• How do I change the Icon for the days of the week?

    How do I change the Icon to match the day of the week from image in my course? This is from a template.
    Nancy Scheel
    created by Nancy Scheel
  • Canvas Student App Annotation Tool shows no submission

    I am trying to test the student app annotation tool. I have created a PDF assignment in my course. I have added myself to my course as a student. I go to my course using the Canvas Student app on my iPad, open the ...
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  • Deleting Apps

    How can I delete an app that has been added in my Canvas course? 
    Lori Dubach
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  • embed Google Doc

    when I use the rich editor and embed a google document, it is too big and ends up getting cut off, how can i fix this?
    Kara Bradley
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  • Creating Communities on Canvas Using Groups

    Hello all, I'm working on making a community homepage for our residential communities with the goal of having a 'virtual community' for all residents, as well as smaller building-specific communities for every physica...
    Angela Drury
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  • How can create buttons/links for students to navigate easily between different courses?

    Hi. I teach first grade students and I need to make everything as simple as possible for them to navigate. My district will have my first grade students enrolled in multiple courses (a math course, a language arts cou...
    Meghan Wilkinson
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  • Adding another student

    Needing to know how I can add another child as I have two. 
    Jessica Calvert
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  • Is there a way to adjust notification settings for specific assignments?

    I would like one of my team members to be notified immediately every time a particular assignment is completed. Is there a way to set up notifications for specific assignments, rather than all assignments? She doesn't...
    Corrie Algar
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  • Moving Module Content

    What is the best way to bring a module from one course to another course after the new course has started? I was asked to bring a module per week for an entire school year from 5 different courses into one main course...
    Karen Fine
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  • SeeSaw and Canvas

    Open for Voting
    149 votes
    Seesaw is a digital portfolio app that allows parents to see student work as it is posted. Students save and share their assignments with teachers, parents, and peers. They snap a photo or video, draw, or write--in ad...
    Misty Joaquin
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  • Import calendar from ICS file

    Open for Voting
    400 votes
    I am aware that we can export our canvas calendar feed to another calendar but it would be nice to import calendar feeds too.   For example, I would like to be able to import my institution's academic calendar i...
    Beth Young
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  • passwords

    how can I reset my password?
    angela pompeo
    created by angela pompeo
  • Link between two Canvas courses

    If a student is in two Canvas courses can I create a link in one Canvas course to connect to a module in another Canvas course?
    Natacha Edmondson
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  • Viewing a Recording

    Where can I find the recording of my test conference?
    Benjamin Pozon
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  • Quiz question?

    When creating a quiz, how can I copy the multiple choice answers without retyping them? #quiz
    Gretchen Richards
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  • Creating Webex Meetings in Canvas

    Good morning- Our principal sent the following instructions to us, but I am having difficulty with how to do this and where to find "advanced options," "scheduling options," and "e-mail reminder." Have a great d...
    Shauna Lilly
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  • TABE user name and password

    Where do I find my TABE testing portal login user name and password? It said I should have it in my in box but there isn't anything in my inbox. 
    Amy Miller
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  • stolen computer ,using old one,can it affect my acsess online to my course work?

    My computer was stolen and im having to use an older computer now, ive been trying to take a quiz but im being denied acsess to it for some reason is there a reason i cant from this computer? can i get a new on throug...
    daniel luckett
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  • Is it possible to rearrange the order of rubrics?

    Is it possible to rearrange the order of how rubrics are listed on the Course Rubrics page? I would like them to be in the order of when they are used? Thanks, Lynn
    Lynn Roper
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  • HTML Editor?

    When I create a new page and edit it I never get the HTML editor option.  How do I get that to show up or where do I find it so I can embed outside content?   Thanks!
    Wendy Hunter
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