• Automatically open new tab for links/external tools set to 'Load in a new tab'

    On Beta
    151 votes
    This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta How do I access the Canvas beta environment?   Previously under the title "Link to External URL"   When linking to an external url that Canvas will...
    Ceradwen Tokheim
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  • Problem with question bank

    I am trying to create a final exam from my previous unit exams that are in Canvas and students have already taken. I have followed the tutorials and videos regarding the use of question banks, however, I do not have a...
    Dawn Campbell
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  • What if grading for instructors

    Open for Voting
    358 votes
    Currently instructors cannot create hypothetical scores for students like What-If scores. This would be very helpful as we get close to the end of the quarter to see if a student has the ability to reach a particular ...
    Marcia Pedersen
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  • LTI - Free vs. Not

    Hi,   I have looked around the community but did not see this anywhere. Does anyone know how to determine if an LTI app is free? I have tried looking at apps with "Open Access" on the EduAppCenter vs those that ...
    Nancy Latimer
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  • Canvas Release Notes (2019-12-21)

    Upcoming Canvas Changes   2020-01-18: End-of-Life functionality related to Canvas Data End-of-Life date for Gradebook Enforcement of multiple feature options For more information, please see Upcoming Ca...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Canvas Data Portal

    Has anyone had any success with pulling grades/assignments from multiple courses through Canvas Data Portal?
    Alicia Harkless
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  • What statistics are available to students?

    I recently had an instructor ask how he could get students to see these two screens.  These screens are the flyout you get when clicking on a student name from Grades, and the other is the new analytics page. ...
    Kalli Binkowski
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  • Spring Courses

    I am trying to add modules and course content to a spring 2020 course, but when I click on the 'modules' link nothing comes up (and no link to add a file).  Same with the 'files' link.  Is it not possible to...
    Louisa Hall
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  • 75%

    Excuse How to close the second lesson in front of the student to pass the exam of the first lesson by 75% How is it?
    mohamed taha
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  • Ideia criada: Inativação de usuário (status: Inativo)

    Olá Comunidade Canvas - Brasil.    Recentemente, criei uma ideia: Inactive a User_Id from Account Level.   Basicamente, quando um usuário cancela uma matrícula (perca de ví...
    Alexandre Schneider
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  • ePortfolios (or other Canvas tools) for Group Critiques

    I'm a Graphic Design Instructor. In the past we have always conducted our Group Critiques in person. (18 students hang up their projects and we all gather 'round and discuss/give advice, etc.) I'm considering using e...
    Peggy Krouse
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  • My gif isn't giffing.

    I normally use gifs for my course view cards. However, 2 out of 6 of mine are moving on the course settings page but not in the actual card view. This is only annoying me. I am sure it's not a big deal to the students...
    Lori Campbell
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  • Group lock

    How do I lock the groups once the students deadline for forming groups is due? So they cannot keep hopping in and out of groups
    Malin Andersson
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  • LTI 1.3 Launch Params .

    On canvas Lti 1.3 Launch we are getting only few request params e.g; iss, login_hint, client_id ,target_link_uri ,lti_message_hint and canvas_region but other request params which lti defines on LTI 1.3 tool launch...
    Anurag Biradar
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  • Speedgrader Comments Not Showing (Download Only) & problem with file upload?

    Hi!    We discovered that when returning comments and files to student groups in Speedgrader, the comments are only downladable or visible in the gradebook, but the files we re-submitted with our comments t...
    Dana Bergman
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  • Downloading specific assignments

    Hi,   We have had a question regarding downloading specific assignments only with anonymity turned on. In the University grading for large cohorts of students is split and the submissions assigned to a...
    Helen Carmichael
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  • Removing course from Dashboard

    How do I remove the course from my Dashboard?
    Everson Kandare
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  • Quizzes.Next: Multiple Hot Spot

    Open for Voting
    58 votes
    A feature in Hot Spot that would really benefit our students is the ability to have multiple hot spots in a single image. Eg: English students being able to go an image of text and identifying multiples of particular ...
    Naomi Enever
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  • New Quizzes: Copy entire item bank

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    While it's possible to make a copy of an item bank by adding one question at a time to a new item bank, I would like to be able to make a copy of the whole thing.  I want to share my item banks with colleagues, b...
    Jacob White
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  • How do I import questions to test banks?

    I used to import question to test banks by importing a Canvas Course Export Package of a quiz, or importing a quiz from Commons. But neither approach seems to work any more. Is there any way to import questions to tes...
    Xuebing Yang
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