• SmartMusic: Sync grades and assignments in SmartMusic

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    As a music teacher thrown into distance learning, I have learned a lot about different LMS, however many people have recommended Canvas as an option.   Many band directors and orchestra directors have come to re...
    Jennifer Payne
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  • Am I able to layer on top of a picture?

    I want to insert an image and make clickable links on top of the pictures.  For example:  If I put in a picture of a bookcase and I want them to be able to click on the different book titles on the bookcase ...
    Nicole Moore
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  • Rubrics in Discussions

    Can you use rubrics in discussions? If yes, how?
    Patricia Powers
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  • Can't edit homepage on existing courses

    I can't get any of my courses to be editable. I'm in the middle of the canvas training and can't move on until I do something to the homepage, but none of my existing classes will let me edit anything.
    Angela Rogers
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  • Making a course public

    Is there any option to make a course public within Free for Teacher account?
    Marni Kay
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  • Why isn't the whiteboard appearing?

    None of the teachers in our group are able to see the whiteboard.  Is there a fix?
    A C
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  • Order Discussion Posts from Newest to Oldest

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    353 votes
    Currently, the discussion posts are ordered from oldest to newest.  A student/professor has to scroll or go to the last page and then scroll to get to the latest post.   Canvas REALLY needs to re-order this...
    Canvas Admin
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  • Disable automatic inline previews of YouTube Videos

    Open for Voting
    46 votes
    In the old Rich Content Editor it was possible to insert a simple hyperlink to a YouTube video. Now the inline preview is force inserted. Even if you go into the html editor when you save the inline preview is forced ...
    Gary Sooter
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  • How do I apply a Missing Submission policy in the Gradebook?

    The Missing Submission policy lets you automatically apply a grade for all missing submissions in the Gradebook. A submission is labeled missing when the due date has passed and it has not been submitted. Only submiss...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I sync grades to Infinite Campus in the Gradebook?

    If your institution is using the Infinite Campus gradebook as a student information system (SIS), you can use the Canvas Gradebook to pass grades back to Infinite Campus. Grades are passed back if an assignment is spe...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • APAC Teacher PD User Group -  June 2020 Meet-up

    6/15/20 9:00 PM
    Hi all,   We will be hosting the 2nd APAC Teacher PD User Group.     Please click on the link to register and reserve your spot.   We will be determining the agenda based on your feedb...
    Ryo Sakai
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    APAC Teacher PD User Group -  June 2020 Meet-up

    in APAC

  • Putting Data from the Requests Table into locally hosted databases

    Hi All   We are currently trying to process the data requests table (From Canvas Data) into a database that we can use and as you can imagine are having a fair amount of trouble with the sheer amount of dat...
    Luke Dellar
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  • Sort Students in People List: Course

    Open for Voting
    294 votes
    @People list is alphabetical by last names, which is not helpful. Please add sorting function by "First Name", "Section", "last Activity" and "Total Activity". All other tabular lists should be sort-able as well. Add...
    Yang Gong
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  • Allow Importing of Rubrics from csv Format

    Open for Voting
    443 votes
    Similar to a previously archived idea here: (Create rubrics offline and then upload.), it would be very, very helpful to be able to create a rubric offline and then import it into either the course or to a specific as...
  • APAC Teacher PD User Group Homepage

    This will be the page where we post resources and links to everything we do as part of the APAC Teacher PD user group going forward.   Meetings Notes and Recordings Teacher PD User Group - May 2020 Meeting ...
    Ryo Sakai
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  • Dark Theme for Canvas

    Open for Voting
    327 votes
    Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and...
    Matthew Keating
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  • Folders within Arc/Studio

    249 votes
    Having the ability to organize uploaded video content within Arc would be a very helpful addition. Right now, videos appear in the order in which they are uploaded. In order to use the same videos again (future years)...
    Tammie Blood
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  • I need to get CanvasLMS in my school(s)

    I am the director of education technology and head of eLearning of 2 private medium size (~3-4K students) schools in Egypt. I want to have CanvasLMS K-12 in both schools. I have been trying to contact the Instruc...
    Amr Mentash
    created by Amr Mentash
  • Accurate Breadcrumb Trail in Modules

    Open for Voting
    347 votes
    It would be great if the breadcrumb trail would follow your navigation correctly when you are working in modules rather than switching to "page", "discussions", "assignments" or whatever you click on. Would it be poss...
    Liesl Wuest
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  • Module Progress Bar (amended)

    Open for Voting
    92 votes
    Amended after comments and questions from James Jones. TL;DR Instructors should be able to add a module progress bar Amendment: Instructors should be able to add a module progress bar that includes the module title. W...
    Gregory Beyrer
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