• Add an Incomplete 'IN' option in Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    I would like to suggest another non-numerical grading option be added to the gradebook in addition to Excused 'EX.' Sometimes students turn in work that's incomplete or inaccurate. Rather than give them a zero or mark...
    Benjamin Battiste
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  • Microsoft immersive reader installation

    Anyone know how the microsoft immersive reader works with Canvas? Saw this press release posted on twitter https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-microsoft-immersive-reader-comes-to-instructure-canvas-30093741...
    Melissa Buonato
    created by Melissa Buonato
  • Provide official support for Kurzweil screen readers

    Open for Voting
    27 votes
    Kurzweil screen readers are widely used, and it would greatly help to know that Canvas supports this product officially. This would help a great number of students, staff, and faculty to more easily access Canvas cour...
    Darrin Jones
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  • How to clear the to-do list?

    When I try to "x" the items on the to-do list (right side of my canvas page)- they don't delete! Any assistance is greatly appreciated?
    Maryanne Long
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  • Stop Catalog URL rewriting to avoid breaking Google Analytics

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    Currently, Canvas Catalog rewrites search URLs to remove any query extra parameters, including UTM parameters needed for tracking links. As a result, we are unable to determine how our leads are arriving at our site. ...
    Donald Hayward
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  • Image Accessibility

    Open for Voting
    14 votes
    It would be great if image meta data including the 'alt' tag could be managed in the course files area. New regulations are coming into force which will affect the minimum requirements for accessibility acro...
    Bethan Reid
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  • Fudge Points and Incomplete Grades

    Hi there,   I have been using fudge points to grade all of my quizzes lately, because all of my questions have been short essay answers and it is quite tedious to enter a score in every box for every question. H...
    Daniel Wexelblatt
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  • Multi-line answers

    How do you add multiple line answer options to multiple choice questions.
    Brian Jensen
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  • HELP! Rubrics problem

    Hi   We're struggling with the rubrics feature in Canvas.  We need to be able to grade university assignments where the lecturer would select one and only of the criteria and the grade be awarded on this as...
    Arfan Ismail
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  • Why won't the modules, or assignments page load?

    I'm trying to submit an assignment, but the page comes up blank. I have the same problem with all other links on canvas.
    Jeanette Sandoval
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  • Integration BigBlueButton into self hosted Canvas

    We installed Canvas from Bitnami. But there the Conference (bigbluebutton) is not enabled by default. I tried to install BigBlueButton app from the EduAppCenter as in the picture below: where "Config URL...
    Admin Admin
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  • assignments/<>/submissions/update_grades

    Hi. I'm having troubles while working with the API. I believe I provide a correct payload to the update_grades endpoint, but I get a 401 response: 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url: ...   I followed the do...
    S P
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  • Conference tab not appearing in course navigation.

    I have installed canvas and integrated it with bigbluebutton. However, the conference tab is not appearing. I can only use it as an external tool, not add a conference as I see in the tutorials. What should I do?
    Diego Ramos
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  • When is Scientific Notation Support Planned to be Added to Canvas Quizzes?

    I have found a topic from 2017 with a reply from 2018 stating that support for scientific notation is a planned feature, but I have been unable to find when its implementation is planned to be. Is it being saved ...
    Brett Krodinger
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  • Reading to students

    If I put a test in Canvas does it have read aloud?
    Sheral Vang
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  • Generate/Print Batch Progress Reports/Grades For All Students

    Open for Voting
    373 votes
    We need a way to print progress reports/grades in batch fashion, a section at a time. This is a huge problem for our K-12 school district and the biggest complaint by far from administrators, teachers, special ed staf...
    last modified by DEBORAH MORGAN
  • Class List?

    Is there a class list with names and emails of classmates available for a course I am enrolled in?
    James Vondrak
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  • Calendar Settings - Monday as week start

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a setting I am just missing/over looking that allows me to change the week start for my calendar to Monday. Every other calendar I use the week starts on Monday so I occasionally ove...
    Zachary Gutzwiler
    last modified by Zachary Gutzwiler
  • Equations in Inbox

    Is it possible to put equations in a message sent to an instructor in Canvas? This would be very useful in order to make things clearer when asking questions. Support for LaTeX in the messages portion would be ideal.
    Charity Reed
    last modified by Charity Reed
  • Scheduler - Edit Appointments / Sign ups

    Open for Voting
    198 votes
    Our instructors would like to be able to edit appointments in the scheduler instead of having to delete and recreate them.  If a student has already signed up for an appointment and it has been modified, it shoul...
    Ryan Gladysiewicz
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