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    What does the "U" signify on the left of an announcement?  Some announcements show my profile picture and some show the "U".
    Rick Harper
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  • Quizzes not recorded in grade book

    I've created quizzes in Studio lectures that I have recorded. They are published, and students are able to see and take the quizzes. In Assignments, I have these worth 5 points, and they are set to post to the gradebo...
    Kathy Burleson
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  • Embed an image error

    Hello all,   Been having no trouble putting an image in canvas until today.  Today, I embed the image and I get a blank box with smaller blue box with a ? mark in it on my end.  I restarted everything ...
    Tom Milbrandt
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  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    1103 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
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  • imported discussion assignments

    One, Canvas is so annoyingly unintuitive with not enough error messages or guidance in the menus. Two, I imported a class and all my assignments are marked "imported assignments" so it does not let me move the discus...
    Stephanie Amedeo Marquez
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  • Delete multiple pages

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    470 votes
    Deleting pages one at a time can be time-consuming - 3 clicks per page.  It would be great to mark them and delete in bulk.  Seems like most course creators will face this at one time or other.  I'm res...
    Beth Kraemer
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  • How do I reassign an assignment that was already submitted?

    If a student submitted a quiz without finishing it because they lost internet connection, how can I reassign them the quiz?
    Tiffeny Parker
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  • Students not having authorization to see Content

    I published a module within in my Canvas classroom, however the students are saying they are unable to access the content. They continue to receive messaging stating they are authorized. However, I have checked my cla...
    Yaneli  Martija
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  • Why can't I find my Canvas quizzes that I created with "new quizzes" when I try to add them to my Module?

    When i try to add a quiz to my Module, I can only choose from quizzes I made in the "classic" platform. I cannot add any quizzes I created in the "new quiz" category. Where are they? 
    Leigh Miles
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  • How to hide an assignment in the gradebook

    I know how to hide a grade but I want to completely hide an assignment so it doesn't show in the gradebook at all.  With virtual teaching kiddos are really confused about information in the gradebook from assignm...
    Stephanie Roseman
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  • Item Banks existing in New Quizzes

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    3 votes
    We are working on import masses of questions via question banks. Currently, when you import a QTI file, there is no option on New Quizzes for question bank creation: Why not? The fact New Quizzes runs as an LTI is ...
    Dave Perry
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  • Regrade a quizz with a wrong answer

    A quizz that I made had two questions wrong answerwed. Many students chosed the corret one and Canvas (ovbiously) graded them as incorrect. Even though I changed the question with the correct answer, Canvas doesn't re...
    Ivan Diez de Marina
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  • Anonymous Discussion Forums

    Open for Voting
    685 votes
    Idea: Instructors can create discussions that allow for posts to be made anonymously   Use Cases: As an instructor, I want to create discussions in which participation is anonymous. This would free my students to...
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  • What is a subscription to a Discussion forum intended to do?

    As an instructor, I have unsubscribed to a certain Discussion topic (but I am still subscribed to others). However, I still receive an email notification for each comment posted on the Discussion topic to which I have...
    Hammad Hussain
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  • Allow 'Treat ungraded as 0' in New Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    254 votes
    It would be very useful to be able to use the 'Treat ungraded as 0' feature of the current Gradebook in the New Gradebook, especially once the New Gradebook becomes the default in January 2020. I understand that not h...
    Jeremy Stevens
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  • Office 365 Cloud Assignment - Read Only!

    I tried Office 365 Cloud Assignment type. It is a really good idea, students get their own copy of a file that they can fill in and submit. It looks like they can even edit the document right in the browser and any ch...
    Jason English
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  • What is a threaded Discussion and why would I want it?

    I am learning "Discussions." The term "threaded discussions" is used with no explanation nor link. In the list of Discussion set-up choices: Options                Allow ...
    Con Buckley
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  • Set links to open in a new tab

    I have an assignment within a module. I want my links to open in a new tab, but cannot find a place to edit / control this feature. Has anyone found a way to do this? 
    Nathan Strycker
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  • Can students on a conference can see eachother? Webcam

    Can participants on a conference can see eachothers webcam. I know the teacher can see the students faces but can students can see eachother? We´ve been having trouble with this, is there an option where they ca...
    Docente Doctorado
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  • Creating a vocabulary Matching question

    I want to create a vocabulary matching question with the words in one column and definitions in the other.  Would I do it like this? A B apple (n) [2] 1. having abundant resources eat (v) [3] 2. a citrus fruit ri...
    Darrell Fisher
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