• Add "Reply" Function to Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    Grading and replying to forum posts would be more efficient if both could be done from Speedgrader, instead of grading in Speedgrader and moving back to the Discussion (and finding the student's post) to rep...
    Jonathan Surovell
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  • Canvas Linux install ?  Metal or AWS

    I'm trying to install Canvas on Debian 10 VirtualBox Using this guideline: Production Start · instructure/canvas-lms Wiki · GitHub  Questions?   What is the optimum Linux distrobution for i...
    Craig Coleman
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  • What are the best practices regarding grouped sets and discussion boards?

    This summer I have 3 sections that have been merged into one canvas course (around 30 students per section, so around 90 students in all). For the purposes of discussion board activities I only want students to see pe...
  • Importing Canvas Course into Canvas Commons

    I have been tasked with putting my course into Canvas Commons.  I have done this before but it has been a while.  Could I please have instructions/guidance on how to import a Canvas course into the Canvas Co...
    John Glauner
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  • can't get started

    intro etc and lists of videos come up but can't get started
    melanie elkan
    created by melanie elkan
  • Quiz re-take with fudge pts

    I have a question about allowing students to re-take a quiz and receive the higher of the two grades. If I use 'fudge pts' to give certain students a bonus on the first take, will those fudge pts transfer over to the...
    Patricia Aloise-Young
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  • Changing Course end date

    I want to open up a CANVAS course from Spring 2018 - I know to go to the course and go to Settings but the dates once I'm there are not able to be reset. I have a student who needs to submit work for INC grade.  ...
    P Williams
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  • Where do I find rich content editor?

    Where do I find Rich content editor
    Jenny Harrison
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  • Where do I apply, or what form do I have to fill out to get the w's wiped from my record?

    Where do I apply, or what form do I have to fill out to get the w's wiped from my record?
    Kelu Brooks
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  • Deep Linking Response always returns """jwt","type":"JWT verification failure","message":"JWT verification failure""

    We working on Integration with Canvas LTI 1.3, I have created a developer key and the tool setup is done.  I am getting this error ""jwt","type":"JWT verification failure","message":"JWT verification failure...
    Chetan Vakkalad
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  • SIS Sync Dashboard and Controls

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
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    Lots of our platforms allow more control of syncs with our SIS.  We get email notifications if the sync does not go as planned, we can hop into an interface and see details of errors (I know we have this part if ...
  • Error 422 on LTI Advantage grade passback

    I have an IMS LTI Advantage certified app (ChemVantage) that I'm trying to configure to submit scores to Canvas using the Assignment and Grade Services v2.0. I keep getting an HttpResponseStatus 422 (Unprocessable Ent...
    created by CHARLES WIGHT
  • Signature Block

    Open for Voting
    137 votes
    It would be nice to have the option to add a signature block that can automatically be added to "Inbox" messages as well as discussion posts.
    Jodi Galvan
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  • How do I turn off confirm delete option when the deleting items in SpeedGrader?

    When one places a text or a highlight or a written comment/remark/annotation in SpeedGrader when grading/marking student submissions and makes a mistake, one would like to delete it. When deleting by using an icon, a ...
    Karol Kalna
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  • Why different pen writes are considered as one object and not as separate objects?

    Why different pen writes are considered as one object and not as separate objects in SpeedGrader? 
    Karol Kalna
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  • "Show More" sections in discussions

    I noticed that occasionally a part of my discussions will have a section that is collapsed, with a "show more" link and down arrow.  When I click there a collapsed section opens up.  This is unintentional bu...
    David Seager
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  • Skyward

    Any idea as to why my skyward isn't loading??? it's been loading for at least 20 minutes and nothing is coming up....
    Meleane Kefu
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  • Quick way to copy images from one course to another?

    Is there a quick way to copy the images, saved in the Canvas files, into another course's files? 
    Susan Wendling
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  • Need to know how to use Canvas

    How do I find out how to use Canvas? Can I stop and start on my own schedule?
    Sandra Grimsley
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  • Course copy

    How long does it take for a course to copy over to another shell?
    DeAndra  Flowers
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