• Add location for SpeedGrader Access in Quizzes.Next

    Open for Voting
    110 votes
    In the current quiz system, an instructor may access SpeedGrader through the grade book or from the overview screen of the quiz itself (see below).     With Quizzes.Next, currently you can only access Spe...
    Eric Werth
    last modified by Eric Werth
  • New Quizzes: Copy entire item bank

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    While it's possible to make a copy of an item bank by adding one question at a time to a new item bank, I would like to be able to make a copy of the whole thing.  I want to share my item banks with colleagues, b...
    Jacob White
    last modified by Jacob White
  • Search Bar on "Pages" Page

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    I use "pages" on a daily basis in designing and implementing new lessons.  I enjoy the ease of use and the flexibility which allows me to be as creative as I dare to be.  After a full year of intensive use I...
    Brandon Risenhoover
    last modified by Brandon Risenhoover
  • Email multiple classes at one time

    Open for Voting
    909 votes
    Instructors often want, or are asked, to share news and information of importance to all our classes.  Currently, that means copying and pasting that information into anywhere from 2-5 different classes.  Gi...
    Elizabeth Malatestinic
    last modified by Elizabeth Malatestinic
  • New Quizzes: score unanswered questions as zero

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    Many of my quizzes include Fill In the Blank or Essay question items. And invariably, a certain number of students will complete all multiple-choice type items but decline to type anything; or, they start a quiz but d...
    Lee Sledd
    last modified by Lee Sledd
  • Put the eyeball with the slash next to Analytics Beta and Settings

    Open for Voting
    15 votes
    In the 10/19/19 update, Canvas added eyeballs with slashes through them to indicate when students can't see a tool. This was done to clarify the previous navbar, which inconsistently used bolded text to indicate ...
    Katie Venit
    last modified by Katie Venit
  • Manual Peer reviews viewing

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    Manual peer reviews should NOT circumvent the submission requirement (it is in the "fine print" instructions....but I did not see it).  That is a student should NOT be able to see their assigned reviews until AFT...
    last modified by KAREN S BROWNING
  • Select multiple students in the quiz to add attempts

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    In old Quizzes, you had the option to check boxes in front of select students and give them all additional attempts on the quiz at the same time. In the New Quizzes, you have to add this to each student. It would...
    Kelli Kelsoe
    last modified by Kelli Kelsoe
  • Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

    Open for Voting
    242 votes
    The Quizzes.Next assignment questions type "Categorization", "Matching", and "Sorting" currently don't allow for partial credit to be given.  In order to pacify my students and to give credit were credit is due I...
    Volker Petersen
    last modified by Volker Petersen
  • Partial Credit for Matching Questions in Quizzes.Next

    Open for Voting
    232 votes
    In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to ma...
    Robert Yoder
    last modified by Robert Yoder
  • Identify Hidden Grades in Grades and SpeedGrader

    Open for Voting
    55 votes
    We recently discovered that if an assignment has the Automatic Post Policy applied and you hide grades, it is only hiding the grades that exist at the time you click Hide Grades. Grades you enter after hiding gra...
    Tasha Biesinger
    last modified by Tasha Biesinger
  • Grade Posting: Make the eye icon clickable

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    To reduce the number of clicks to post grades for assignments utilizing a manual posting policy, make the eye icon above the assignment in the gradebook clickable.   This would streamline the current workflow wh...
    Dan Burgess
    last modified by Dan Burgess
  • Institution Profiles

    To better get to know each other, what our organisations deliver and what we are doing in Canvas...       Copy the following template into a Comment below!         ...
    Ruth Thornton
    last modified by Ruth Thornton
  • View Quiz Logs in Master List

    Open for Voting
    54 votes
    I would really like to be able to have a report that tells me every student who was off of Canvas during a quiz without clicking on every student individually. This becomes time consuming with 150 students. 
    Jennifer Campbell
    last modified by Jennifer Campbell
  • Change functionality of Eye Icon in SpeedGrader

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    Faculty expect the Eye Icon in SpeedGrader to work the same as the old Mute/Unmute feature, but it does not.   We recently discovered that if an assignment has the Automatic Post Policy applied and you hide...
    Tasha Biesinger
    last modified by Tasha Biesinger
  • Ability to Sort Notes Column in New Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    We have faculty who use the notes column in the gradebook as a sorting tool for grouping case studies together. Apparently, in the old gradebook, the notes column was sortable. We would like this same functionality to...
    Melissa Rasmussen
    last modified by Melissa Rasmussen
  • Instructor or Teaching Notes in Assignments

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    I propose having a section in assignments that is for instructor (or teaching) notes to be seen only by the instructor. It can contain information the instructor needs to know about how to administer and facilitate th...
    Gaylen Jensen
    last modified by Gaylen Jensen
  • No Notifications Until Start Date

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    My request is to NOT send notifications to students until the class has actually started.  Currently, if a course is published, and the teacher makes a change (change due dates, etc.), the student is notified.......
    Kimberly Ellis
    last modified by Kimberly Ellis
  • Late Policy Missing Assignment Default Value

    Open for Voting
    16 votes
    In Canvas, we have noticed a strange default value in the missing assignments section of the late policy in gradebook. By default if a professor uses this feature it will set the value for all missing values to 100% (...
    Matthew Penner
    last modified by Matthew Penner
  • Bulk Download of Annotated DocViewer [Crocodoc] documents by assignment

    Open for Voting
    254 votes
    Instructors can easily bulk-download student submissions, and instructors can individually download the PDF showing the annotations they've made to a student's submission in Crocdoc DocViewer. There is currently no wa...
    Joanna Elliott
    last modified by Joanna Elliott