• Classcraft LTI

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    64 votes
    My students have been begging for Classcraft Quests daily, but without integration, it is just not feasible. Google Classroom does support this type of integration. Students are automatically awarded xp & gold bas...
    Karen Handy
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  • accessing canvas when on zoom

    If I am on zoom, how do I connect with canvas to show students what is on the course they are taking? thanks
    Rita Ruderman
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  • Selective Email and no Push notifications!

    Hello!    I would really appreciate if you could help me figure out why I only receive selective email notifications regarding my courses and no push notifications on my canvas app on my phone.   ...
    last modified by PALAK BARMAN
  • How do I get a rubric to appear so that students may see it?

    The rubric on an assignment no longer appears in the student view.  How do I correct this?
    Virginia Ludders
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  • Do I need a separate account with Big Blue Button to be able to use it within Canvas?

    Please forgive me if my question has an obvious answer, but I have looked at the resource documents and cannot figure out what is happening. I created a conference in a course, and when I am clicking the 'Start' butto...
    Sadaf Alam
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  • Restore deleted material

    Please may you respond to this ticket submitted on Sunday: Canvas Support Update: Help restore material for 2024463 which was deleted: Case 05952549 ref:_00DA0Ibsk._5002Gq1sKb:ref
    E Musenge
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  • How long I have access to the course materials

    Hello! How long will I have access to all the materials of the course. My course ends on the 23rd of this month. Will I have access to the materials after that date?   Thank you!
    Natalia Virlan
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  • Previous course content

    How can I get access to the courses and content from a previous semester? In Blackboard, all courses were shown that had been taught in the past.
    Sid Barton
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  • Multiple answers - glitch or ?

    I am unable to use multiple answers for quizzes.  It seems to be my issue as other staff are not reporting same error.  I select and complete and all looks ok but when I save and go back to review befor...
    Kylie Axford
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  • Badgr Help

    I would like to be able to award students badges with Badgr. How can I add those to my BLEND page?
    Rebecca Smootz
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  • Utilize SpeedGrader for Peer Reviews

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    When we assign students a peer review in canvas, they do not have access to the speedgrader. What they end up with is a slightly clunky assortment of pop-out windows for viewing/annotating and the rubric, necessitatin...
    Kirsten Holt
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  • Getting Started: Let's Talk about Modules, Pages & Assignments

    7/16/20 11:00 AM
    Designed for NEW Canvas users. This will be a slow-paced discussion on how you can organize your Canvas course using Modules, Assignments, and Pages. We will talk about "Sandbox" courses and best practices. There will...
    Andrea Earl
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    Getting Started: Let's Talk about Modules, Pages & Assignments

    in CanvasLIVE

  • Announcement Seen by Students Before it was "Saved"

    Just before I pushed "save" on an announcement (was in the process of proofing it), I was contacted by a student who had just read it! Has anyone else experienced this?  Thanks  JT
    jack tracy
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  • Make Event Default Time 11:59pm rather than 12:00am

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    507 votes
    Right now..... An event on the calendar has a default time of 12am on the date of the event. An assignment has a default time of 11:59pm on the date the assignment is due.   This causes an inconsistent user ex...
    last modified by jlg65@psu.edu
  • Docviewer - default palette of icons/ images

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    144 votes
    My skill with drawing using a mouse in Docviewer  is rather lackluster.  So my thought is a palette of predefined images would be ever so helpful.  A question mark, green check mark, new paragraph, etc....
    last modified by fernerj@erau.edu
  • calendar

    How do I put an event into the calendar
    Sylvia Burts
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  • Foundations Digital LTI Integration

    Has anyone been able to integrate Foundations Digital (app) with Canvas?  I am looking for the launch URL and domain.  The company was unable to assist.
    Lori Cummings
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  • Adding module or page title icons and graphics

    Hi. Is anyone able to tell me how to add an icon or graphic to a page title or module title like in the Growing with Canvas course?   Example: 2.5.1 | New Rich Content Editor...   How are these...
    Rod Bowder
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  • delete messages

    how can i delete a group of messages at one time.  i currently have 97 and i don't need any of them.  thanks
    george bandik
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  • Offline usage

    Can Canvas be used offline by students?
    Jodi Tomczyk
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