• How do I hide grades for an assignment in the New Gradebook?

    You can hide student grades for an assignment in the New Gradebook. When an assignment is hidden, students can still view and submit the assignment, but the grade will be hidden. Grades will stay hidden until assignme...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Relationship between # of attempts, one-at-a-time questions, time limit, and formula questions in quizzes

    I create a quiz with 10 formula-type questions. I set a time limit of 60 minutes, set the quiz to deliver the questions one-at-a-time, and give students one attempt. Most students start and finish during class. T...
    Mark Hurwitz
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  • Lesson 1: Account Basics

    Once you have determined how you want to structure your Canvas account and how Canvas should function for your institution, it is time to set up your account.  In this lesson you will learn how to manage account ...
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  • Peer Review Rubric Display

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    38 votes
    I love the peer review feature, however, I wish there was a way to change how the rubric is displayed. When I want my students to do peer reviews of physical projects (posters, etc.) they have to click the "show rubri...
    Amanda Hart
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  • Student Activity Report: Student Time Log

    Open for Voting
    207 votes
    There are many reasons and uses for a Student Activity Report/Analytics that demonstrates the amount of time a student spent in an activity.  This Time Spent data should be available for both Instructors and Stud...
    Renee Carney
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  • New Quizzes: Carry Forward Correct Answers on Quiz Multiple Attempts

    Open for Voting
    517 votes
    When a teacher assigns multiple attempts for an assignment it would be nice if the system would automatically perform one of the following during the student's next attempt:   1. Populate the correct answers...
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  • Taking a test while in South America?

    Hi !  I will be traveling to South America and will have good internet connection. Will I be able to take a test while i am over there? I was just wondering if there are any geographic restrictions with canvas.
    Edwin Loayza
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  • Allow Admin to Set Default Course Settings for courses

    Open for Voting
    415 votes
    It would be hugely helpful to district-level Canvas Admins to be able to modify and establish default course settings for course shells created for sections assigned to teacher users.   For example, if a teacher...
    Chris Ebsch
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  • How do you make a quiz and keep the questions the same and in the same order?

    Clint Huggins
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  • student need help

    I have been trying to print certain pages of a powerpoint presentation under modules. no go. any suggestions
    Zeann Rather
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  • An error occurred posting grades for (section : 5067). HTTP Error undefined : undefined

    I have read numerous articles and posts on the Canvas to Power School passback feature.  My school has it enabled and I am following all directions for creating assignments in Canvas which will passback.  Bo...
    Janet Tuthill
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  • The pages are blank under my course tabs.  There are no links visible at all.  What's going on?

    I cannot access any student information at all as all pages are completely blank when I go to courses, modules, grading, people, etc.  Additionally, I have no icons in my dashboard anymore eventhough the courses ...
    Shana Doyle
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  • Rubric Export

    Open for Voting
    288 votes
    It would be great if canvas would allow a rubric to be exported to a word doc, csv format or pdf so that rubrics can be used in class instruction or provided to students with assignment description and syllabi. Curren...
    Melanie Francis
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  • Make the course list sortable

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    116 votes
    When you click on Courses and then All Course, Canvas lists them in some random order. As my number of courses builds up over the semesters, with many courses of the same name, I would like to be able to SORT my list ...
    John Cimbala
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  • Custom popup / message - adding custom script, getting student info

    Hi - I'm fairly new to Canvas and evaluating its potential use. I've found details of the API and LTI extensions.   What I'm trying to discern is whether it is possible to have some custom Javascript run in the ...
    kieren johnstone
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  • Getting an Edge on Student Feedback and Communications

    I am ever grateful for all of the resources, tips, best practices, and tools created by and for the Canvas Community. I do not think any of us could do our jobs at all without the ever-present advice and help of the c...
    Nancy LaChance
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  • Edit or Delete Saved Comments

    Open for Voting
    53 votes
    If you make an error in typing a comment while using a rubric and then save it, there is no way to correct it later. It's possible to save a new, corrected comment, but then you have to check each time to make sure yo...
    Pamela Breedlove
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  • Change Final Grade

    How do I manually change the Final Grade in Canvas?
    Julie Lux
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  • students code

    Good evening, I'm a new Canvas user. I want to share courses and quizzes here with my students, and I'm still discovering how to use it step by step. So, I would like to have an idea about; How can I r...
    Mariya Chahmot
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  • Entering Scores

    I need to assign a student a 100/100 point score on an assignment that is a whole class assignment of 130 points.  Is that possible to do in the same assignment?
    Jane Briggs
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