• Studio Account?

    How do I find out if my institution has a Studio account?
    Walker Ladd
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  • Syllabus

    How do I edited my published syllabus?
    Rita Pearce
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  • Microsoft Teams and Canvas...

    We have 1-1 Surface Pro devices so students and staff are big users of the stylus and OneNote. Increasingly noticing an either Canvas or OneNote situation happening when ideally it should using BOTH as and w...
    Gideon Williams
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  • delete individual assignment

    How do I delete an individual student's assignment
    Shalagh McCarthy
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  • Why isn't my class showing up?

    I added my class, but it isn't showing in canvas like it's supposed to.
    Jordanne Long
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  • Change Inside Course Colors

    Hi, I'm a student and I'd like to be able to change the color background or border of my courses once I'm inside them. I'm taking four classes right now and have to look at the top of the course to make sure I'm in th...
    Jennifer M
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  • How set the rules for assignments?

    only want grade calculated from 10 highest grades out of 13
    Jon HERBER
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  • Thoughts on Stylus Support in SpeedGrader

    Enhancing our stylus support in SpeedGrader to include Windows touch-enabled devices has been an exciting and challenging journey. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and I wanted to share a few thoughts. We hope...
    Jon Fenton
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  • POM103_502 Question

    Where is the text effects and typography in Office 365 or Microsoft Word 2016?  I, my husband and daughter are not able to find it for a class.  I have googled it an it still isn't helping me to find it.
    Patricia Sills
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  • Canvas Instructor Guide - Table of Contents

    Introduction Analytics New Analytics Announcements Assignments Attendance (Roll Call) Calendar Chat Collaborations Commons Conferences Course Import Tool Course Navigati...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • GraphQL Examples

    Is there a resource with a set of working GraphQL queries? I'm still mystified by it and the graphiql interface, although I suspect a ten minute intro video might help get me over the hump.
    David Tod
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  • Canvas Basics Guide - Table of Contents

    General Information Canvas Features Mobile Features General InformationWhere do I find my institution's URL to access Canvas? What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas? Which browsers does Can...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Supported Web Browsers

    Desktop Browsers View full details Chrome 78 and 79 Firefox 71 and 72 Edge 44 (Windows only) Edge 79 Respondus Lockdown Browser Safari 12 and 13   Mobile Browsers Latest version of Safari (iOS)...
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  • Discussion Issue

    I set up graded Discussion Forums for a course that has 5 students enrolled. When I access the link to the first discussion forum, I only see #1 student's post.  However, when I access Speed grader, I see...
  • How do I connect to web services outside of Canvas as an observer?

    Canvas is integrated with a number of third party web services. Most of these services can be configured from the user settings page. Open User Settings In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1], then c...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I link a student to my user account as an observer?

    If you signed up for a Canvas account as a parent, you can add students to observe within the same institution. Additionally, if an institution created an observer account linked to a student for you, you can add stud...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I join a conference in a course as an observer?

    You can join a conference that has already been started by the conference host. To use your microphone, you must give Conferences access to your microphone settings. As part of joining the conference, you must verify ...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I log in to Canvas as an observer?

    This lesson will show you how to log in to Canvas from an internet browser. If you are using Canvas with your student's institution, you will log in either from the institution's webpage or by using their direct Canva...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I set up multi-factor authentication for my user account as an observer?

    Your institution may enable multi-factor authentication for your user account. Multi-factor authentication adds security to your account by verifying you are the user accessing your account. Multi-factor authenticatio...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I reset my password as an observer?

    If you created your own Canvas account, you can reset your password through a link in the password request email. If your login credentials were provided to you by your institution, you may not be able to reset your C...
    Canvas Doc Team
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