• New Quizzes: Allow use of turnitin

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    When using the new quiz app for a take home exam, it would be good to allow the use of turnitin to monitor any inappropriate collusion on essay questions. 
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  • how to share a canvas course with another teacher not in your school district

    If I am working with a friend in another state/district how can I share a course with them to work together?
    alejandra lozada
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  • Crystal Delta.pdf

    Hannah Grieve
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  • Setting up a course

    Where do I find the icon to go to course settings to set up a course?  I have the dashboard icon, calendar, courses (with other courses) etc. on left of webpage.  I know this is probably so simple but I cann...
    Kim Lombardi
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    An essential learning tool is the custom wiki for use as a course-specific glossary or dictionary. In my experience, this kind of functionality is relevant across the university, as it allows professors and stude...
    Jesse Green
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  • Eu não estou conseguindo acesar https://igti.instructure.com/login/canvas [I'm not able to access https://igti.instructure.com/login/canvas]

    Eu não estou conseguindo acesar o Fazer login no Canvas  nem com meu e-mail ou cpf, com a senha que entro no site normal e nem com o codigo.   Esta mensagem foi traduzida usando o Google Translat...
    Amanda Moreira de Paula
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  • how do i add a picture to my canvas tile?

    add a picture to my canvas tile
    Tyler Gubanich
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  • Upload My Resume to My Profile

    hi, i am wondering how do i upload my resume to my profile?
    Brianna Wiley
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  • MathQuill is a Bit Quirky

    I am new to CANVAS. I was exploring today, attempting to create a quiz.  CANVAS has some very nice features for those purposes.  Being an instructor in mathematics, I stumbled upon the MathQuill tool in...
    Phillip Edwards
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  • Sandbox

    How do I create a sandbox course for my teachers?
    Robin Pete
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  • In communication SMS, the country name Bangladesh has not been included. What should I do now?

    In communication SMS, the country name Bangladesh has not been included. Hence, I selected India. But no SMS will come into my mobile since the country code is different. What should I do now?
    Mamun Uddin
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  • Google slides as external tool

    I use pages.  I created an assignment with external tool as the submission from my google slides presentation.  The students completed the task.  However, I cannot figure out how to view their slides th...
    Kimberly Scanlan
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  • How do I find and copy my Spring course into my Fall course?

    I want to copy my Spring course with all my lectures and tests into my Fall course. I no longer see my Spring course in my dashboard.
    Timothy Ferguson
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  • Where do you find “resources” like Ebscohost and Jstor on the Canvas App using an iPhone and an iPad?

    Where do you find “resources” like Ebscohost and Jstor on the Canvas App using an iPhone and an iPad?
    Martin McCrory
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  • Google Slides

    I would like to embed a Google Slide presentation into an assignment on Canvas. However, when I go to move the pieces on the slides it just advances to the next slide. I'd like for students to be able to move the piec...
    Ashley Brashear
    created by Ashley Brashear
  • autocomplete each quiz question points from rubric

    Hello, When I use the rubric, I need to get points from the rubric and write them in every question manually (yellow rectangle) to get the tick in the student name (green rectangle). Exist any way to autocomplete th...
  • Mastery Paths Across Modules

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    Create mastery paths across modules. Then if a student scores below a certain point value on a test the student has to complete remediation assignments until the next test. 
    Cindy Goodwill
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  • User Group Meet-up: July '20

    7/22/20 7:00 PM
    Now that we have covered off on the topics we set out to discuss last year, it's time for a new batch! Any ideas, burning questions or things you've always wondered? Now is the perfect time to raise them for us to di...
    Ruth Thornton
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    User Group Meet-up: July '20

    in Vocational Education and Training

  • Discussion Notification: Activity that involves you

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    146 votes
    Similar to how Facebook notifies you when someone replies to your specific post, I would like this feature in Canvas. In nearly all of my classes, we are required to make postings and answer student replies. How...
    Cory Fairfield
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  • SpeedGreader should open pdfs in DocViewer for quizzes

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    56 votes
    When students submit their work as pdf documents for quizzes, then the instructor need to download the pdfs for grading. When students submit their work as pdf documents for assignments, then DocViewer will open ...
    Longin Jan Latecki
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