• New Content in the Training Services Portal

    The Training Services Portal is where you can find videos, courses, and pathways that you can embark on to learn more about using Canvas. If your institution offers limited or unlimited subscription (webinars) you wil...
    Jackie Myers
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  • Assignment Groups while using the link tool to button

    0 votes
    When I am assigning a link to a specific assignment to a button on a page it would be nice if the assignments appeared in the groups I put them into.  Otherwise, I have to search for it which can take a lot of ti...
    jamie duncan
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  • Renaming a course

    How do you rename a course
    Tommyleigh Reed
    created by Tommyleigh Reed
  • Studio Should Work in Edge

    0 votes
    With Microsoft releasing the new Edge, which is now chromium based, I would like Canvas Studio to work in Edge. Currently you get told you need to give your webcam access, even when access is accessible without prompt...
    Melody Baughman
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  • embed jamboard

    0 votes
    My younger students need a visual cue to engage with my course, and a link alone doesn't always catch their attention.  Please add Google Jamboard to the embed options when designing coursework.
    Rosemary Barilla
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  • RECORDINGS made by students

    RECORDINGS   students make a recording for a grade
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  • Rubric Grading for Google Doc Assignments

    0 votes
    Add the ability to grade Google Doc Assignment in Canvas speed grader using rubrics. There is not an option to add a rubric when using the external tool of Google Cloud Assignment like there is a rubric option for ass...
    Sarah Alvarado
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  • Discussion

    I can't figure out why a discussion question is not showing published anymore. I noticed the published went out when I posted tomorrow's question early.   The students still need to contribute to that first ...
    Tracy Duray
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  • Viewing a Recording

    Where can I find the recording of my test conference?
    Benjamin Pozon
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  • Authorization Failed

    I keep getting this when I use "Student View":     Authorization failed. Please click "Authorize" to try again. Log InYou need to authorize this integration in order to use it. Please sign in to your Google ...
    Firebird@69 Corkill
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  • I'm trying to list one subject and all of its assignments and quizzes in Grades, but it is listing all the subjects.

      Hi,  I am trying to figure out why I am seeing the other assignment modules (i.e. the columns showing ICTICT511, ICTICT509 etc...) when I am only trying to view one module for grades (i.e. 8. ICTNWK614......
    Sam Ong
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  • Creating Webex Meetings in Canvas

    Good morning- Our principal sent the following instructions to us, but I am having difficulty with how to do this and where to find "advanced options," "scheduling options," and "e-mail reminder." Have a great d...
    Shauna Lilly
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  • My quiz is only showing 19 questions but I entered 20. Where did the last question go?

    I've entered 20 questions to be answered by the students for quiz 1 in canvas. Only 19 questions are showing up on the quiz and the point value in the grade book is 19. Why? Where did my 20 question go, I entered the ...
    Jacquelyn Rinaldi
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  • LTI 1.3 Tool - How to list dynamic URL's inside Redirect URIs field

    Hi All,   We have an LTI tool that's being pointing towards one re-direct URIs. Let's say value is : https://domain.com/lti/auth/redirect (After LTI authentication, which will always redirect the user into...
    LTI Tool Developer
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  • SurveyGizmo Integration (TinCan xAPI)

    Does anyone have any experience integrating SurveyGizmo with Canvas?   We are using SurveyGizmo to gather pre-workshop and post-workshop feedback from learners and would like to embed the pre-workshop survey as ...
    Julia Young
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  • TABE user name and password

    Where do I find my TABE testing portal login user name and password? It said I should have it in my in box but there isn't anything in my inbox. 
    Amy Miller
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  • Copy Group Settings

    Open for Voting
    498 votes
    Group settings should be included when doing a course copy or Import.   I have a course which relies heavily on an intricate set of groups tied to assignments (it's a negotiations course) so I need to be able to...
    last modified by donaldjo@oregonstate.edu
  • Prohibit Submissions to Group Assignments without a Group Set

    Open for Voting
    77 votes
    The Problem: If students submit to a group assignment that does not have an associated group set, those submissions appear as individual submission rather than group submissions. Because this causes numerous problems...
    Linda J. Lee
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  • Separate Late policies for individual assignments

    Open for Voting
    182 votes
    in the new gradebook it would be great if there were separate policies for each assignment or even for each assignment group.  We have different policies for our participation than for typical assignments fo...
    Megan Koontz
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  • HTML editor would be really useful

    Frequently, I find that I need to copy and paste HTML from another source into the HTML editor (as opposed to the rich-text editor) in the "classic" quiz engine, or to modify the HTML in this view. However, it appears...
    Eric Orton
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