• Anonymous peer reviews should be able to use markup bar

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    71 votes
    When students do anonymous peer review, they would be better served to be able to use the mark up tools to leave comments in the page, indicate where wording, errors, etc. need work.  It would make it a much bett...
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  • Speed Grader question

    I have graded a student's paper submission using Speed Grader.  I have made several "balloon" comments out in the margins. She can't see any of them. The paper does not show any of my comments, yet I continue to ...
    Denni Blum
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  • Enable Grading Mode Changing in Gradebook

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    It would be a nice feature if an instructor could open Grades and set the default to either points or percentage without having to change each activity.
    Susan Fielder
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  • Allow Instructor Markup via DocViewer Even When Anonymous Peer Reviews Are Enabled

    Open for Voting
    175 votes
    Instructors who select Anonymous Peer Reviews are not shown markup tools in Speedgrader - Doc Viewer.  The tools are disabled/hidden.     Selecting Anonymous Peer Reviews for students to complete as pa...
    Eric Donath
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  • Recording a Video Announcement

    I have had trouble recording a video announcement using the rich content editor feature.  It records just fine and then I click save and nothing happens.  I wait and wait and wait.  It will not upload.&...
    Annie Stermer
    created by Annie Stermer
  • Add a field for Pronouns to the Profile Page

    Open for Voting
    408 votes
    In addition to many institutions allowing for preferred names of students, staff and faculty, there is an upcoming need to address preferred pronouns.   When addressing the preferred name options in the LMS, ple...
    Constance Fuller
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  • ChatbotAnyone?

    Has anyone installed a Chatbot in their courses? I am teaching a writing class in which one of the main themes we’ll be researching is artificial intelligence, and I’d like to install a Chatbot page where ...
    Tom Ferstle
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  • Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics

    Open for Voting
    482 votes
    It would be nice to have an option to download everything related to a completed, graded assignment in one PDF: the annotated PDF of the submission, the "assignment comments" discussion, and the completed rubric with ...
    Matthew Weathers
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  • web browser

    I have a Surface Pro that doesn't have Google Chrome or Firefox as the web browser, so how am I suppose to use Canvas now?  My app store does not have either one of those apps.
    Gilbert Kinsey
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  • Assigning Grades for Peer Reviews

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    371 votes
    Part of participating in online coursework involves working with other students to improve drafts and engage in the learning community. When students are assigned peer reviews, let's be honest, they aren't motivated t...
    Kate DeMello
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  • Using Canvas with high school band.

    We have about 230 students in our high school marching band. The band teachers have run into some issues with students uploading videos to Canvas, mostly due to the size of the file exceeds 500 mb.   This is the...
    Colin Davitt
    created by Colin Davitt
  • Opening All Groups Simultaneously

    Looking for a way to open all groups with one click. It is very tedious to individually open a large number of groups to see the membership.
    Gail Hammond
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  • No place to submit assignments

    The place to submit my assignments isn't showing up. My instructors have not set it to where I can't submit assignments. How can I fix this?
    Makenzie Sumrall
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  • Self-Check Questions in Canvas Pages

    We have figured out a way to include simple self-check questions in Canvas pages by adding some code. If you are comfortable switching from the regular view to the HTML view in pages (or any of the rich text area...
    Diana Matthews
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  • How do I let students resubmit an assignment after they have already submitted it on canvas

    Students submitted the wrong assignment, how do I allow them to resubmit the correct assignment
    Cynthia Gilmore-Olson
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  • Group Roster Export

    Open for Voting
    411 votes
    This is an idea to modify group functionality so one can either export student group lists/rosters to a .csv spreadsheet format OR have groups listed in one of the spreadsheet columns when grades are exported (in the ...
    Renee Ford
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  • Google Classroom: Student Work View integration

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    29 votes
    In Google Classroom I can  switch over to the Student Work view and can see their work "in progress."  I see a thumbnail sketch of every students' assignment and can quickly see who is not very far.  I ...
    Abby Cunningham
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  • Can you set keywords in an Essay Question?

    I am wondering if it is possible to set banks or a list of keywords that students must include in their response to an essay question of a quiz. In this case I have 5 keyword categories of similar words and would like...
    Daulton Baird
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  • Desmos Graphing Calculator Integration

    Open for Voting
    84 votes
    With changes in online assessment and flexible learning that Canvas has to offer, having a seamless, online graphing calculator is needed for both math and science coursework to provide and discover reasoning with ana...
    Scott Miller
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  • Hand-written input for assignments and quizzes.

    Open for Voting
    170 votes
    My students are always frustrated when having to do math on a computer because it's so much harder to type things in than hand-write them. I'd love to see a feature that would let them do just that. Specifically, I'm ...
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