• New "Color Overlay" feature should have a way to change default setting

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    With the new "Color Overlay" feature for course card images in this weeks Beta Release Notes, I think there should be a way to set the default behavior at an account level (edit: not subaccount level, since this reall...
    Christopher Casey
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  • Access to Portfolios

    Hello, Some of our learners have created portfolios, made them 'public' and shared the urls so that they can be accessed by tutors and our quality assurance team. However, it is possible for learners to gain access ...
    Ingrid Abraham
    created by Ingrid Abraham
  • Rubric Export

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    It would be great if canvas would allow a rubric to be exported to a word doc, csv format or pdf so that rubrics can be used in class instruction or provided to students with assignment description and syllabi. Curren...
    Melanie Francis
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  • EDU Login?

    Hi I've been a teacher since 1989 with various Universities, Institutes and Colleges.   My current canvas login is linked to the University I presently work at. I have however given notice as I'm moving overse...
    Kelvin Baker
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  • Created parent account & now wont let me log back in

    Created parent account for canvas & now it wont let me log in
    Breonika Hatton
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  • Do File Name Changes in Modules Stay the Same when Added to Other Modules?

    Here is the example, then my question will make more sense:   An instructor has the same file document being added to more than 1 module. Users can change the file title on the Module to reflect what they w...
    Cynthia Padavano
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  • New gradebook missing graded assignment

    We are 4 days into the school year and just started using the new gradebook. I have a teacher who gave a quiz, graded the quiz and cannot find the quiz in the gradebook. We went through and took off all filters, strip...
    Shanda Cunningham
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  • Organize individual pages into folders

    I have hundreds of pages in my Canvas site.  Is there any way to group them into folders?  I hate having to scroll through them all to find the one I need.
    Beth Kautz
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  • Course Evaluation

    Is it possible to proceed with the course evaluation on Canvas?   How can I open a course evaluation on a course?
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  • Add Custom Field set by instructor for each Item

    Hi, I am developing an LTI API to access our application via Canvas. I need a custom field called "ProjectName" set by the instructor when they add an item to their course.   Any suggestion or help will be appr...
    Ahmad Roowala
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  • Student Access

    Hi, I have started to use Canvas a Cessnock High School. I am trying to add my students to a course but cannot find a way to do it. I have read multiple guides but nothing seems to be working. Could you please help...
    Tom McNamara
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  • Allow ARC to access my webcam

    Canvas is asking me to "allow ARC to access my webcam". I accidentally turned it off and don't know how to get it back on.
    Margaret Eomurian
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  • Both a question and a warning: Mute is not the same.

    I love the new gradebook; however, there was one enormous change. The muting of assignments has been changed drastically. Students can now review a quiz, even when it's muted. That's huge, and inst...
    Richard Olexa
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  • File Can't Upload in Discussion Board

    I've made several attempts to upload a file to a discussion that was initiated by a student. I wanted to replace a file with no audio with one with audio recording. I've tried all browsers with no luck. Does Canvas al...
    Nancy Muturi
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  • "Whoops" Message Submitting Discussion Post

    Hello, One of my students is reporting that he keeps receiving a "whoops" message when trying to submit a discussion post. The discussion post does include an embedded image. Any thoughts here? I have asked him to ch...
    April Noke
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  • What are the expected behaviors when renaming linked items?

    Hello, all!   This is the behavior I've noticed (and I know others have as well):   When you create a link to another course item within the RCE, and then edit the name of that item, it breaks the link. &#...
    Alexander Mitchell
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  • How do I update the Course Summary?

    How do I update the Course Summary? I'm new to Canvas. Thank you.
    Marcia Debnam
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  • Why is the quiz locked for my students? 

    A student received a message "locked" when she tried to access a quiz.  Why would this be?  On my end, the course and quiz are published and the available dates are open.   I copied the class from...
    Jackie Strobel
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  • Cross listing Blue Printing order important?

    I need to apply blueprints to courses and cross list courses for teachers by SIS import. Does it matter the order of these? If I cross list courses first and then apply blueprints to all sections vs. applyin...
    Kathryn Adams
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  • Gradebook Comment Box

    How do you edit a comment you placed in the Gradebook Comment box.   thanks   Nancy
    Mary Nancy  Van Aman
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