• New RCE - pin the sidebar

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    22 votes
    While I'm loving getting familiar with the new rich content editor my biggest annoyance is that the insert sidebar disappears every time I add a link or image. As a course designer this is greatly slowing down the way...
    Tina E Busch
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  • "download all submissions" problem

    I teach digital imaging classes and frequently require my students to submit image files with sidecars.  The problem I am having on Canvas is the the "download all submissions" function automatically renames all ...
    andrew campbell
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  • Missing files from "Student View"

    I've downloaded assignments and supplemental documents to the assignment section and pages section in the instructor view, but the student view doesn't show these documents, nor is there a listing for pages in the men...
    Mark Wessel
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  • Need to Revisit Las Semester's Work/Grades

    How do I access and view my last semester's submitted assignments and grades?  
    Elizabeth Unpingco
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  • Unable to access quiz on Canvas

    I'm trying to click on the start quiz tab for my Nutrition class and nothing happens, the quiz doesn't open. I was able to do the quiz on Respondous...
    Heather Hamilton
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  • 2019 Electronic 1098-T?

    How do I get to my 2019 Electronic 1098-T?  Received an email stating, "Please log in to http://www.tamuct.edu/index.php and enter your username and password for your online student account to view and print your...
    Sheila Stanfield
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  • Why isn't my assignment page loading on canvas?

    I have an assignment to turn in by Monday. The assignment page does not load on my laptop or on my tablet, however it does load on the app in my phone. Why might this be happening? 
    Juan Ramirez
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  • Grading issues with Rise and Storyline Scorm files on Canvas

    I could use some help troubleshooting why the gradebook only records the teachers completion some of the time. I have exported scorm files from Articulate Storyline and Rise and had them uploaded on canvas for te...
    Kenny Yu
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  • Should I see new modules when I click on course?

    I copied a 2-week course that I created last semester.  This semester, I copied the course into a new shell and then I added modules 11-20, but when I click on the class I do not see the new modules (11-20). ...
    sheila jones
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  • Gradebook Column Width

    Can the column widths for the Gradebook all be changed at once?
    Judy Harmon
    created by Judy Harmon
  • Order Discussion Posts from Newest to Oldest

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    320 votes
    Currently, the discussion posts are ordered from oldest to newest.  A student/professor has to scroll or go to the last page and then scroll to get to the latest post.   Canvas REALLY needs to re-order this...
    Canvas Admin
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  • Why is Record/Upload Media tool using up my upload quota?

    We are experiencing a weird anomaly in one of our courses.  The media comment videos are showing up in the Files section under the "unfiled" folder. This quickly ate up the course upload quota. In all of our othe...
    Jason Edington
    created by Jason Edington
  • Restrict adding items outside of modules to be added to Mastery Path

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    3 votes
    I love mastery path and want the feature to be successful. However, we have ran into a lot of problems when implementing mastery path, especially when using unit completion requirements.   Our modules have quizz...
    Nick Ni
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  • Collapse or Expand All Modules with One Click

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    38 votes
    For courses containing many modules, I often find myself going through and manually collapsing each one. I would love to have a one-click way to collapse all the modules (and, conversely, to expand them all again...
    Jack McGavick
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  • I am unable to see my course schedule and assignment information on my CCP Canvas. I can't even enter any exams that are on the Canvas.When I tried it on my Android, I was able to see my course work, modules, and was ableto enter exams.

    I am unable to see my course schedule and assignment information on my CCP Canvas on my laptop (Microsoft 10). I can't even enter any exams that are on the Canvas. When I tried it on my Android, I was able to see...
    Derriek Cooper
    created by Derriek Cooper
  • Request table keeps growing in Redshift

    Hi there   What's the best way to handle Request table data in Redshist? It keeps growing and adding new cluster to Redshift is not the appropriate option as we deal with lots of universities partners and keep r...
    Harshal Parikh
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  • Create Question Banks from MSWord

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    1703 votes
    It would be useful that when you create a question bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one. ...
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  • How come some of the grades from the grades panel (teacher view) link to the speedgrader while others don't (they just have a check or x to mark them completed)?

    How come some of the grades from the grades panel (teacher view) link to the speedgrader while others don't (they just have a check or x to mark them completed)?
    Brian Weiner
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  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

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    1010 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
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  • Exporting quizzes into Word or pdf documents

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    570 votes
    Some of our departments need to have copies of assessments on file OUTSIDE of Canvas. I believe this request was first raised in early 2015. A Canvas person said the ability was about six months away. It is almost a y...
    Desiree Devereaux-Heis
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