• assignment ordering: "sort chronologically" button in settings

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    on the assignment page next to the group title there is a gear icon representing settings.  on that drag down menu bar it would be wonderful to have an option to sort assignments chronologically.    th...
    scott navitsky
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  • Student group-based online test

    I am trying to design an online midterm exam. The exam contains 3 problems (it is an Engineering course) with 8 to 10 questions per problem. In order to reduce any cheating probabilities, I have decided to have 3 slig...
    Mohammad Ahadi
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  • Issue with PNG files on iMac but not on Smartphone

    I am in a Page and giving instructions about how to use software (Premiere Pro). I have uploaded PNG files to demonstrate the proper settings for Premiere. The pages looked fine but 2 days later the PNG files all went...
    Steve Shlisky
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  • Student-Directed Home Pages

    Today, the first day of a new semester, I asked each of the classes I teach,  "What would your ideal home page look like?"   During the five years our school has had Canvas, I've done a fair bit o...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Is GPB available for Focus?

    I am a teacher in Volusia County, I use Canvas and recently one of my colleagues at another school told me that we can sync our grades from canvas into Focus. I searched and found how to do it, but it isn't enabled an...
    Keith Wallace
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  • How to change the image on the tile

    How can I change the image of the tile?
    Annamaria Winters
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  • What is the difference between a Google Assignment and a Google Docs Cloud Assignment?

    What is the difference between a Google Assignment and a Google Docs Cloud Assignment? 
    Amanda Rudd
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  • a peer Journal

    how would I assess a peer Journal article on establishing a social and emotional support group for families with special-needs children
    Sibrina Riggins
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  • Do You Need a Free Classroom?

    Canvas created Free-for-Teacher accounts for anyone who wants to teach online—for free. Free-for-Teacher accounts offer all the standard features to help you in your educational pursuits using both synchronous a...
    Cody Titmus
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  • Quizzes not recorded in grade book

    I've created quizzes in Studio lectures that I have recorded. They are published, and students are able to see and take the quizzes. In Assignments, I have these worth 5 points, and they are set to post to the gradebo...
    Kathy Burleson
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  • Who is has a Premium Subscription to BigBlueButton?

    Our campus is currently using multiple web conferencing platforms to hold synchronous classes during the COVID-19 pandemic (Canvas Conferences, WebEx, MsTeams). We would love to hear from anyone who has a premium subs...
    Taylor Kendrick
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  • Canvas Release Notes (2020-04-18)

    Upcoming Canvas Changes   Ready Releases Beginning 2020-03-28, Canvas teams will be modifying the release process to include additional updates on a weekly basis. Features included in these additional releases ...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Mark a Quiz as extra credit

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    Some of our instructors have the need to provide extra credit via a quiz.  Students would earn specific points based on their correct answer and receive extra points based on their score but it would not increase...
    Scott Finkeldei
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  • Data export files have data from wrong tables.

    The past two mornings, a subset of files in the data export contain data from the wrong tables. Later in the day, we notice that the exports have been corrected. We use the CLI tool to download and unpack the data exp...
    Sam McKnight
    created by Sam McKnight
  • New Quizzes: Honorlock Integration

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    8 votes
    We really want to move to New Quizzes. However, we need it to work with Honorlock like the current quizzes do. I really hope this is on your Roadmap!
    Katie Jacobson
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  • Quizzes.Next should work with Lockdown Browser or Proctorio

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    195 votes
    Quizzes.Next needs to allow us to require Lockdown Browser or Proctorio to take the Quiz we make in that feature. I can't use this feature without either. 
    Jenny Wollschlager
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  • How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

    You can get help with Canvas by using the Help menu. Depending on your user role, the Help menu generates a list of resources to help you with Canvas. Canvas displays links according to roles in all enrollments; for i...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Courses missing from student dashboards

    I signed up for an observer/parent account, added both my children and can see the sunshine state quiz courses for both of them and the science course that my daughter was in before schools closed. I do not see the di...
    Amanda Nobrega
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  • How do I delete outdated quizzes in the "grades" page? 

    I have been able to delete them in the Module but when I bring up "Grades" all I can do it hide them.  We are using this as a check-in for attendance on a daily basis and the columns are piling up.
    Andrea Obenland
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  • Quiz Images

    I want up upload an image for a quiz. When I do, the student view says it is available to the students. How do I upload an image for a quiz that students can't see?
    Tim Moore
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