• Disable (hide) Home Button

    home button The home button is not enabled.  After I enabled it, and saved in the settings, I could not change the settings to disable it (drag it back down to the hide area).  Is there a way to disable it ...
    Elson Boles
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  • Option to exclude Assignments from Syllabus

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    398 votes
    It would be good to have an option to exclude the Assignments Summary from the Syllabus page.  Many faculty wish to only have the Syllabus with a course description, lecture schedule, grading, and other policies....
    George Kling
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  • Integreating Turnitin into Canvas

    I cannot find any specific instruction on how to Integrate Turnitin into Canvas.  Please advise.
    William Paul
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  • Change default for hide grade distribution at administrative level

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    1 vote
    Currently, the default in Canvas is for the grade distribution to be visible to students. To turn this off, each instructor, in each course, needs to go to course settings options to turn off this feature. We are a sc...
    Mary C. Froehle
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  • How do I nickname a course?

    I've forgotten how to nickname my course and can't find it anywhere.  Thanks.
    Sondra Bergen
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    Hi all,    I posted this question elsewhere but thought perhaps it could have it's own thread. If I'm wrong go ahead and delete me. Anyways, I recently watched Canvas' accessibility video and was thrilled t...
    Kevin Wright
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  • Message Students Who... for Grade Totals

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    156 votes
    I'd like to be able to use the 'message students who' function in the gradebook for more than a single assignment.  It would be useful to be able to go to the column in the gradebook for an assignment group and u...
    Matt Lewis
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  • Create Question Banks from MSWord

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    893 votes
    It would be useful that when you create a question bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one. ...
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  • How do you get Canvas to only show question banks from the course you are in?

    Hello All,   I copied over my Canvas course and included my question banks. The issue is, when I go to add questions to a quiz, I have duplicate banks, one from the original course and one from the mirror course...
    Rachel Nelson
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  • Restrict assignment submission attempts

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    285 votes
    Currently there is no way (that I am aware of) to limit the number of times a student may submit an assignment. This functionality is available for quizzes, but not for other assignment types. It would be very helpful...
    Matt Ribkoff
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  • Modules within Modules

    Open for Voting
    676 votes
    As we move toward Personalized Learning we are beginning to feel boxed in by the linear design of Course Modules.  Many teachers would like the Course Modules to look more like the Course listing in the new UI (T...
    Kristi Levy
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  • How do I use free-form comments instead of ratings in a rubric in SpeedGrader?

    When modifying a rubric, you can choose to enable free-form comments instead of using a ratings scale for each criterion. This allows you to write and leave comments related to the specific criterion. Please note...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Hide Inactive Enrollments on People Page

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    339 votes
    Student enrollments which have been set to the "inactive" status currently show up on the People page tagged with the "inactive" label. We are now using the inactive status for students who have enrolled in a course, ...
    Lindy Foster
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  • LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

    Open for Voting
    445 votes
    This is a resurrected feature: LTI External Tools and Rubrics   The original text provided by the one and only Chris Hofer is as follows:   "When creating an Assignment in a course that uses the Submission...
    Brian Rueckert
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  • Admins need a permissions report!

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    5 votes
    Please, please, please give us a permissions report.  Before anyone contributes that we can print a list of roles through the API or a list of user permissions, this is not what I'm talking about. Specifically, ...
    last modified by KRISTIE BAYLESS
  • Getting SQS message to SQL Database

    We are beginning to look at using canvas live events and am wondering if there is anyone out there currently using them and could provide us with some best practices of how to use the events and getting the event mess...
  • Instructor Submit Through Turnitin?

    Can I, as the instructor, submit a student's paper through Turnitin?  If so, how?  
    Donna King
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  • Arc video quizzing BETA Feature Request

    Feature:  Students are required to view the entire video to submit their video quiz.  I love that this is a feature, but I wish I could toggle it on/off. There may be cases when instructors find a vid...
    Jaclyn  Myers
    created by Jaclyn Myers
  • Feature Options should include links to documentation

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    I've heard from several faculty who say when they stumble on the Feature Options tab under course settings they're confused about what the different optional features really do. The New Gradebook and Quizzes.Next are ...
    James Ashby
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  • Access to rubrics from past courses

    4 votes
    This functionality just changed around Nov 17.   While I found the previous functionality - where when you wanted to find a rubric, all your courses appeared on the far panel to select from - was inefficient, es...
    Nancy Edwards
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