• Change functionality of Eye Icon in SpeedGrader

    Open for Voting
    71 votes
    Faculty expect the Eye Icon in SpeedGrader to work the same as the old Mute/Unmute feature, but it does not.   We recently discovered that if an assignment has the Automatic Post Policy applied and you hide...
    Tasha Biesinger
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  • Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-01-29)

    Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be test...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Interactive Lessons

    0 votes
    A combination of content delivery with interactive questions as you go along. Applies same question features as a quiz but with more opportunity to provide content with a short series of questions and get feedback in ...
    Lacey Okonski
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  • How do we send a chromebook back to the school when the school year is over?

    When the school year is up, in what way are we sending the chromeboooks back to the school?
    Bintu Doumbia
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  • Allow Students Choose Pronouns, Not Edit Name

    Open for Voting
    13 votes
    While allowing Students to edit their profile settings to choose their Pronouns, it is important to many schools that we do not allow Students to alter their name.  Doing so is causing issues with the SIS and oth...
    Beth Crook
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  • Making feedback more visible to students

    Open for Voting
    944 votes
    I'm teaching a course using Canvas. This is the second semester I've used it. I like Canvas overall, but I've discovered that my students have a difficult time reading the feedback that I provide on their online assig...
    Derek DiMatteo
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  • Allow folders in Pages

    Open for Voting
    2310 votes
    Greetings all. Conversations in the community unthread after 100 comments, making the conversation difficult to follow, and official comments hard to find. For this reason we're posting our most recent update here: &#...
    Beck Hasti
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  • Bring back Grade Muting

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    For quite some time, instructors had the ability to Mute grades in Speedgrader or in the Grades spreadsheet. This was a great way to allow instructors to enter grades without students seeing their progress, and then r...
    Simon Ringsmuth
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  • How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student?

    Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences you can receive for your courses. However, you can change the default settings by setting your own notification preferences. These preferences only apply to yo...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Retrieving lost annotations

    I see on the new update for 6.3.6 there is a way to retrieve old annotations. I don't see where to find this. I originally had lots of notes saved on the iPad version of Canvas student and then after a glitchy update,...
    Candace Wang
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  • Word count for Speedgrader (DocViewer) grading

    Open for Voting
    710 votes
    It would be extremely helpful for student submissions to also include a word count when we are correcting them on Speedgrader through DocViewer. Thank you!   This idea was considered when developing our product...
    Gail Saltveit
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  • Vertical Assignment Title In Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    I am a manual grader and I noticed that I need to resize my assignments so that I can fit the multiple assignments that I have on my computer screen.  Recently, the gradebook has been updated, in which they've in...
    Rome Sotelo
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  • How to delete the course summary below the syllabus

    How to delete the summary below the syllabus?   How do I delete the course summary below the syllabus since it always showing the previous course date. It is really annoying.   Thank you! 
    wenli  chang
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  • SpeedGrader auto-selects group for a non-group discussion assignment

    I am experiencing a strange behavior with the SpeedGrader. I have a discussion assignment that is NOT a group assignment. However, when I go to the SpeedGrader from the assignment, I get the following message:   ...
    George Rowe
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  • How do I access the "New Gradebook"?

    I don't see a link to access the new gradebook.  What I can find online doesn't seem to exist in Cisco Netacad.  Any ideas?
    Brian Duncan
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  • How do I upload a file here ?

    How can I upload a file in canvas? Please help me!
    Guadalupe Kirk
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  • How do I quickly download submissions individually?

    Working with the previous gradebook version, I would click on one submission to download it, then move to the next farther down, etc.  The new gradebook does not seem to work that way.  Am I just failing to ...
    Nick Wonder
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  • How can I review my completed courses from last semester?

    I took 3 online classes last semester (fall 2019), in moving forward with my education I was hoping the be able to review the content of the completed classes, would they be available for download or viewing some...
    Austin Talamantes
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  • Why won't my pages load?

    I click on the module link & it loads up to blank white screen. 
    Samantha Reichenstein
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  • Why isn't my assignment page loading on canvas?

    I have an assignment to turn in by Monday. The assignment page does not load on my laptop or on my tablet, however it does load on the app in my phone. Why might this be happening? 
    Juan Ramirez
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