• New Quizzes: Allow use of turnitin

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    46 votes
    When using the new quiz app for a take home exam, it would be good to allow the use of turnitin to monitor any inappropriate collusion on essay questions. 
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  • LTI 1.3 OIDCAuth url

    Hi, I am implementing LTI 1.3 with canvas. I have searched through documents and forums but could not find the following endpoints required for LTI launch flow:   1) OAuth2 Token End Point 2) OIDC Auth URL 3...
    Soban Momin
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  • How can I add a graphic to my course card?

    How can I add a graphic to my course card?  I would like to add the title of the course and a graphic to my course card. How do I do this?
    MICHAEL Ruef
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  • Automatic Notification for changes in course enrollment status

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    88 votes
    Would it be possible to add a notification option for changes in course enrollment? Simply utilizing the current notification process, but with an additional option. Thus the course owner can be notified (according to...
    scott geddes
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  • Student Discussion Posts not Showing in Speedgrader

    I have a professor that has assigned a graded discussion, however when trying to grade it through Speedgrader the post and replies do not appear.  The only thing that appears on the Speedgrader screen is:   ...
    Tammy Ellison
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  • New RCE Multiple File Upload

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    48 votes
    Firstly I love the new RCE editor file upload function.  The drag and drop is wonderful.  It would be EVEN MORE WONDERFUL if we could drag and drop multiple files at a time.  This would allow a much qui...
    Lauren Sayer
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  • if an assignment says "not yet graded" does that mean it has been turned in and just not graded yet?

    if an assignment says "not yet graded" does that mean it has been turned in and just not graded yet?
    aubrey trigo
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  • Do Students Have Ability to Perform a Screencast Presentation?

    Hello,   I would my students to complete a task in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Upon completion, I would like them to use Studio to create a Screencast video to share their work on the Discussion Board.  ...
    Chris Bellon
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  • Unable to Register Courses Texas Teachers of Tomorrow

    I am unable to register to courses via Intern Portal>Training Progress> Courses Remaining (Canvas would not let me register kept getting incorrect username & password but was same as I used to log into ...
    Magdalena Lira
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  • MathQuill is a Bit Quirky

    I am new to CANVAS. I was exploring today, attempting to create a quiz.  CANVAS has some very nice features for those purposes.  Being an instructor in mathematics, I stumbled upon the MathQuill tool in...
    Phillip Edwards
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  • Get All Quiz Submissions, API Bug?

    .  Looking at the documentation for the Quiz Submissions API it shows that a time_spent value is returned for each recorded attempt which appears to be what I need.  The documentation for "Get all quiz submi...
    Glen Parker
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  • Get All Quiz Submissions API not working

    We are using quiz submissions API to get the submissions history of the learners. We want to check details of all the attempts for a learner and so, using this API( link: Quiz Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Do...
    Amit kumat
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  • Migrate Question Banks to Item banks Automatically

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    226 votes
    I would like to see the ability to migrate question banks (Quizzes) to item banks (Quizzes.Next) automatically when a quiz is migrated from Quizzes to Quizzes.Next.  
    Dan Grilley
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  • Student Registration Information in FFT Accounts

    Hello everyone,   I'm using an FFT account and have allowed self enrollment, but I can't see students' private emails. How can I see their registration information and send notifications to personal emails (not ...
    Mayy ElHayawi
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  • Scientific Notation in Formula Questions Redux

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    233 votes
    I would like to add my thanks to Canvas for incorporating scientific notation in numerical answer questions, but following on this I would also like to resuscitate an earlier idea that is currently in cold storage to ...
    David Anderson
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  • Polling

    Is there a polling link available for Professors to ask questions such as how familiar you are with a particular subject? 
    Leroy Smith
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  • how do i start a discussion forum

    i need to start a disucssion forum for my group and I dont know how.
    noble simms
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  • How to create the assignment page

    how to create the Assignment page
    Silvia Byer
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  • Assignment columns missing!

    Hoping for some advice. Students in my course submit multiple assignments weekly with a number of TAs marking assignments. Suddenly tonight several columns of assignments are missing- students, TAs, and I can't see th...
    Sue Coffey
    created by Sue Coffey
  • Making feedback more visible to students

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    1046 votes
    I'm teaching a course using Canvas. This is the second semester I've used it. I like Canvas overall, but I've discovered that my students have a difficult time reading the feedback that I provide on their online assig...
    Derek DiMatteo
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