• Exporting quizzes into Word or pdf documents

    Open for Voting
    498 votes
    Some of our departments need to have copies of assessments on file OUTSIDE of Canvas. I believe this request was first raised in early 2015. A Canvas person said the ability was about six months away. It is almost a y...
    Desiree Devereaux-Heis
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  • Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

    Open for Voting
    2067 votes
    As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe es...
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  • How do I record a video using the Rich Content Editor as a student?

    You can use the Rich Content Editor to record a video. You can record media for any length of time, but shorter video recordings are recommended. If your video is longer than 15 minutes, you may want to consider recor...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Filter calendar feed

    Is there a way to filter the calendar feed after it's imported to google calendar? My feed has multiple calendars that are irrelevant to me & it's stopping me from seeing the feeds I actually need easily. If filte...
  • tiles on dashboard are blank

    when signing in to canvas my dashboard tiles are blank, without colour and are flashing. when I click on them nothing happens I can only access the content  by using the menu on the left hand side, going through ...
    Aaron Carter
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  • what is wrong with my computer or canvas?

    my canvas is not loading on my Apple Mac but i am able to access canvas on my school computers and i was asking is the problem with canvas or my computer. 
    Alyssa Zuniga
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  • Appointments groups for observes to book

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    I would like to add the feature for parents to be able to book through calendar their slots for parent-conference 
    Sherihan El-Ghazaly
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  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    853 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
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  • Allow folders in Pages

    Open for Voting
    2194 votes
    Greetings all. Conversations in the community unthread after 100 comments, making the conversation difficult to follow, and official comments hard to find. For this reason we're posting our most recent update here: &#...
    Beck Hasti
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  • Post Policy Updates Feedback

    Hey everyone,  We're grateful for all of the feedback we've received on Post Policies. The team has been working hard to address the most pressing issues and we've released several bug fixes over the last few wee...
    Jon Fenton
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  • assignment ordering: "sort chronologically" button in settings

    Open for Voting
    77 votes
    on the assignment page next to the group title there is a gear icon representing settings.  on that drag down menu bar it would be wonderful to have an option to sort assignments chronologically.    th...
    scott navitsky
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  • Differentiate between the two different uses of "Assignment"

    Open for Voting
    197 votes
    I wasn't sure how to word the title, but it would make training (and explaining things) a lot easier if "Assignments" (as in the tab where you create your gradebook assignments) and "Assignment" (as in a place to uplo...
    Kona Jones
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    Hi CANVAS Legends,    I am very interested to hear the success and the troubleshooting others have applied in contextualising CANVAS to the Vocational Educational Sector in Australia....
    Haley Gunn
    created by Haley Gunn
  • regrading

    How do I have Canvas regrade a test after discovering an incorrect answer?
    Kim Sunia
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  • Speedgrader Tools not showing

    Hi all,   I've experienced a small but annoying problem with assignments in Canvas.   I delivered a presentation to my staff on Monday about the joys and wonders of Speedgrader, especially the ability to u...
    Mark Anderson
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  • Allow "Calculate based only on Graded Assignment" Default Status to be set by Institution

    Open for Voting
    219 votes
    By default, the "Calculate based only on graded assignments" box is checked for all students in their individual grades view.  In the K-12 arena, this creates much confusion when a student is missing assignments ...
    Michelle Lattke
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  • New UI: Add option to group courses in all course list by term

    Open for Voting
    210 votes
    Issue: Right now when an instructor views the all courses list there is very few organizational option making it difficult for them to find the course that they need.   Current workaround: Brute force searching ...
    Ian Johnston-adm
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  • Treat zeros as ungraded for both teacher and student views

    Open for Voting
    218 votes
    Choosing for a gradebook to treat ungraded assignments as zeros should set that as the default to the grades view students see.
    Clint Jacobsen
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  • Can't hide feedback?

    The Mute function has been replaced by the Grade Posting Policy in the new Gradebook. In the past, when I Muted an assignment, it was my understanding that *everything* was hidden from the student--grades, feedback wr...
    w d
    created by w d
  • Rich Text Editor in Speedgrader Comments

    Open for Voting
    213 votes
     Add the Rich Text Editor to the Comments section of Speedgrader.   "I want to recommend books, etc., or to properly format foreign words, and so on, and want to set the example, of course, of doing so prope...
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