• Homework quizzes on line

    I instituted homework quizzes on line for the first time this summer. They account for 15% of the final grade. I set a date after which the quiz is closed.  My intention is that if a student doesn't submit answer...
    martin port
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  • New Gradebook - bring back the CFP (Turnitin) report links

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    In the ‘old’ Gradebook, when you wanted to see details about the student’s submission, you would see this:     In the New Gradebook, you no longer see the CPF (Canvas Plagiarism Framew...
    Mark Van de Velde
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  • Create a student-accessible rubric for self-assessments

    Open for Voting
    512 votes
    Our nursing and OTA staff are using self-assessments to help students evaluate their confidence in the skills they are learning for certification. The idea is that they can take this assessment and choose if they want...
    Stephanie Wilson
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  • How to adapt to the undocumented JavaScript loading sequence changes?

    In the most recent Canvas Release Notes (2019-06-22) there was an undocumented change to what we believe is the loading sequence of JavaScript in Canvas. This has adversely affected anything we have done tha...
    Jayde Colquhoun
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  • What are the odds of this??

    Because Jayde Colquhoun and I traveled to the United States from Australia for InstructureCon 2019 we decided to make the most of the long trip and do some touristy fun stuff while we where there. Including things lik...
    Sam Malcolm
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  • Delete "FREE" upper left corner icon on courses (within Catalog)

    Is there a way to eliminate the "FREE" upper left corner icon that populates on courses with no fee (within Catalog)?
    Rob Bodart
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  • Adding users by email AND name?

    Is there a way to add users to a course by email, without having to manually input their names one by one? E.g. maybe a way to upload a spreadsheet of names and emails? 
    Sarah Jenevein
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  • "Whoops" Message Submitting Discussion Post

    Hello, One of my students is reporting that he keeps receiving a "whoops" message when trying to submit a discussion post. The discussion post does include an embedded image. Any thoughts here? I have asked him to ch...
    April Noke
    created by April Noke
  • closed captioning service available?

    does Canvas have a closed captioning service?
    Debbi Davis
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  • What are the expected behaviors when renaming linked items?

    Hello, all!   This is the behavior I've noticed (and I know others have as well):   When you create a link to another course item within the RCE, and then edit the name of that item, it breaks the link. &#...
    Alexander Mitchell
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  • Canvas import of question banks overriding old banks

    I have been trying to import Canvas zip packages of test banks made with ExamView into Canvas so I can use them for quizzes. They have names like "PHW 1-2" (for Physics Homeword 1-2") and I am running into the problem...
    Kate Magary
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  • Hide grade columns for teacher gradebook

    Open for Voting
    396 votes
    As a teacher, I would like to be able to hide gradebook columns in my gradebook after I have completed grading or if the assignment has not yet been assigned.  This would shorten the length of the gradebook that ...
    Chantal O'Brien
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  • Help

    I am new and will need to use the system. I would like to get some tuturing online or one-on-one. My zip code is 75077 and if you are interested, please contact me at 214.240.6290; leave a message (too many solicitors...
    Alex Aquino
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  • New Grade Posting Release

    I know we were updated that there still were issues with the grade posting release over the weekend.  However I was wondering what was the thinking behind having the grade post policy being a greyed out eye and t...
    Lauren Sayer
    created by Lauren Sayer
  • Common announcement to all my classes

    Open for Voting
    216 votes
    i teach five different classes (classes, not sections! ) and I have an announcement to make to all my classes. Currently, the only way seems to be - make the announcement five times, once in each class.   Should...
    Badari Eswar
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  • Scan/Import straight into Speedgrader

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    1 vote
    I use written worksheets in class each lecture to increase engagement (participation questions etc.) I enter the scores directly into speedgrader each week, and leave comments as I grade (taking the time to physically...
    Richard Feilden
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  • Why don't any of the due dates for any of my classes show up on my monthly calendar in Canvas?

    Literally nothing is on my calendar, but there are assignments listed in the To-Do section and there are dates put in by each instructor.  However, nothing is on my calendar.
    Sydney Woodruff
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  • ARC "page not found"

    Who else is seeing this issue when some instructors click the Arc global navigation option?  It's one of the worst things possible for them to see the first week of classes...
    Clint Jacobsen
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  • Profile picture is always rotated upside down.

    I'm trying to upload my profile picture, but each time its upside down.   I've edited the file and rotated it 180 degrees in paint and saved it.  Still upside down when uploaded to canvas!   Could any...
    ZacH North
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  • Why is my Canvas syllabus not uploading assignments alphabetically?

    Hello, I have entered all of my assignments into "modules" in the order I want them, with "a", "b", "c", etc. at the front of each file name so that they are alphabetical but my syllabus is uploading them consistently...
    Leigh Oldershaw
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