• My first canvas template to share

    Hi, I am finding my way to Canvas and I would like to share this community this canvas template that I have built upon another template that some one shared to the Commons (I can't remember the author now, but thank ...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics

    Open for Voting
    550 votes
    It would be nice to have an option to download everything related to a completed, graded assignment in one PDF: the annotated PDF of the submission, the "assignment comments" discussion, and the completed rubric with ...
    Matthew Weathers
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  • Print annotated comments from Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    209 votes
    We have heard a few requests from instructors to get an export or printing function built into the Speedgrader that will allow them to print their annotated comments, similar to how track changes can be printed from W...
    Paula Miranda
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  • Assignment titles are too truncated in Gradebook

    Has anyone else had the problem that Gradebook severely truncates the titles of each assignment, making it impossible to tell which assignment is which?   Like most instructors, I give my assignments names ...
    Amber Kerr
    created by Amber Kerr
  • How do I assign a New Quiz?

    Hello, I have created a New Quiz but I cannot see an option to assign it to my students when it is eventually imported into a live course. I recall seeing the assign section when I started to build the course, b...
    Ingrid Abraham
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  • How do I hide grades that were previously posted in the Gradebook?

    The Hide Grades feature only affects previously posted grades for an assignment. Best practice suggests that instructors should use this feature sparingly (i.e. to hide grades posted in error). To hide all grades upon...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Have two due dates for peer review assignments

    Open for Voting
    511 votes
    For assignments that are setup for peer review, it would be useful to have two different due dates: One for the students initial submission that will be reviewed by their peers A second one for completing assigned p...
    David Woods
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  • Make Color Coding Optional in Rubrics

    Open for Voting
    54 votes
    Rubrics have changed recently, adding color coding to the scores, with green for the highest scores and then orange and red for lower marks. I emphasize to my students that C or B is a good score, but now those who ha...
    Kelly Stack
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  • Draft comments should be marked as drafts in all views

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    Instructors: At the moment, draft comments (i.e. feedback comments that are not submitted by the teacher because the teacher navigated away from the page before submitting their comment) are only marked as such when ...
    Ruth Horak
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  • Ungraded Rubrics with Feedback Column

    Our university has gone to Ungraded assessment. I need to develop Rubrics that indicate if the student obtained a Satisfactory or Not Yet Satisfactory result in the various criteria of the rubric. I would like to give...
    Elena Popa
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  • How do I add a to-do item in the Calendar as a student?

    You can add a to-do item to your Calendar. You can also create to do items from the Dashboard List View. Note: To Do items are not included in the Calendar iCal feed. Open Calendar In Global Navigation, click...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Edit Section: Restricting students to see own section only

    Open for Voting
    361 votes
    When enrolling students to a course section, there is a small box for you to check to restrict the student to seeing only his/her own section and responses from other students only from his/her section.  If you m...
    Peggy Dove
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  • View ungraded items as 0 feature in grade book

    Did the View gradbook with ungraded items as 0 feature get removed from the new grade book?
    Caroline Norton
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  • Can you add multiple rubrics to 1 discussion post?

    Can you add 2 rubrics to 1 discussion post? Each rubric with a different point value? 
    Hailey  Richins
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  • When grading with speed grader and using the rubric it isn't populating the score. How do I fix that?

    When the instructor is using the speed grader for discussion posts, it isn't auto populating the score to the grade book. I set up the discussion boards to all use the same rubric. Did I miss something that is making ...
    Hailey  Richins
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  • Ability to replace the media button in the new RCE with our media platform of choice

    Open for Voting
    165 votes
    The move to put all LTI plugins into a dropdown is going to severely impact media usage at our institution as presently our faculty and students are accustomed to pressing an existing button on the old RCE when insert...
    Raul Burriel
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  • how do I post my course outline to canvas?

    How do I post my course outline to canvas?
    Leroy Johnson
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  • Disable/Deactivate User at Account Level

    Open for Voting
    291 votes
    This idea was previously submitted, but didn't get enough votes.  We need your help to make it happen this time around.   At my institution, if a student does not pay in time for a course, is unreachable by...
    Wendy Mack
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    #HOW TO MAKE A QUIZ SO THAT ANSWERS HAVE TO BE ENTERED ALL AT ONCE   I am very new to Canvas as an instructor, the students have had homework assignments and we have greatly appreciated that they are able to say...
    Kerri Robbins
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  • InstCon 2020: A Primer on the South

      Hello everyone!   I can remember a few years ago when instcon was in Keystone how much I appreciated the blog posts of what to expect in the Rockies. Being prepared for altitude sickness and understandin...
    Alan Kinsey
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