• "Real" Student View

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    240 votes
    Okay, so the title could use some work, sorry about that.   Alright, so the basic idea is that the Student View be expanded to emulate a legitimate account with no special permissions. Now, within Canvas, the cu...
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  • How do I add a "hover over for definition"?

    I'd like to add the ability to hover over a word and then display the definition to the word, like the example found here: CSS Tooltip   I tried out the coding on a sample page within Canvas, and it does not wor...
    Chris Justus
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  • Dashboard Blank

    When I log into webcourses, nothing shows up on my dashboard. It shows that I am enrolled in three classes in the courses tab, but absolutely nothing shows on my dashboard. Those courses are favorited as well, so I ha...
    Mackenzie Driscoll
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  • How do I upload a video from my iPhone to the discussion board on Canvas?

    How do I upload a video from my iPhone to the discussion board on Canvas? 
    Elizabeth  Young
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  • If I send one email to all my 200 students, I will get 200 emails in my "sent" box. Can I change it to just one email?

    If I send an email via Outlook, Gmail etc. I will have just that one email in my "sent" box, no matter how many people the email was for. In Canvas I get one email in "sent" for each person recieving that one email. ...
    Jeppe Sand Christensen
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  • Change "available until" date when assignment is dragged in the calendar

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    91 votes
    It is wonderful to be able to change the due date of an assignment by dragging it in the calendar. However, the "available until" date does not change along with the due date. This sometimes results in assignments bei...
    Beth Young
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  • export discussions

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    156 votes
    Please consider a feature that will allow students to export discussions and related threads. This can be a helpful resource at the end of the course. Professors will want the ability to release discussions for export...
    Cynthia Kerns
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  • Options needed for inbox

    Why aren't there more features in the inbox. Needed is a signature option 
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  • Mobile phone use G7-10

    A local High School (G7-10) has just banned smart phones from their classrooms, France has done a similar thing across the whole country.  Many  teachers I have spoken to feel this is a good idea.  They...
    Isobel Williams
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  • DocViewer: Rotate page/image

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    267 votes
    In the current beta, there is no method for rotating a document. Instructors cannot compensate for students who post PDFs in landscape format (for example).    Please consider adding a button to rotate 90 d...
    Mark (AD) Herriott
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  • Link roll call attendance / test

    I'm using the roll call attendance app within Canvas. Is it possible to link a test to attendance/roll call? I would be a great idea, because it would save time checking IP addresses or handing out codes to groups of ...
    Joachim Quartier
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  • Removing a question from a quiz does not remove the point from the student's score.

    After the quiz due date had passed, I realized one of the questions was unfair and removed it from the assignment. However, now the grade center is requiring me to go to each of the attempts and grade the su...
    Kendall Case
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  • LTI/Google Maps Plugin

    I've installed LTI Maps (Google Maps) in our Canvas Dev instance. It functions as intended, but the drop down menu for State is United States. Is anyone aware of how to change it to Australia by default?   Thanks!
    Mat Reed
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  • Calendar

    How do you flip calendar in canvas to have most recent week on top?  
    Bryan Ferreira
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  • How do I delete or edit "Saved Comments for Reuse" from Ratings?

    In Speedgrader > View Rubric you can "Save this comment for reuse" under the Ratings column.   I've done this a few times. Now I'd like to remove some comments or edit them.   How do I at least de...
    James Cameron
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  • Calendar

    Our faculty will begin to use Canvas shortly.  Teachers would like to add assignments/lesson objectives to their calendars.  Is there an easy way for principals to view all teacher calendars in one place to ...
    Stacey Walsh
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  • Cannot stop notifications - Help!

    Hi Community,   We have an issue where a staff member has left the business and we have concluded her in all courses in Canvas.    We have also gone in and turned off all notifications as shown by the...
    Jacob Towne
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  • copy of occupational Health questionnaire

    where can I get a copy of Occupational health Questionniare?
    Olusegun FADEHAN
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  • Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

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    974 votes
    As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe es...
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  • email students from class list

    How do I email students from the class list?>
    Melynda Ruckels
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