• Teachers, Sections, Students and Notifications

    We have Canvas organised in such a way that each of our Course(s) has multiple Sections.    Each Section has both Students and one Teacher.    This looks great at the Admin level, but our Teachers ...
    kevin redd
    created by kevin redd
  • Course sections with different teachers. Teachers can control their sections?

    Here's what we want. Is this possible?   One course with many sections. Each section has its own teacher. Each teacher can: email just her section mute/unmute just his section control grades for just her sect...
    Melanie Wasko
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  • Videos with a question posted in assignments show error message 

    Students are given error messages when they try to answer an imbedded question in an Mivideo for credit. How do I fix it?
    William Burgard
    created by William Burgard
  • Unlocking Modules for individual students

    Open for Voting
    868 votes
    Hi all,   This idea has already been requested, but did not get enough votes. Manually Override Module Requirements for Students   Any chance this can go through the voting cycle again! Would be brilliant ...
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • Admin Configuration

    Is there a way of having an administration configuration that will provide consistency with what is viewed by all admin users in our Canvas
    Peter Tranter
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  • timed quiz and available until

    If I give a timed one-hour quiz at 1 pm and set the available until time at 2:30, will students who start at 1 pm and time out still be able to view the quiz between 2:00 and 2:30?   Asking because I have a bunc...
    Carol Rogers
    created by Carol Rogers
  • New Quizzes: Immediate feedback in quizzes

    Open for Voting
    235 votes
    Many times, we write quizzes that get progressively more difficult. I would love a feature where students can get grades as they go on a quiz. In other words, they can submit their answer for question 1 and see correc...
    Kara Powder
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  • Canvas certificate of completion: any updates?

    I've seen on the q&a board references to Canvas developing a tool to allow for automated creation of printable/savable certificates of completion for Canvas course (not Canvas Catalog). Any updates to this? I'd pr...
    Sarah Wolz
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  • incorrect email

    How can I delete an email that is incorrect.  I am trying to help a fellow teacher
    Brenda Burback
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  • Allow instructors to use any of their pages as Home Page

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    (edited by the Canvas Community Team at the request of the author)   Allow instructors to use any of their Pages as the Home Page. Currently, instructors can only use the Page designated as the Front Page. It s...
    Randall Martoccia
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  • Freeze top, left, and side banners of Canvas.

    Open for Voting
    524 votes
    I have suggested this in the past but it didn't seem to gain traction so I thought that I would bring the idea up again.  It is just a very annoying feature that could be correct rather easily I would imagine....
    Eric Abshire
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  • Education Modified suddenly appeared in list

    One of my canvas pages suddenly had "education modified" on the top of the list on the left hand of the page where Assignments, Announcements, etc. are listed. What is this? Why is it there? What did I do? and How do ...
    Sarah Krank
    last modified by Sarah Krank
  • Cocoa Error - File Upload

    I have a quiz created that utilizes the file upload question type.  Over the past few days, a number of my students have received the following error code: “cocoa error 132001.”  These students w...
    Carmen Napolitano
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  • Announcement Area ReDesign

    Open for Voting
    205 votes
    Right now both Global Announcements and Course Announcements become easily cluttered. It would be beneficial, especially where Global Announcements are concerned, if we had a way to archive or keep announcements sorte...
    last modified by cms_hickss
  • Make Course Menu Sticky

    Open for Voting
    587 votes
    I know this was already created as an idea a couple of times already but I'd like to open it up again as a new idea. With the recent changes to the Canvas layout it might be a good idea to revisit this. When scrollin...
    Joseph Desiderio
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  • How do I make announcements visible on the home page at the top of the screen?

    How do I make announcements visible on the home page at the top of the screen?
    Naomi  Gordon
    last modified by Naomi Gordon
  • Quizzes.Next should work with Lockdown Browser or Proctorio

    Open for Voting
    191 votes
    Quizzes.Next needs to allow us to require Lockdown Browser or Proctorio to take the Quiz we make in that feature. I can't use this feature without either. 
    Jenny Wollschlager
    last modified by Jenny Wollschlager
  • How to cut and paste columns of grades

    How can I cut and paste columns of grades (to put them into a spreadsheet or to transfer them from a spreadsheet)?
    John Baer
    last modified by John Baer
  • How do I duplicate courses?

    I have two classes that are identical that I want to be able to duplicate the material without having to make each course from scratch
    Brice Baggarley
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  • group sign up

    How do students self sign-up for groups? I've created a group set and groups.
    jean eichhorst
    last modified by jean eichhorst