• Integrate Google Assignments with Canvas Dashboard To Do List

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
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    When not using the Google Assignments external tool I'm given notices on my dashboard when assignments are due and when students turn in assignments. It's a great way to manage my grading workflow. Now that I am using...
    Troy Fernley
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  • Can a discussion post have different due dates?

    Does anyone know of a way to have multiple due dates under the same discussion. As my faculty members discussed, they desire to split a particular discussion into three parts, part 1 where students summarize their cha...
    Craig Donahue
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  • Save progress in an exam (quiz)?

    I am wanting to create an exam (quiz) where the student can save their progress and come back to the exam later.  How do I accomplish this in Canvas?
    Renelle Mooney
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  • Create Question Banks from MSWord

    Open for Voting
    1677 votes
    It would be useful that when you create a question bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one. ...
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  • Gradebook - add points to every student equally

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    Hello,   Please consider adding a way to increase all scores in a column by a set percentage or points (some call them 'fudge' points). For example, if I want to curve an exam 2%, I would like to just increase a...
    Robert Borgon
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  • Peer Evaluation for Group Projects

    Open for Voting
    386 votes
    Every semester we need the students to create a peer evaluation for their group projects. We would like for students to be able to rate their group members contribution to the group project. This feature should allow ...
    Shana Green
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  • Student Activity Report: Student Time Log

    Open for Voting
    206 votes
    There are many reasons and uses for a Student Activity Report/Analytics that demonstrates the amount of time a student spent in an activity.  This Time Spent data should be available for both Instructors and Stud...
    Renee Carney
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  • Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for Discussions

    Open for Voting
    2128 votes
    With the way that many schools set up forum discussions and require "check-ins" to the forum throughout the week, it would be great if we could include multiple due dates in the discussion activities. For instance, I ...
    Chris White
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  • New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

    Open for Voting
    13 votes
    As with the original quizzes on canvas, when a student submits a New Quizzes (Quizzes.Next) assessment and there are items that need to be reviewed it should show up on our teacher dashboard in our To Do list so we kn...
    Kassie Calvo
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  • Grades in the Teacher App

    Open for Voting
    24 votes
    It would be incredibly helpful to see a gradebook in the teacher app so that teachers can easily enter grades for multiple students on the same screen. As it stands now, you can only enter grades for one assignment an...
    Ariana Nussdorf
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  • Message students who...

    Open for Voting
    285 votes
    The message students option is great in the speedgrader. However, it would be nice to add this feature to all of the gradebook items including assignment totals, discussion totals, other groups and final grade total, ...
    Shane P. Lauber
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  • MORE Late penalty options

    Open for Voting
    13 votes
    There are some flexibility features I'd like to see with the late penalty.  The ability to have a "grace period", where there are no points deducted after the deadline for a period of time determined by a chosen ...
    Madelyn Gee
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  • Multiple due dates for a discussion assignment

    Does anyone know of a way to have multiple due dates under the same discussion. As my faculty members discussed, they desire to split a particular discussion into three parts, part 1 where students summarize their cha...
    Craig Donahue
    created by Craig Donahue
  • UX Design Puzzles versus Speed

    It is in our best interest to ask ourselves clarifying questions as we struggle with design puzzles. Are we pursuing the right solution? Are we even focused on the right problem?  Every improvement helps. That s...
    Rachael Sweeten
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  • Pink column in gradebook

    I've published all my assignments, but the grades for one of them show up in a pink column while all the others are gray/white. What does that mean? (A student told me his grade was missing for that assignment but I c...
    Deborah Kaye
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  • Uploading -assigments

    Is there a 1,2,3 step guide to upload my assignments? I know that was the first thing you thought us when we started the course but as I do not do it every day, I forgot. Thank you!
    Adriana Medellin
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  • Atomic Assessments and MasteryConnect

    We are currently looking at products that will allow us to expand our assessment methods within Canvas. We have met with Atomic Jolt a number of times and we are in the final stages of testing Atomic Assessments,...
    Marita Bird
    created by Marita Bird
  • New Analytics / Old Analytics Parity?

    Aside from New Analytics no longer providing 'stoplight' styled dashboards and merging what was once course, students and analytics beta into one new tool, I am curious as to changed functionality between old and new....
    Melissa Falldin
    created by Melissa Falldin
  • Improving Course Navigation Experience for Students

    higher education easy navigation student learning #course navigation   We're piloting Canvas currently and are somewhat disappointed by the experience of feeling lost in a course. We're looking for workarounds. ...
    Suzanne  Aurilio
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  • Honorlock question

    I have one student who wants to take the Midterm exam in a course using Honorlock.  By enabling Honorlock on that Midterm, will all students see that and be prompted with anything that they should know about? The...
    Beth Shanholtzer
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