• Courses missing from student dashboards

    I signed up for an observer/parent account, added both my children and can see the sunshine state quiz courses for both of them and the science course that my daughter was in before schools closed. I do not see the di...
    Amanda Nobrega
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  • Quiz Images

    I want up upload an image for a quiz. When I do, the student view says it is available to the students. How do I upload an image for a quiz that students can't see?
    Tim Moore
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  • Canvas

    How do I attach a file in canvas?
    Melissa Hope
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  • How do we add parents so that they can see what their child should be doing in Canvas

    Several parents have asked for permission to get on Canvas and see what their child is supposed to be doing.  How can they be added?
    Mary Sells
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  • How do I make an announcement feed on my home page?

    My wife is a student at San Jose State University and all her teachers have an announcement feed at the top of their home page. The rest of their home page is just a page they created with their own content, but the a...
    Kenneth Wiser
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  • Is it possible for students to upload a power point for others to see and comment in Discussions?

    I want my students to share their power point presentation for classmates to look at and comment on. Is Discussions the place to do that?
    Jane Stave Viemeister
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  • Can I be alerted (via email) that there is an inbox message?

    Is there a way to be alerted that there is a Canvas email inbox message?  Currently, I am only alerted to messages if I am actually logged into Canvas.  Periodically, a teacher will send a message that needs...
    Riley Rodriguez
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  • Assignments Tab

    How do you make the assignments tab visible to students?
    Kathryn McElroy
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  • How do you submit a google earth project into canvas?

    In Canvas, Im tying to turn in a Google Earth project. I completely forgot how to. When i press "submit" it just has a text entry box.
    Abigail Self
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  • Copy New Quiz from One Course to Another within Institutions?

    I am trying to copy a New Quiz from one course to another. I see on the side of the quiz it says "Copy," and so I click that, and then it asks which course to copy to, and which module to copy to, and then it gets to ...
    Rebekah Cordeiro
    created by Rebekah Cordeiro
  • Who is my CSR?

    Our CSR has moved on to another job, who is my new CSR? Should I expect an introduction of some sort? 
    Jeff Pocock
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  • Canvas Parent Release Notes (iOS 3.1)

    In this Canvas Parent update, users can access the Canvas Inbox from the Global Navigation menu. Additionally, they can also message instructors from course grade and assignment details pages. Users can also add stude...
    last modified by Erin Hallmark
  • Canvas Parent Release Archive

    Canvas Parent app releases take place as determined by the Canvas product team and deploy new code to the production environment.    Filtered Release List The Canvas Parent app...
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  • switching between multiple student accounts

    We have four kids doing online learning right now and they have to share computers. It is really frustrating to have to log in and out every single time. Is there a way to keep them all logged in and just toggle betwe...
    Eliza Chesney
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  • New Quizzes: Add Media Recording to Text Editor

    Open for Voting
    150 votes
    I would love for there to be an audio option embedded in the Quizzes.Next text editor so that I could record an audio of me reading the question directly to each question. You can now record one somewhere else like Au...
    Katie Jones
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  • New Quizzes new question type: Audio recording

    Open for Voting
    372 votes
    Current Situation The current audio submission tool is decent, but it is neither robust nor efficient, and, most importantly, it is not available for quizzes.   Problem For second/foreign language courses, spe...
    Matt McGinniss
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  • impossible to log in and out of different accounts without needing to restart computer

    I have FOUR children who attend Manatee Academy in St. Lucie County schools in Florida so being able to successfully log in and out of four different children's accounts with the Canvas infrastructure is important. Th...
    Joel  Washburn
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  • Canvas Parent Release Notes (iOS 3.2)

    In Canvas Parent 3.2, the Calendar page has been updated to display both month and week views. Additionally, as of 2020-04-04, users with observer roles can use a QR code to log in to the app.   Canvas Parent ap...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Can a student send a Canvas Inbox email to the whole class?

    Can a student send a Canvas Inbox message to all other students in a class at once? (e.g., can a student send an email blast to the whole class via the Canvas Inbox?)
    Wendy Witherspoon
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  • SIS Sync Issues with Custom Sections?

    Custom sections seem to be the preferred method of setting up differentiated work for students in Canvas. Groups seemed like they would work because you can assign to a group. But, they don't because a single submissi...
    Brian Bennett
    created by Brian Bennett