• Canvas Enrollment Sync Work with Canvas Catalog Refunds

    Open for Voting
    23 votes
    Hi everyone,   On 6/20/20, a new feature will be pushed out to Canvas Catalog to be able to sync Canvas enrollments with Canvas Catalog. We would like to be able to enhance this feature by having refunds appear ...
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  • Registration Restrictions by Canvas Catalog Listing

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    24 votes
    On 6/20/20, a new feature will be pushed out to Canvas Catalog to be able to restrict enrollments by Catalog and Subcatalog. We would like the ability to have this feature be pushed out for Canvas Catalog listings as ...
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  • Comprehensive Course Search Tool (Searching Course Content for a Topic)

    Open for Voting
    764 votes
    I always find it useful to search for content using an index or an actual search tool rather than just scrolling through all of the pages one by one to find what I need.  I can see many uses for this: As a stude...
    Tracey Anne Weiler
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  • Showing Listing Based on Authentication

    Hello All,   Is it possible to show/hide listings based on the authentication method or prevent enrollment based on the account type/authentication method? Our environment allows for Canvas (for external users) ...
    Robert Romano
    created by Robert Romano
  • Post Annotations and Grades Separately

    Open for Voting
    38 votes
    Post Annotations and Grades Separately It would be extremely beneficial to have the ability to post feedback separately from posting grades. This is an extension of a previous idea on the community: https://community....
    Helen Carmichael
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  • Why is my photo not uploading correctly?

    I have tried multiple formats to upload a photo from my computer to my canvas profile. When I upload the image, on the profile page the circle turns all white, and on the account page the circle has a rectangle in it....
    Kaitlin Sanchez
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  • ZOOM Integration in Free (Instructure) Account

    ZOOM Integration Question- QUESTION: Do I have to have a pair PRO account to access the webconferencing features of CANVAS? . I work for a small non-profit institution facilitating professional development for K-12 fo...
    Tim Blesse
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  • Done button

    How do I add a done button to a page
    Lynne Shoecraft
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  • Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules

    Open for Voting
    64 votes
    I am working on a new semester in Canvas. I have moved over my old content from Blackboard. I am now trying to organize items a bit better into modules. It would be wonderful if there was a way to select multiple item...
    Kelsie Kleinmeyer
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  • Scholastic/Canvas LTI Integration

    Many of my teachers subscribe to the Scholastic Classroom Magazines. I am following Scholastic's directions on how to add the LTI integration to Canvas, but having no success. After adding the App with the key, secret...
    Lena Darnay
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  • Copy course without links referring back to older course

    How can I copy a course  to a new semester but not have it referring back to the older course?
    RAy Sumner
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  • Use SpeedGrader to annotate quiz file uploads?

    Is it possible to give a graded quiz in Canvas so that both (a) the student must upload a file in response to the question and (b) SpeedGrader will allow me to annotate the file the same way I can with a Canvas assign...
    David Folk
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  • Making and adding a Movie to Canvas Discussion box

    How do I put a movie into the discussion part of canvas.  Thanks for helping me.
    Renee Frost
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  • Is there a way to upload tests I wrote in Google Forms to the assessments in Canvas?

    Right now it appears my only options are to link my Google Form tests or to retype every test question one by one.  Not sure if I am missing the way to upload these and have them populate.   Thanks!
    Jennifer DeSalme
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  • When I hit the Print Screen Button to copy my screen, nothing seems to happen.

    I am trying to submit proof that I updated my profile and worked on my announcement section under my Profile in Canvas to submit the assignment and I can't seem to get the Print Screen button to work to copy what I di...
    Jamie Hoover
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  • Grading Schemes

    How do I add a grading scheme?
    Cynthia Mattei
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  • Can Conference Links work from the Student Side for Viewing

    If an instructor copies and pastes a Conference link from one course to another, can the students view that conference?   This is the email that I received a few minutes ago:   I tried to import a recorded...
    Eric Whitmer
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  • How do I use Direct Share to copy a quiz to another course?

    As an instructor, you can use Direct Share to copy individual quizzes in one course directly into another course in which you are enrolled. Direct Share also allows you to send quizzes to other instructors at your ins...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Conferences

    I copied my course.... my Live Conference Videos I did with students did not carry over... am I able to copy all the links and save them? And will I then be able to access even next year?
    Laura Beall
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  • Ability to brand Canvas notifications

    Open for Voting
    662 votes
    Notifications sent via Canvas are currently not able to be branded.  This means that the emails sent to parents and students currently include the Canvas name and logo. This can cause some confusion with the comm...
    Leigh Morrow
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