• how to copy page AND its links from Commons?

    I am trying to copy a page (that I created and post on Commons) from Commons to another university page.     That page has linked items on it:   "1. Take this QUIZ. 2. Post i...
    Keith Folse
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  • On line learning for my class

    Is it possible to set up a page that my grade 2 class can access from home as we move to on line learning. If yes, how do I go about it?
    Libby Jack
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  • Embed quiz question(s) within page

    Open for Voting
    7 votes
    I give credit to K. Howatt in 2018 for asking this.  I, too, would like students to read material and passages on a Canvas page, then answer a question at the bottom for comprehension-checks with an embedded Canv...
    Anne Tra
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  • rubric to an essay question on a quiz

    How to add a rubric to individual essay questions on a quiz
    Ray Goralka
    created by Ray Goralka
  • Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 6.7)

    In Canvas Student 6.7, the app natively supports the Conferences page. Additionally, as of 2020-03-28, students can use a QR code to log in to the app.   Canvas Student app version updates are distributed in a p...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Medial recordings unavailable

    What does it mean when I upload media, and I get the message: Media is currently being converted please try back again later.  media recordings
    Carla  Wisler
    created by Carla Wisler
  • Reset Course Navigation Layout

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    Wouldn't it be nice if there is a way to reset the course navigation links back to their default layout? This can come in handy while keeping course content intact if a teacher arranges the links in the wrong ord...
    Kelvin Dean
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  • Creating a Conference for a Single Section

    Open for Voting
    24 votes
    In a course consisting of multiple sections, it would be very useful to be able to create a Conference for a single section, similar to creating an assignment.
    Joe Knowlton
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  • My Media

    How do I upload a file from 'My Media' to a file in Module?
    Nanette Esparon
    created by Nanette Esparon
  • Google Assignment submission doesn't satisfy the module requirement of "submit the assignment."

    I have an assignment that students submit through an external tool, Google Assignment.  Here is a screenshot of its settings.     This assignment exists in a module where students have to work throug...
    Gordon Fluckiger
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  • How do turn in an assignment?

    How do you turn in an assignment if there is no place to turn it in on canvas?
    Ty Rogoff
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  • Parent Observer

    How can I add myself as an observer to multiple children? When I attempt, it says user already in use.  
    Amy Maybury
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  • My teacher has no access to the files tab in her course.

    She can see the tab but nothing happens when she clicks it.
    alan wagin
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  • Can students on a conference can see eachother? Webcam

    Can participants on a conference can see eachothers webcam. I know the teacher can see the students faces but can students can see eachother? We´ve been having trouble with this, is there an option where they ca...
    Docente Doctorado
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  • Recording Student Attendance

    Hello. I'm using the Free for Teacher version of Canvas.  Can I record student online attendance with this version of Canvas ?
    Oliver Bentham
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  • Adding a parent to a course

    Can I as a teacher add a parent to a course or does the parent need to do this? If I can - how do I do it?
    Vicki VanMatre
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  • How can we solve the timer issue "Nan minutes, Nan seconds" in quiz?

    During the quiz, a student told me that the timer was not available. Instead, what was shown there was "Nan minutes, Nan seconds".  Thank you for taking time to answer my question.
    Catherine Reportoso
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  • How do i lock or unlock grades where parents can't see them?

    David Rumble
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  • Grades question???

    How do I undo the automatic  point deduction for late assignments in Grades?  
    Mike Rush
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  • Adding a teacher to my Homeroom Course

    I need to ad a teacher assistant to my Homeroom Course.  When I follow the instructions to add a person to a course, the People tab on the side bar says "disabled" and when I click the People tab, I only see my s...
    Julie Daly
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