• Blur Background

    Can I blur my background in conferences?
    Mae LaBella
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  • How do I allow student access to quizzes, discussions etc?

    When inside a course, on the left side of the screen, the quizzes, discussion, and assessments have an icon for students not able to access. Do I need to turn access on for students to be able to complete them. It is ...
    Tina Shinn
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  • Respondus Lockdown Browser - can you turn it off for a single student in a quiz?

    I have a student that has an older computer and is having issues with using Respondus Lockdown Browser.  She says she has tried to download the software onto her computer but it gives an error message stating she...
    Jonathan Decker
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    Hello, I've been trying to import a bank of questions to Canvas but when I try the option "Canvas Package" I get error: unsupported content package", and when I try it by "QTI package" it gets complete but the questi...
    Keittiane Vieira
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  • When i click discussions nothing appears

    The discussions page won't load and I can't upload my assignment
    Anna McCoy
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  • Hi there, is there a way to copy a quiz to another course?

      The option of "Copy To" for a Quiz shown below doesn't appear for me.  Is there possibly another avenue?  Thank you!! Open Quiz Options Locate the quiz you wish to copy, then click the quiz Optio...
    Vinny Long
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  • Can I create a domain exclusively for a group of Guidance Counselors?

    Can you create a domain exclusively for a group of counselors, without granting access to others, including faculty? I have created several Google Forms/Sheets that are not to be shared with students or colleagues. Ca...
    Robert Citrano
    created by Robert Citrano
  • parent can not see canvas lesson plans for week

    parents can not see my lessons i know it is published as i see all the greenchecks.. is there something else that needs to be done to get them access
    laura hardin
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  • elementary student pending invitation to child's email or observer's email?

    When an elementary child has not accepted the invitation to the course and you have sent numerous invitations what does this mean? Are they not getting access? Are the emails being sent to their observer or to the chi...
    laura hardin
    created by laura hardin
  • E-mail students in my classes?

    how to send e-mail to my students?
    Sandy Cornett
    created by Sandy Cornett
  • Analytics API - Data Query

    Hi,  I am playing with the Analytics endpoints atm to build a student participation report and i am a bit flummoxed trying to work out what the difference between some of the values were as some were not what i ...
  • How do I view the rubric for my assignment?

    Your instructor may include a rubric as part of your assignment. The Rubric is a set of criteria that your instructor will use to grade your assignment. Before submitting your assignment, you can use the Rubric to eva...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • virtual office hours

    How do people set up virtual hours in CANVAS
    Jane Hoesterey
    created by Jane Hoesterey
  • How do I upload a file from Microsoft Office 365 as an assignment submission?

    If your course has enabled Microsoft Office 365, you can upload a file from your Microsoft OneDrive for an assignment. Like other file upload submissions, files uploaded from Office 365 are uploaded into your Canvas ...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Poll option for voting

    Open for Voting
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    It would be great to include a polling option within Canvas (in Discussion board, Announcements, on front page, in Collaborations?) somewhere to enable students to vote or choose something (this could be binary - yes/...
    Megan Peercy
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  • How many white keys are on a piano?

    Select the correct answer.   A.15           B.  25.   C.  52
    Amy Watt
    created by Amy Watt
  • Can I see how many students joined my conference?

    I was able to hear and see students using the conference today. It was the first one for me so I only chatted for about 10 minutes with them. I realize there were more students in the chat than on camera. Is there a w...
    Lynn Kirk
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  • Does a teacher have access to a student's view/s of specific content in New Analytics?

    Hi I created a tutorial for my teachers on using New Analytics.  I thought I got all of the features of New Analytics in my video, but maybe I didn't?  Does a teacher have access to analytics of specifi...
  • Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas

    Introduction Installation Turn On Key Copy Client ID View App Configurations Add New App Enter ID Install App View App Usage View Microsoft Teams Meetings Sign In to Microsoft...
    Cody Titmus
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  • The missing published

    I published a Module and a subset. I went to the student view and it shows not published. I went back to my page to publish again and the same problem. What should I do? Did I miss a step?
    Chaka Smith
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