• Honour visibility settings in Files notifications

    Open for Voting
    46 votes
    Some instructors require the Files area to be visible in their course. If a file is uploaded to the Files area a notification is sent to students who have chosen this setting. Even if the file is set to 'only availabl...
    Damian Sweeney
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  • Ability to move through all assignments for one student in speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    377 votes
    As I am looking at the speedgrader assignments, one feature that would be great would be that instead of per assignment, moving from student to student, but by student, moving from assignment to assignment. I am proba...
    Susan Winter
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    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
    0 votes
    It seems this issue has been discussed since at least 5 years ago... Teachers and students alike need autosave. Most students and young teachers only know Google that autsaves everything. I've lost a few assignments t...
    elizabeth welliver
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  • Multiple login users report?

    Hi, does anyone have tips on finding user accounts with more than one login? Ideally with an admin report or in Canvas Data. And for background, this situation can happen as a result of merging two user accounts into ...
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  • SeeSaw and Canvas

    Open for Voting
    142 votes
    Seesaw is a digital portfolio app that allows parents to see student work as it is posted. Students save and share their assignments with teachers, parents, and peers. They snap a photo or video, draw, or write--in ad...
    Misty Joaquin
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  • Quick Toggle Student View

    Open for Voting
    421 votes
    Being able to toggle into Student View within my classes in order to double- and triple-check to make sure "everything is as it should seem" is a wonderful feature built into Canvas.   FEATURE IDEA: Have a quick...
    Ian Heung
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  • Modules within Modules

    Open for Voting
    1026 votes
    As we move toward Personalized Learning we are beginning to feel boxed in by the linear design of Course Modules.  Many teachers would like the Course Modules to look more like the Course listing in the new UI (T...
    Kristi Levy
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  • Differentiated Pages

    Open for Voting
    271 votes
    Canvas should support differentiated Pages. Similar to differentiated Assignments, Pages could be set to be visible to certain groups of students. This would allow for the creation of diverging tracks or branches with...
    Kevin Gordon
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  • Why are my embedded links not working in the Canvas app?

    I recently created a virtual classroom in Google Slides which I embedded as my Canvas homepage for my course. Everything works beautifully via computer / Chrombook. However, the links do not work on the Canvas App. Wh...
    Lisa  Johnson
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  • autosave in Canvas

    I've been asked about an autosave feature for Canvas in assignments where student enters text.  Is there a way to save if student doesn't finish and needs to leave before submission?
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  • Parents: toggle view between children

    Open for Voting
    138 votes
    In the calendar I'd like to see a way to toggle the view from one child to another.  Vital for parents, teaching assistants and other observers.  Example:   This is not a new idea and has b...
    Peter Nickson
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  • Canvas .well-known/openid-configuration endpoint for LTI Tools

    If I understand the LTI 1.3 specs correctly, it sits on top of the OpenId Connect specs. According to the specs in section 4, Final: OpenID Connect Discovery 1.0 incorporating errata set 1 , there should be ...
    Chase Willden
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  • Cross-site tracking and SameSite cookies with LTI

    Now that Safari is default blocking all third party cookies and Chrome is implementing SameSite cookie restrictions as a bridge to that same thing, what is the method External Tool developers should use to launch thei...
    Kelly Crone Willis
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  • How do I add a rubric to a quiz?

    You can add a rubric to a graded discussion to help students understand expectations for the discussion and how you intend to score their replies. Occasionally, rubrics are added to quizzes when you have an outcome in...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Offline Grading in Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    232 votes
    I would like to be able to grade submissions while not on wifi (on iPad) and then have it sync back up when I get to a wifi connection.
    Adam Rachuba
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  • Student Registration Information in FFT Accounts

    Hello everyone,   I'm using an FFT account and have allowed self enrollment, but I can't see students' private emails. How can I see their registration information and send notifications to personal emails (not ...
    Mayy ElHayawi
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  • Indicate Where Files Are Linked Within a Course

    Open for Voting
    197 votes
    The awesome Files feature would be even better if it could indicate that a file is linked elsewhere within your course -- on a Page, from other rich content, or as a Module item -- in an unobtrusive way.  If a fi...
    Rob Ditto
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  • Build a Canvas Data Warehouse on AWS in 30 minutes!

    Introduction Canvas Data provides a wealth of information that can be used in many interesting ways, but there are a few hurdles that can make it hard to even get started: The Canvas Data API uses a different au...
    Colin Murtaugh
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  • Import Grade Comments

    Open for Voting
    416 votes
    Problem: Instructors need to upload comments for each student for an external assignment and have it displayed in the gradebook view for students.   Use Case: This is especially significant when uploading assi...
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  • Use template or import file to generate structured e portfolios.

    Open for Voting
    212 votes
       We work with about 1000 pre-service teaching students a semester while they are in their field experience or internships. We are currently using iWebfolio, and can have students generate portfolios usin...
    Nicholas Eastham
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