• Recording and attaching a video in canvas

    I used the video recorder as an attachment for a project for a class and I also followed the instructions posted on this site. When I hit save, it made no indication that it was saving and although the instructions sa...
    Laura Kolarik
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  • Canvas Release Notes (2020-01-18)

    Upcoming Canvas Changes   2020-02-18 End-of-Life functionality related to New Quizzes (Live Events)                   &#...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Can students view Outcomes?

    I teach a non-credit ESL class. Students' main device is their smartphone. Can students view Outcomes? I have it in my top navigation, but the "eyeball" still says not viewable to students. I assume this means they ca...
  • Unlock sign up in People tab

     How do I unlock the sign up for a group project on People tab? An assignment in my class is for a group project.  The students sign up on the People tab for the group topic they want to work on.  The ...
    Linda Hammond
    created by Linda Hammond
  • Edit Course Navigation at the Account Level

    I am looking to edit left hand navigation at the account level/  Is there a way to hide certain links for a sub-account without going into each individual course?  I thought this was possible but cannot find...
    Jules Conway
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  • What quiz types can I create in a course?

    The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. You can also use quizzes to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded. The steps to create quiz content are the sam...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Poll option for voting

    Open for Voting
    276 votes
    It would be great to include a polling option within Canvas (in Discussion board, Announcements, on front page, in Collaborations?) somewhere to enable students to vote or choose something (this could be binary - yes/...
    Megan Peercy
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  • Functionality Comparison:  Current vs. New Canvas Gradebook

    To help with the transition from the current Canvas gradebook to the New Gradebook I created the following functionality comparison. This is a working document, so feel free to comment on if you think wording needs tw...
    Kona Jones
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  • Change Inside Course Colors

    Hi, I'm a student and I'd like to be able to change the color background or border of my courses once I'm inside them. I'm taking four classes right now and have to look at the top of the course to make sure I'm in th...
    Jen M
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  • can't access my uni's log-in page on canvas student app

    Hi, i've been having this same problem for like 2 months, no matter how many times i re-installed the app or cleared cache, every time i input my school's url (dlsu.instructure.com) or the name of my university (de la...
    sidney baldivia
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  • How do I reoder Discussion sections?

    Trying to reorder by highlighting and left clicking and drag and drop in the right order does not work.
    Steven Deller
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  • Help with Discussion Board

    How do I log into the discussion board for my Computer Hardware and Operations 100 class? What days & times does the discussion begin? What am I required to do in the discussion group? How am I required to partic...
    Rebecca Ramirez
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  • Restore deleted file in Canvas

    how to restore a deleted upload in Canvas
    Anil Vijayan
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  • Adding Students to Created Groups, Online Course

    I'm teaching an online course, I've already divided the class into discussion groups but need to add one more student to one of the groups. How do I effectively do this without creating a problem? dsimeone@iu.edu
    Dave Simeone
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  • Links inside of Canvas are not populating

    Not all of my tabs will populate. For instance I can see the Modules and Home Tab. When I hit the link for Assignments, Grades, etc... nothing but a blank screen shows up.  I have used chrome, safari, and firefox...
    jameson appel
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  • Accessing Reading Material

    How to I access the reading material required for an assignment? 
    Prashaanthan  Naidoo
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  • Hanging indent for APA format in DB post

    When I post a discussion board reply or post, how can I format my references in APA format with a hanging indent? I have tried to copy and paste from a Word document, and sometimes the hanging indent stays and sometim...
    Rebeca Heistand
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  • Canvas Support

    Canvas Support How do get to Canvas Support for videos
    Gloria Boothe
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  • H

    How to manage and delete a group?
    yifei zou
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  • Logging out of canvas without a log out button provided?

    I am at a public computer and am finished using canvas, ready to logout but there is no logout button. I clicked on the account icon but no logout option was given in the preceding options so I cannot logout of the we...
    Sydney Molina
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