• Ready Release Notes (2020-03-28)

    Ready Releases introduce new and updated features or adjusted user functionality that will be available in the production environment on Saturday. All features are opt-in feature options unless otherwise indicated. T...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Parent View of Assignments through Agenda in Calendar - Many Ideas

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    RE: the parent view of "Assignments" (of the browser not app), someone posted the idea to allow parents to see check boxes when the assignment is submitted like the student view presently can see from their ...
    Dawn Yorke
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  • See all of a student's posts together

    Open for Voting
    120 votes
    In order to assess and grade a student on participation in the discussion boards, it would be helpful to be able to see all of that student's posts aggregated on a single page. Of course the replies will be out of co...
    David Weinberger
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  • Trying to share a quiz on commons!

    Hello!   I am trying to share a quiz that I built for me and my colleagues. I built it within canvas, and am trying to share it to commons. I have done this process before, but now instead of uploading I get red...
    John Lee
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  • Quizzes.Next: Multiple Answers in a Formula Question

    Open for Voting
    221 votes
    This idea is based on extending the Formula Question type to allow for multiple answers to be entered by students.   Currently, the Formula question type is fine for simple calculated answer questions that only ...
    John Butler
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  • Medial recordings unavailable

    What does it mean when I upload media, and I get the message: Media is currently being converted please try back again later.  media recordings
    Carla  Wisler
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  • How do I share a discussion board to commons?

    I shared my discussion board but it will show me a preview. It says the preview is  unavailable, please re-try later. Does this mean that anyone viewing my discussion board on commons will be unable to see it as ...
    Molly Arent
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  • Images showing intermittently

    I kept thinking that my professor (of the course I am assisting with designing) didn't like his picture so was deleting it. It's been driving me crazy. However, the image was still in Files but the link was broken. I'...
    Sky V. King (FIU Online)
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  • How do you send an email to the whole class? 

    Or how do you push out an announcement.  I do not see "messages" on any of my navigation panels.  This was easy in Polylearn. 
    David Headrick
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  • Change verbiage for "Treat Ungraded as Zeroes"

    Open for Voting
    89 votes
    We've had a number of instructors be confused by this setting. Since the gradebook does not automatically put in zeroes for assignments that students have not completed, some instructors will see this setting in the g...
    Nicole S (UCF-CDL)
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  • Annotate on images?

    Is there a way to annotate on top of images?  I want my students to be able to analyze artwork by annotating on top of the image.
    Angel Moss
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  • Assigning and Assignment to a few students

    Is there a way to assign a non graded assignment (review answer key) to only a few students who get copies of review answers in their IEP? I want the review answers only to show up in those student's canvas not anyone...
    Laura Sahyouni
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  • When using canvas conferences...

    is there a way for all 6 students to see each other on the screen during small groups? 
    Tammy Holder
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  • Office 365 Cloud Assignment - Read Only!

    I tried Office 365 Cloud Assignment type. It is a really good idea, students get their own copy of a file that they can fill in and submit. It looks like they can even edit the document right in the browser and any ch...
    Jason English
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  • Unpublish a previously published assignment with a submission?

    I have an assignment that I have had published from the beginning of the semester that is no longer relevant to the coursework. It's due date was always in April but I have one go-getter in the class who went ahead an...
    Stephanie Kontrim-Baumann
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  • Why i can not see my English 1301 class on my canvas dashboard?

    i can see my other 3 classes just not my English class. i can only see what my instructor  sent us through my notifications and not on the dashboard. 
    Daija Taylor
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  • Updating User Notification Settings via API

    Hello,  I'm generating a group of users via a SIS upload then trying to go through each profile and switch off all notifications for each user. Currently I have a script that looks up the user's communication cha...
    Robert Payne
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  • Adapt Canvas Rubrics to Conventional Rubric Design

    Open for Voting
    116 votes
    This idea suggests additional improvements to Canvas rubrics so they conform with conventional rubric design. Although the updated rubric features were improved from the original Canvas release, some fine tu...
    Ron Marx
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  • New RCE - pin the sidebar

    Open for Voting
    58 votes
    While I'm loving getting familiar with the new rich content editor my biggest annoyance is that the insert sidebar disappears every time I add a link or image. As a course designer this is greatly slowing down the way...
    Tina E Busch
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  • How do I change a CC transcript?

    I created a Kaltura video lecture/quiz, and uploaded into Canvas, then I ordered mechanical captioning. I know that it is notoriously bad, but I decided to try it once and see what happens. It was pretty bad, but I wa...
    Stephen Ferre
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