• Auto-reply for Canvas messages

    Open for Voting
    78 votes
    Please add a "out of office" feature to the Canvas messages so that students who use the Canvas Inbox to send messages during winter or summer breaks will know that faculty are off campus and unable to reply...
    Sean Duffy
    last modified by Sean Duffy
  • Tables in Canvas

    Open for Voting
    281 votes
    Both creating and copy/pasting tables in Canvas (the rich text editor boxes) seems problematic and difficult.  The table structure is lost and only text copies into Canvas from MS Word and Excel when using the Fi...
    Julia Phillips
    last modified by Julia Phillips
  • Formatting of Announcement Notifications

    Open for Voting
    290 votes
    It would be great to see more information in the announcement email notifications. At the moment, the formatting and images are all stripped from the notifications. The email notification also does not include informa...
    Danielle Dilkes
    last modified by Danielle Dilkes
  • Generate Automatic Messages to students who do not submit work

    Open for Voting
    294 votes
    I have found the "message students who..." function in gradebook very effective to nudging students to complete assignments. I suggest an option that, when you create the assignment, you can automatically choose to ha...
    Lisa Braun
    last modified by Lisa Braun
  • New Quizzes new question type: Audio recording

    Open for Voting
    353 votes
    Current Situation The current audio submission tool is decent, but it is neither robust nor efficient, and, most importantly, it is not available for quizzes.   Problem For second/foreign language courses, spe...
    Matt McGinniss
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  • Group Roster Export

    Open for Voting
    428 votes
    This is an idea to modify group functionality so one can either export student group lists/rosters to a .csv spreadsheet format OR have groups listed in one of the spreadsheet columns when grades are exported (in the ...
    Renee Ford
    last modified by Renee Ford
  • Allow Admin to Set Default Course Settings for courses

    Open for Voting
    400 votes
    It would be hugely helpful to district-level Canvas Admins to be able to modify and establish default course settings for course shells created for sections assigned to teacher users.   For example, if a teacher...
    Chris Ebsch
    last modified by Chris Ebsch
  • Paste Images into Canvas

    Open for Voting
    493 votes
    I want the ability to paste images directly into Canvas from the clipboard. An example: I want to use Windows Snipping tool (or any other screenshot tool) to create an image. I then want to CTL-C to copy it and CTL-V ...
    Mr. Lomas
    last modified by Mr. Lomas
  • More granular permissions for admins

    Open for Voting
    506 votes
    Right now setting Permissions for different course and account roles is very difficult because many of the permissions are tied together so you can't have one permission without also having the other checked. Yet, the...
    Kona Jones
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  • Ability to brand Canvas notifications

    Open for Voting
    642 votes
    Notifications sent via Canvas are currently not able to be branded.  This means that the emails sent to parents and students currently include the Canvas name and logo. This can cause some confusion with the comm...
    Leigh Morrow
    last modified by Leigh Morrow
  • Comprehensive Course Search Tool (Searching Course Content for a Topic)

    Open for Voting
    644 votes
    I always find it useful to search for content using an index or an actual search tool rather than just scrolling through all of the pages one by one to find what I need.  I can see many uses for this: As a stude...
    Tracey Anne Weiler
    last modified by Tracey Anne Weiler
  • Notifications by Course

    Open for Voting
    919 votes
    It would be great to be able to set notifications for each individual course.  There have been many times that I needed really detailed notifications and other times I needed nearly zero notifications.  Unde...
    last modified by ZACHARY DESJARLAIS
  • Attendance Overhaul

    Open for Voting
    887 votes
    Right now attendance in Canvas isn't that useful/effective. Below are the ways it could be improved: When viewing a specific student's information allow faculty to see a snapshot of the whole semester, including the ...
    Kona Jones
    last modified by Kona Jones
  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    902 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
    last modified by communityteam
  • All or No Points on Multiple Answer Questions

    Open for Voting
    224 votes
    Currently multiple answer questions give a partial score if students do not choose all the correct answers. Please add a feature that allows faculty to set multiple answer questions to give an all or nothing score if ...
    Matthew Jennings
    last modified by Matthew Jennings
  • Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

    Open for Voting
    2187 votes
    As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe es...
    last modified by seth
  • Publish and Unpublish Announcements

    Open for Voting
    594 votes
    I love that Canvas can bring over announcements when I copy content from another Canvas course. This keeps me from copying and pasting announcements I make every semester.  To further develop this feature, it wou...
    last modified by dhulsey@nmjc.edu
  • How to remove myself form a course?

    Hello again, I am trying to delete a section but it says I can not delete a section with people enrolled. However, I am the ONLY one enrolled in the course yet I can not delete it? Why?   It also says I am a ...
    Nick Nicosia
    created by Nick Nicosia
  • Canvas not making the Grade (visible)...

    Having just delivered some PowerPoint training to students about making their presentations more effective, I thought I'd take some of my own medicine and start with a * bang * - hence the title of the piece which mig...
    Gideon Williams
    last modified by Gideon Williams
  • Allow "Display As" Options for Final Grade and Assignment Groups

    Open for Voting
    396 votes
    We are in need of flexibility in displaying final grades and assignment groups similar to the way that individual assignments have flexibility in the way they display. For example, I would like the option to have a nu...
    Corey Jeffers
    last modified by Corey Jeffers