• Uploaded images no longer function in Safari

    Uploading and embedding images in Canvas during last academic term worked fine...   [Addendum: Following suggestion from browser guide, I tried using in a Safari "private window." That workaround revealed the im...
    Christopher Woodruff
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  • Option for setting a number of discussion posts required before being flagged for grading

    Open for Voting
    220 votes
    DESCRIPTION In order to encourage students to participate more in the online discussion forum for their classes, many instructors require that they submit more than one post to a graded forum. Currently, when students...
    Paula Miranda
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  • Rubric

    Can I download a rubric into a word document? How?
    Gitta Jaroslawicz-Neufeld
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  • Multiple Assignents in a Module

    How do I place multiple assignments in a single module?
    Bill Orme
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  • How can I set my discussions in order?

    It shows Discussion 6 at the top, versus Discussion 1. How can I set my discussions in order?   TIA, Lien McGehee
    Lien McGehee
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  • Team Teaching

    Does Canvas allow for team teaching a course?
    William Rickle
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  • Using Studio to make a recording

    How do I create a recording in Studio for my students and how do I gain access to 'Studio?'
    Paul Capezzuto
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  • How do I restore a deleted course in an account?

    An admin can restore courses that have been reset or deleted. You must know the Course ID number to restore the course. If your instructor cannot locate the Course ID number, you can access the instructor’s user...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • withdrawal from a class

    How to withdraw from a class?
    Larry Ward
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  • Rich Content Editor

    How do I open Rich Content Editor in order to record a video in Canvas?
    Kristin Pfanku
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  • Importing from Moodle

    Currently we're using Moodle and I have a lot of quizzes/homeworks/exams that I've painstakingly put into moodle format.  How do I download those into the format that Canvas will recognize?  I'm not sure wha...
    David Cowan
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  • Can instructor upload exam results in assignment for students

    I have students who were unable to upload test results in the Canvas "dropbox" before their exam time expired so they emailed me their scans. I s there a way that I can upload for them so I can process them in speedgr...
    David Rethwisch
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  • Enable chat on Free for teachers account.

    Enable chat on Free for teachers account. Due to covid 19 - classes have been suspended at my university. I will helpful to my students if chat option was enabled in my free for teachers account Anupama
    Anupama Karuppiah
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  • Discussion not able to be viewed by students

    I have added a discussion to my week 5 class.  I have had several students msg me that they cannot view it.  I don't know whatI am doing wrong....PLEASE HELP =)   I see it as posted when I go in....how...
    Jamie Abbott
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  • Chat function not available

    My school may be moving to Canvas, so I requested a free trial account and I am trying to learn the system. I want to set up a chat, but when I go to Settings / Navigation / I do not see "Chat" as one of my options. ...
    Robert Ingoglia
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  • clarification for a new canvas user

    I am a student who is new to the canvas platform, so i have little experience about it, as a result i decided to do research about the platform so i could better understand it. That's when I came across this statement...
    mazen ahmed
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  • Answering Check the Box Questions

    1. How can students answer questions where an X is needed. Example: Chapter 3 page 74 exercise 3.6. I The textbook allows you to write in or mark your answer but It's not clear how that would be done in the e-book.
    Lorita Williams
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  • How do you Un-Highlighting Text

    I was testing the how to highlight a section but can't figure out how to un-highlight it. Any suggestions? 
    Lorita Williams
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  • sidebar in dashboard

    sidebar dashboard in canvas is disappeared. The view has changed
    paola lorenzi
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  • Add rich-content editor to Conversations

    Open for Voting
    507 votes
    As a user, I would like to be able to use the rich-content editor to compose messages in the Conversations inbox. This would enable me to create Conversations that are on par, formatting- and content-wise, with Announ...
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