• Quick Toggle Student View

    Open for Voting
    419 votes
    Being able to toggle into Student View within my classes in order to double- and triple-check to make sure "everything is as it should seem" is a wonderful feature built into Canvas.   FEATURE IDEA: Have a quick...
    Ian Heung
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  • Mastery Paths: Automatically Set Conditional Item Due Dates

    Open for Voting
    207 votes
    Right now, as it stands, you can create a pre-test and then trigger 3 paths using Mastery Paths. But, if I give a due date for each item in the Mastery Path (before student interaction), this due date does not 'stick'...
    Tracy Parodi
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  • New Quizzes: Carry Forward Correct Answers on Quiz Multiple Attempts

    Open for Voting
    594 votes
    When a teacher assigns multiple attempts for an assignment it would be nice if the system would automatically perform one of the following during the student's next attempt:   1. Populate the correct answers...
    last modified by john.williamson@gactc.edu
  • "Real" Student View

    Open for Voting
    308 votes
    Okay, so the title could use some work, sorry about that.   Alright, so the basic idea is that the Student View be expanded to emulate a legitimate account with no special permissions. Now, within Canvas, the cu...
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  • Differentiated Pages

    Open for Voting
    270 votes
    Canvas should support differentiated Pages. Similar to differentiated Assignments, Pages could be set to be visible to certain groups of students. This would allow for the creation of diverging tracks or branches with...
    Kevin Gordon
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  • Attendance Overhaul

    Open for Voting
    1015 votes
    Right now attendance in Canvas isn't that useful/effective. Below are the ways it could be improved: When viewing a specific student's information allow faculty to see a snapshot of the whole semester, including the ...
    Kona Jones
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  • Modules within Modules

    Open for Voting
    1025 votes
    As we move toward Personalized Learning we are beginning to feel boxed in by the linear design of Course Modules.  Many teachers would like the Course Modules to look more like the Course listing in the new UI (T...
    Kristi Levy
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  • Anonymous Discussion Forums

    Open for Voting
    770 votes
    Idea: Instructors can create discussions that allow for posts to be made anonymously   Use Cases: As an instructor, I want to create discussions in which participation is anonymous. This would free my students to...
    last modified by scottd@instructure.com
  • Screen Capture on Chromebooks via Studio (Arc)

    Open for Voting
    90 votes
    Many school districts offer Chromebooks to students, our included. And one way that many teachers collect evidence of student learning is by having the students record what is on their screens - presentations, solving...
    Brian Reed
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  • View all overdue assignments per student

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    I would like to view all overdue assignments. Ideally, it is filtered based on Student and then based on Course. As it is today, I have to 1) Select the Course flyout, scroll to the bottom and select All Courses (beca...
    Jennifer Johnson
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  • Automatic due date reminder notifications

    Open for Voting
    226 votes
    Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it...
    Shoshana Brassfield
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  • Paste Images into Canvas

    Open for Voting
    574 votes
    I want the ability to paste images directly into Canvas from the clipboard. An example: I want to use Windows Snipping tool (or any other screenshot tool) to create an image. I then want to CTL-C to copy it and CTL-V ...
    Mr. Lomas
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  • Group Quizzes

    Open for Voting
    336 votes
    I propose the ability to make a quiz a group quiz, like you can for assignments. As a course gets larger instructors would like the ability to automate the activities to include more students and not have to rely on T...
    Bradley Wall
    last modified by Bradley Wall
  • Back and Next buttons at top of module items

    Open for Voting
    234 votes
    It would be very helpful if you could insert "Back" and "Next" buttons at the top of module item pages. This would eliminate the need to scroll down through long pages in order to move to the next module item. This is...
    Kevin Gordon
    last modified by Kevin Gordon
  • Discussion Notification: Activity that involves you

    Open for Voting
    146 votes
    Similar to how Facebook notifies you when someone replies to your specific post, I would like this feature in Canvas. In nearly all of my classes, we are required to make postings and answer student replies. How...
    Cory Fairfield
    last modified by Cory Fairfield
  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    1302 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
    last modified by communityteam
  • Register for Push Notifications on Mobile

    I recently downloaded Canvas Student App on my Samsung Galaxy A10 so I can use it to access schoolwork for the COV-19 shutdown, but it has been frustrating not getting notifications when my teachers post an assignment...
    Tanner Hyde
    last modified by Tanner Hyde
  • Kindergarten appropriate quizzes??

    Does anyone have any quiz type ideas to use for kindergarten students? I've created a few using the hotspot quiz. (Students click on the picture that begins with the letter given) but that's the only quiz I know of th...
    Holly Campbell
    last modified by Holly Campbell
  • Track Announcement views

    Open for Voting
    192 votes
    Instructors need to be able to see who has seen what, without going student by student in their slightly buried Access Reports.   While it would also be nice to have a Mark as Read option for students to confirm...
    Kristina Young
    last modified by Kristina Young
  • Display Discussion Rubrics by Default

    Open for Voting
    342 votes
    As a K-12, we love that Canvas has built-in rubrics for assignments. We are also thankful that whatever rubric we create is displayed prominently, just beneath the content of the assignment while in student view. This...
    Isaac Piercy
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