• Late Policy Missing Assignment Default Value

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    29 votes
    In Canvas, we have noticed a strange default value in the missing assignments section of the late policy in gradebook. By default if a professor uses this feature it will set the value for all missing values to 100% (...
    Matthew Penner
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  • Late Grade: Maximum % deduction, NOT minimum grade

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    30 votes
    Problem: While I like the option of an automatic grade deduction for late assignment, as it currently works, the only way to put a "floor" on a late grade is by setting a "lowest possible grade percent."  When I ...
    Jacob White
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  • How do I add a ‘Favourite Course’ ?

    I wanted to add the Canvas ‘Student Scores’ widget to my phone and when I tapped on it, the message “You do not have any favourite courses set” came up. How do I set one?
    Tarndeep Bhambra
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  • Late Grade: Add a Weekly Percentage Deduction

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    13 votes
    Many schools' academic policies are defined so that student grades are reduced based on weeks For example, our current academic policy is that students will receive a score reduction of -10% if it is turned in w...
    Cebre Jacob
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  • enrollment_state[]=deleted for Courses API

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    0 votes
    According to the Canvas API documentation for Courses, when pulling up a list of Users, you can include enrollment state. However, the enrollment  state of "deleted" is not a state you can select, but it can be u...
    Kevin Meinholz
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  • Gradual automatic late penalties

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    7 votes
    There are several added flexibilities I would like to see added to the late penalty policy, as a correction to the apparent unfairness described by Timothy Lim, "The automatic late submission penalty is a useful featu...
    Steven Schwamenfeld
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  • Remove Timestamp Speedgrader- Teacher

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    0 votes
    Teachers mark at all hours of the morning / night. We also can sometimes push our drafting and grading to the last minute. We would like the option to remove the timestamp within speedgrader for teachers feedback only...
    Jessica Hallal
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  • HTML & linking to course features in Canvas email

    0 votes
    It would be so nice if the email functionality within Canvas supported HTML. The ability to bold, italicize, embed screenshots and images, as well as link to certain modules, files, and discussions within a course wou...
    Heather Heyerdahl
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  • Transcript?

    Is there anyway that I can view all final grades past and present? Some of my instructors never used the gradebook on canvas so I cannot view the final letter grades I received in classes I took last year. 
    Claudia Zak
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  • Pick Up Course Content Where You Left Off

    0 votes
    Is it possible to have a pop-up window appear when a user logs in to Canvas, asking them if they want to pick up where they last left off? This would be really helpful for courses that are really long, as well as for ...
    Heather Heyerdahl
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  • Theme control in subaccounts

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    2 votes
    The root account has an option Let sub-accounts use the Theme Editor to customise their own branding. This option applies to the entire institution.   It would be good if this option was available at every sub...
    Julian Ebeli
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  • DOC to QTI without Respondus?

    Hello. My school is mostly Apple, so when looking for a product to convert doc files to QTI Zip files for batch import into Canvas, we are coming up blank as Respondus is the only thing we can find, and it only works ...
    Mary Hardin
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  • Customization of Late Policies

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    The late policy in the "new gradebook" looks like a great tool, unfortunately our internal late policies are so different from what the tool provides, so we can't actually make use of it.  It would be great if t...
    Soren Riber
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  • Adding the Qualtrics app

    How can I integrate qultrics into canvas? It asks for a customer key and shared secret?
    Terri James
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  • Hiding and Viewing Modules for Individual Sections

    Open for Voting
    387 votes
    Parts of this have been mentioned in previous requests (Modules within Modules and others) and I wonder if this is more to do with the needs of K12 than beyond?   We run a model based on UK curriculum which may ...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Sentence Capitalization for comments in SpeedGrader

    0 votes
    It would speed up making comments to students if sentence automaticaly were capitalized in the comment field of SpeedGrader. ...and we want to have speed in SpeedGrader, don´t we
    Birger Eriksson
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  • As a Parent, ability to select child when 2 or more children

    0 votes
    As a Parent of 2 children at the same school, I log into the Canvas Portal. I click on the Dashboard link and both of children's course are mixed together. Then when I click on the View Grades Link on the Right side o...
    Bill Frey
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  • upload of photos on eportfolio failing

    I can't seem to upload photos onto eportfolio. I was able to previously but I'm getting a pink talk bubble with letters in it when I try to upload, but no explanation as to why it failed.
    Fiona Martin
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  • FFT Student Password Reset

    I am using the Free For Teacher version with my students. I have had a student unable to access the course for 2 weeks now. I used the suggested method that I found in the forums and sent a request to instructure help...
    Lisa Shea
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  • Assistance with running an active course report for the 19-20 year showing the teacher name assigned to the course

    I need to run a report that will shows all of the active courses for all schools along with the teachers assigned to them for this current term 2019-2020.
    Robert Tatham
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