• API Calls Made Simple- Curtis Rose

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    created by awilliams
  • trying to register my math lab and its not working. need help

    need help registering my math lab
    Rachel Weakley
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  • MORE Late penalty options

    Open for Voting
    16 votes
    There are some flexibility features I'd like to see with the late penalty.  The ability to have a "grace period", where there are no points deducted after the deadline for a period of time determined by a chosen ...
    Madelyn Gee
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  • How do i make a recurring even as a student in the calendar within canvas

    Im a student how do i make a recurring event on the calendar within canvas?
    Drew Givens
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  • Cannot see any course information?

    I am able to access the course but each page shows just a blank white page when clicked. So far I can see the modules page but only assignment submissions and .png and .pdf files download pages. Every other page inclu...
    Jonathan Mandalia
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  • Are your Instructional Designers considered faculty or staff?

    In your organization, are your Instructional Designers considered faculty or staff as their primary designation?  I know many IDs also teach, so my question is more about the primary job function of an Instructio...
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  • How do I copy another instructors course?

    How do I copy another instructors course?
    Alexis Lowe
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  • How do I share my class with another teacher that is teaching the course?

    How do I share a class I've created with another teacher?
    Adam Provoast
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  • To do notifications

    Hello, My "to do" notifications aren't clearing when I am completing an assignment and it has really thrown me off.
    Abbey Rowland
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  • Mobile Posting with Studio

    Hello, everyone!   I'm very interested in specifics about how Studio behaves on Mobile devices, specifically for a student to post their own Studio video to a Discussion. I have read the Guides for bot...
    Alexander Mitchell
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  • Can I use Canvas outside of the US?

    Can I open and take quizzes outside of the United States? Is Canvas supported internationally?
    meghan cequerella
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  • Batch Group Management

    Open for Voting
    433 votes
    Currently Canvas only allow manual Group creation and member assignment. This idea is about to provide Teacher ability to create course Groups, assign group members via batch .csv upload, so course Groups and group me...
    Lisa Li
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  • clear dashboard

    How can I clear my dashboard of old courses?
    michael fletcher
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  • ebook

    I bought the ebook and cannot figure out how to get it in canvas, followed the directions in my email and nope. Please help. 
    Jamie Winfrey
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  • You Tube Close Captioning

    I am an instructor. I have found that when I load a You Tube video that has auto generated closed captioning that the video will not play any closed captioning once inserted on Canvas. Is there a way to enable the aut...
    Anne Paradies
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  • Better options to score late submissions

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    #Steven Schwamenfeld Steven Schwamenfeld   The idea is simply that the instructor has the option to either:    A. Have a strict zero-grade for late submissions where the submitted assignment - especi...
    Andy Wiesner
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  • Testing!

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    Janette Gallardo
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  • Speed Grader Question

    New to Canvas and I am using Speed Grader for the first time. When I grade via my uploaded rubric, it shows the score for each criteria; however, it is not showing or calculating the total score once I've checked the ...
    Renee Hall
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  • Excluding resubmitted work from late penalties while keeping the due date?

    I have most of my assignments set up for automatic late penalties, so that if a student submits an assignment, quiz, or discussion post late, there is a corresponding late penalty. However, I have some assignments whe...
    Jaime Manuel Flores
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  • Assignments do not show up

    I have assignments assigned to me but they do not load when I click on assignments tab on the left.
    Parris Booker
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