• Assignments within weighted groups treated with equal value regardless of points

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    460 votes
    Please excuse the verbose title.   Our faculty want the option to have assignments within an assignment group to be given the same weight even if they are graded on different point values.   For example: &...
    Lea Engle
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  • Course Archive Process

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    436 votes
    TL;DR version: We need to have a way to archive courses (in batch and individually), so that its hidden from everything.   Long version: At USU we are about to start our 15th semester on Canvas and our instanc...
    Tyler Clair
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  • Create New Status

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    11 votes
    In the grade book, the current "status" options are late, missing, excused.  I would like the option to create my own labels.  For example, in my math class, I allow quiz corrections.  I would like to b...
    Mia Ayres
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  • Create a student-accessible rubric for self-assessments

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    593 votes
    Our nursing and OTA staff are using self-assessments to help students evaluate their confidence in the skills they are learning for certification. The idea is that they can take this assessment and choose if they want...
    Stephanie Wilson
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  • Modules need a "Lock After" Feature

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    182 votes
    I would like to suggest that Modules have a "Lock After" feature. Right now we can "Lock Until," but I like to show all modules and then I want them to disappear to the students after the due date has passed.
    Suzanne Jones
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  • Rubrics question

    I was working with a teacher yesterday and she was showing me her assignment in Canvas and how she was marking this using Speed Grader. She queried that, as there were two marks required, 1 was the form...
    Jake Ward
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  • Post announcements in multiple courses at once

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    414 votes
    I would like to see a feature in Canvas that allows you to create an announcement then choose multiple courses  in which you would like to see the announcement posted.  The current process is time consuming ...
    Bonnie Le
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  • Embedding Images Using New RCE

    Has anyone seen or reported issues trying to embed images into discussions using the new RCE? The images appear fine for me (admin), but when I masquerade as the instructor all I see is the Alt Text. No images.
    Rob Gibson
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  • Can I get the my work back that was in the text entry box?

    To in class, we had a warm-up that was due so I was doing my assignment in class and I didn't get finish it so I didn't exit out I just left than the wifi went out and the page refresh ad when I opened the assignment ...
    Liz Logan
    created by Liz Logan
  • Photos taken on iPhone can not be uploaded

    I need to upload some of the photos on iPhone XS to Canvas but the photos are not shown up during file selections. Other images files are fine. Anyone knows what's the problem?
    Alex Simens
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  • Parent App is showing missing assignments even though the assignments are graded or turned in.

    I have seen a few threads on this issue but the last post I saw about this was 10 months ago. Is there any update? We have a lot of parents very concerned why their child has a missing assignment in Canvas even though...
    Mary Mcinerney
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  • How to get Canvas to recognize a correct answer in Fill-in-multiple-blank questions

    Hi, Can you give me a suggestion of how to prevent a correct answer in fill-in-multiple-blanks questions from being incorrectly marked wrong?   See pic.  I am grading for capitalization and punctuation....
    Sheri Dimos
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  • Student Video Discussions

    I am looking for an easy way for students to upload and post a video they created and then comment on others posts. Simply, students are recording their screen and voice while they go through a Google Slides presentat...
    Whitney Richardson
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  • Certain students can no longer access course and teachers cannot re-add them to the course

    Hi everyone,   the issue our teachers are having is that while a student had previously had access and were added to the course, they suddenly did not have access to it anymore. Upon looking at the list, the tea...
    Megan M
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  • When I try to watch a video for my class it says there was an error that occured. Why?

    I am trying to watch a video for my college class but it says an error has occurred and that the video couldn't load. I have tried to reload but that didn't work, neither did logging out then back in. I need help! The...
    Alexia Dick
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  • Is there a way to see uploads to turnitin? I uploaded an assignment but forgot to click on submit. Is there a way I can see the file?

    Is there a way to see uploads to turnitin? I uploaded an assignment but forgot to click on submit. Is there a way I can see the file?
    Christopher Murphy
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  • Can I use Free Canvas to faciliate a large, high stakes exam?

    Hello!   I am working with a team of content experts to design a high stakes exam for students. We are looking for platform on which we can manage all of the results, and Canvas is particularly of interest. For ...
    Ariana Boltax
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  • Why can't I see a [next] button inside a module after I finished a quiz?

    In a module we have a quiz (see settings below). This is a quiz made in the normal quiz (not quizzes next). But after making the quiz we don't see the [next] button in student view. (see picture below).   
    Eline Krijkamp
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  • Discussion Board Rubric

    How do I add a rubric to the discussion board?  
    Patricia Larimore
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  • How do i enroll in a course using a code

    please help
    Karma ghale
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