• I can't find my course

    my canvas no longer lists one of my classes on my dashboard and calendar. it won't give me access to assignments. have I been removed from this class?
    Jordan Hicks
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  • Stop Canvas Modules from Auto-Publishing All Content Inside a Module When a Module is Published

    Open for Voting
    124 votes
    My university is finding the fact that publishing a module auto-publishes all the content in it quite annoying.   I would like to be able to just publish a module and then choose what features of it that I wish...
    Kevin Hearn
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  • Are there issues with MacBooks and Canvas?

    I'm using a MacBook Air that is updated to Catalina, 10.15.2. I'm having an issue where some of the modules and assignments say they are unpublished so I cannot see them. The professor says they are published so I'm n...
    Tracy Tomei
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  • Canvas cURL pagination: doesn't include "last" page link?

    For my project I need to get all the pages of data for a project.   I can make cURL requests on data endpoints and get all the pages I want. For example, see this DD of some page data that includes all four link...
    Lee Newton
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  • No courses on dashboard

    Hello, I am registered on course but when I log in to canvas it says you don't have any courses. I have done a password reset as someone advised but this has not worked either. I am due to go on a residential course ...
    Rina Patel
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  • combining two sections into one

    How do I combine two course sections into a single course so do not have to repeat everything.
    Danesh Tafti
    created by Danesh Tafti
  • Select which courses go in Calendar Feed

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    269 votes
    Currently all of the courses for which I am registered go into my calendar feed. This is problematic for me. I want to be able to select which courses show up in the calendar feed, or to have a separate feed for each ...
    Simson Garfinkel
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  • Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics

    Open for Voting
    544 votes
    It would be nice to have an option to download everything related to a completed, graded assignment in one PDF: the annotated PDF of the submission, the "assignment comments" discussion, and the completed rubric with ...
    Matthew Weathers
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  • Assignments are not working correctly on my Mackbook Air. Software is OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    I cannot take quizzes as it won't open. Pictures are not showing as well as textbooks not opening
    Rhonda Glaser
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  • How do I submit my Signature Assignment into Portfolium?

    How do I submit my Signature Assignment into Portfolium?
    Yuridia Rodriguez
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  • New Quizzes Formula reference

    I've been working with formula questions in Quizzes for a while and am trying New Quizzes. I would like to make variables that are dependent upon other variables.   Example:   "What is `x` plus `y` divide...
    last modified by ADAM ERICKSON
  • Print annotated comments from Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    202 votes
    We have heard a few requests from instructors to get an export or printing function built into the Speedgrader that will allow them to print their annotated comments, similar to how track changes can be printed from W...
    Paula Miranda
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  • Access to the STUDENT VIEW on an iPad or other tablet

    Open for Voting
    314 votes
    I can access STUDENT VIEW on the computer, but not on the iPad App. I need to be able to see Student View on the iPad as my district is 1:1 with iPads. This idea was considered when developing our product plan for...
    last modified by JAMES JEFFERS
  • Studio Account?

    How do I find out if my institution has a Studio account?
    Walker Ladd
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  • Syllabus

    How do I edited my published syllabus?
    Rita Pearce
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  • delete individual assignment

    How do I delete an individual student's assignment
    Shalagh McCarthy
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  • Why isn't my class showing up?

    I added my class, but it isn't showing in canvas like it's supposed to.
    Jordanne Long
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  • Canvas problems

    Am I the only one having issues with canvas tonight? It  lets me log on but when it shows my dashboard the cards are just empty and keep flashing as it was buffering...
    Ashley Bustos
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  • Include Canvas Mobile App in Student Access Reports

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    202 votes
    Apparently, mobile access does not show up on the Individual student access reports at the present time.  A Canvas support agent told me that this was because the mobile app uses access token rather than web sess...
    Kent Ratajeski
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  • POM103_502 Question

    Where is the text effects and typography in Office 365 or Microsoft Word 2016?  I, my husband and daughter are not able to find it for a class.  I have googled it an it still isn't helping me to find it.
    Patricia Sills
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