• Notifications by Course

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    It would be great to be able to set notifications for each individual course.  There have been many times that I needed really detailed notifications and other times I needed nearly zero notifications.  Unde...
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  • Can’t find school

    Hello and I am having trouble finding my school into my canvas app on my iPhone , it was working totally done and all of sudden it kicked me out and I am trying to fond my school and it’s chamberlain university ...
    Yagna Jani
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  • Create a fixed order of the classes in the dashboard?

    Hi   We have some teachers who have several classes in the dashboard (up to 10 or more classes) and they set them in a fixed order. But when they logon next time, the order of the classes is changed in the dash...
    Kent Pryds Wormsdorf
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  • How do, I delete the LCI from my classroom in the Student Portal?

    How do, I delete the LCI Assignment from my Student Portal, it was already filled out from my previous class before I was dropped.  Thanks!   Lisa
    Lisa R. Morin
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  • Quiz Attempts Give Different Number of Questions

    I have a student that attempted a quiz twice. On attempt one, she was given a quiz with 10 questions (as I set the quiz up to do) but on attempt two, she was given only 8 questions. I have checked and other students h...
    David Kobb
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  • Course Announcements Disappear

    I would like for course announcements to be scrolling, and never disappear. However, I have noticed that most of them disappear within a day or so. But some remain for months. There is no one else who would be deletin...
    Kelley Kaminsky
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  • Grade book

    Why are the grades suddenly not showing up in grade book? When I click on the speed grader they are there, but not in the grade book.
    Paige Madison
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  • @ mentions in Discussion forums

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    358 votes
        You have a class of 30 and there are three Tom's, how can we differentiate who we are talking to?   This idea was considered when developing our product plan for Q4 2019 and is not expected to in...
    Shaun Holland
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  • Embedding PowerPoints

    What is the best way to embed a video into canvas to make it accessible and increase student usability? 
    Megan McLeay
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  • Students viewing a PDF

    For some reason my students cannot view a pdf that is in a module that I created.  I did not have this problem last semester.  Is this because it is a new semester?
    last modified by JOHN SIMPSON
  • How can I access my classes if I am taking classes in university and also at the same time in community college?

    Sony Elsa Roy
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  • Help With Custom Menu Icons and Script

    Hello, community. I am hoping you can provide me with some assistance as I pose these series of questions. Thanks so much!   First, a little background... We utilize some code (I believe generously borrowed f...
    Kenneth Rogers
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  • How do I link two sections so if I post something to one section it posts to the other, also?

    I don't want to cross-list my course, but I do want to link it.  For example, Sections 1 and 2 will have the same homework assignments, but with different due dates.  I want to be able to post the assignment...
    Cecilia Ricci
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  • CHange a name in the gradebook

    For some odd reason, a person's name appears as somebody else's in the roster and gradebook.  My guess is that I accidentally had a name associated with the wrong email when I sent the course invitations. &#...
    Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck
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  • Customising content for single student access.

    Is it possible to create content that can only be seen by a single student?    I need to provide and track access to information for individual students within a larger group. Is this possible?
    andrew budge
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  • InstructureCon 2020 Venue/Date?

    At this time last year, there was a lot more chatter about the dates/locations for InstructureCon19. Now, I know that we knew that Keystone had reached its capacity and the contract was up....or at least that's what I...
    Kevin Wagenmaker
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  • InstructureCon 2020

    Is it too soon to request an InstructureCon 2020 chat?    (Oh em gee...I got to create the tag!)
    Beth Crook
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  • Allow 'Treat ungraded as 0' in New Gradebook

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    207 votes
    It would be very useful to be able to use the 'Treat ungraded as 0' feature of the current Gradebook in the New Gradebook, especially once the New Gradebook becomes the default in January 2020. I understand that not h...
    Jeremy Stevens
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  • CanvasCasters Podcast: Have Ears, Will Listen... & Subscribe

    I don't know about you, but I love podcasts. I would never do my own, so I especially laud and respect those that do. Know what else I love? Canvas & the Canvas Community.  Now those two loves have mashe...
    Sky V. King (FIU Online)
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  • Rubrics: Store Marked History in SpeedGrader

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    3 votes
    I recently encountered a situation when RE-grading a "no submission" assignment with a rubric.  A student handed-in a revised version of an assignment, and I wanted to edit the students g...
    Brandon Risenhoover
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