already added to the course but not to that sec...
    Tobe Baeyens
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