• Entering Scores

    I need to assign a student a 100/100 point score on an assignment that is a whole class assignment of 130 points.  Is that possible to do in the same assignment?
    Jane Briggs
    created by Jane Briggs
  • Unlocking Modules for individual students

    Open for Voting
    816 votes
    Hi all,   This idea has already been requested, but did not get enough votes. Manually Override Module Requirements for Students   Any chance this can go through the voting cycle again! Would be brilliant ...
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • Ability to Save and Copy from Frequently Used Comments in Speedgrader/DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    1426 votes
    It would be a great timesaver for writing instructors and anyone else making many of the same comments to students on assignments to save and store comments in SpeedGrader/Crocodoc DocViewer as one is able to do ...
    Joshua Herron
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  • Groups created by students for Group Assignments

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    Groups created by students cannot be used for Group Assignments. Allowing this would be a useful feature for co-operative work. From the Guide: How do I assign an assignment to a course group? How do I assi...
    Ketil Monsejn
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  • LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

    Open for Voting
    630 votes
    This is a resurrected feature: LTI External Tools and Rubrics   The original text provided by the one and only Chris Hofer is as follows:   "When creating an Assignment in a course that uses the Submission...
    Brian Rueckert
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  • Group names: Student side

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    On the student side of canvas group names should include either a course code or an option to add a usable name and the original stays in fine print below. My current situation with three classes with three different ...
    Michele Stockton
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  • Making feedback more visible to students

    Open for Voting
    887 votes
    I'm teaching a course using Canvas. This is the second semester I've used it. I like Canvas overall, but I've discovered that my students have a difficult time reading the feedback that I provide on their online assig...
    Derek DiMatteo
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  • Audit Trail/Grade History for Posting Grades

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    There are a number of courses in our institution which have 400+ enrolments and in excess of 30 graders-the New Grades area and, in particular Grades Posting Policy does create confusion at times, in terms of who has ...
    Cheryl Connor
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  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    979 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
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  • Discussions

    Discussions - how can student edit their replies?
    Shari Bowers
    created by Shari Bowers
  • How do I get to SpeedGrader from the Gradebook?

    You can access an assignment in SpeedGrader directly from the Gradebook. Note: SpeedGrader displays assignment submissions according to the current Gradebook settings for inactive enrollments and concluded enrollment...
    Canvas Doc Team
    last modified by Canvas Doc Team
  • Change functionality of Eye Icon in SpeedGrader

    Open for Voting
    59 votes
    Faculty expect the Eye Icon in SpeedGrader to work the same as the old Mute/Unmute feature, but it does not.   We recently discovered that if an assignment has the Automatic Post Policy applied and you hide...
    Tasha Biesinger
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  • Allow students to add/star groups to group menu

    Open for Voting
    31 votes
    Some of our programs allow students access to past course enrollments because they keep building off of that knowledge. However, the group list becomes very cumbersome and confusing, especially if instructors use a ge...
    Stephanie Speer
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  • How to use Developer Key for OAuth2 Authentication?

    So I'm the admin of a Canvas test server, and want to set up OAuth2 authentication for my webpage. I've generated a developer key after logging into "https://my.test.instructure.com" and setting up a developer key fro...
    Lee Newton
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  • Is it possible to create quizzes that draw new questions until student has passed?

    I would like to design a quizz so that I have a large bank of questions in different subareas and the quizz is set to draw a certain number of them to test the student knowledge in a specific area. This is possible at...
    pernilla lång
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  • New Quizzes Analytics

    Open for Voting
    12 votes
    Currently, when looking at analytics in the new quizzes, the program does not allow for data to be filtered by section. It only provides individual student information or by outcome/standard. In K-12 education, teache...
    Karina Raimont
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  • Co-locate controls to hide/post existing grades and manual/automatic settings for existing grades

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    The new gradebook has two functions controlling which grades are shown to students. hide/post grades that only impacts those grades already posted manual/automatic grade posting which controls new grades   Cur...
    Steven Schwamenfeld
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  • Close self sign-up to groups on a specific date

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    Currently if instructors create a group assignment, and a group set, they can enable self sign-up within that group set. This is desirable as often they want students to self-organise into groups of common interest. &...
    Jeremy Stevens
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  • As student: view group sets in tabs

    Open for Voting
    125 votes
    The same view for students as for teachers, when looking at groups and group sets: One tab for each group set.   Thats how you see it as a teacher, but right now the students are in stead looking at a very long ...
    Jeppe Sand Christensen
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  • File views/downloads within Live Events

    I'm interested in confirming some assumptions about how file views and downloads (for individual files) are represented -or not- in Live Events (both formats), specifically:   1- It appears to me that in both ca...
    Patricia Goldweic
    last modified by Patricia Goldweic