• Why is a ppt file "locked" - How do I unlock it for student accessibility?

    I have uploaded a pdf file of a powerpoint for students to view; however, when we click on the link we are receiving notification indicating that the file is "locked."  I figure I am just missing something simple...
    Lisa Kerr
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  • Deleting my Sandbox course

    I would like to delete Sandbox courses I created in the process of starting Canvas usage. They're crowding my Dashboard. Is it possible?
    Kevin Mbogo
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  • How do i assign a quiz that Canvas can grade automatically

    How do i assign a quiz that Canvas can grade automatically#
    Jacqueline  Semakula
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  • Display Default Email in People

    Open for Voting
    169 votes
    I am fleshing out a an earlier feature request that evidently didn't go anywhere (*Display Student Email Address in Roster ).   At our university, the SIS_ID displayed in the People list and the Secondary ID dis...
    Valerie Rake
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  • Previous semester instructors are showing up for courses on canvas

    Hi there,   We are importing courses and instructors information from our SIS system(Colleague), we are having issue on canvas with previous semester courses and instructors data. Let's say if courseA was t...
    Anupama Yalamanchi
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  • Google Authorization

    Is it possible to default all student users to have Google authorized in their personal account settings? This is super important in our Canvas on Chromebook world.
    Lisa Risch
    created by Lisa Risch
  • Create a student-accessible rubric for self-assessments

    Open for Voting
    342 votes
    Our nursing and OTA staff are using self-assessments to help students evaluate their confidence in the skills they are learning for certification. The idea is that they can take this assessment and choose if they want...
    Stephanie Wilson
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  • Automatic due date reminder notifications

    Open for Voting
    34 votes
    Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it...
    Shoshana Brassfield
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  • Profile picture

    how to change the profile picture?
    Vedaste NYANDWI
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  • How do you distribute electronic handouts to students?

    Our school has gone 1:1 and I would like to be able to distribute handouts to students electronically. Specifically, I want each child to get a copy of the handout that they can fill in or write directly on during cla...
    Amy Koch
    created by Amy Koch
  • uploading video

    how to upload the video done by the pupils
    jennifer rempis
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  • Create a group for DPSP students who get 1.5x time

    0 votes
    I would like to be able to click on PEOPLE, then CREATE A GROUP that I can put all my DSPS students into, who get 1.5x on all tests. Then I would like to click a drop-down menu that allows me to choose "1.5x time on a...
    Tracey Magrann
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  • Allow folders in Pages

    Open for Voting
    1091 votes
    The Files section of Canvas allows folders for organizing files. Pages does not. Why the awful inconsistency in the user interface? I currently have 30+ pages that I've created in - all in flat directory structure. I'...
    Beck Hasti
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  • Providing Extended Time for ESE Students Quickly

    1 vote
    We need to be able to group all of our ESE/504 students together who receive extended time as part of their accommodations. This will allow us to assign assignments/quizzes to them separately of our other students to ...
    Jenna Kern
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  • Restrict assignment submission attempts

    Open for Voting
    255 votes
    Currently there is no way (that I am aware of) to limit the number of times a student may submit an assignment. This functionality is available for quizzes, but not for other assignment types. It would be very helpful...
    Matt Ribkoff
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  • Make Groups that Students Can't See

    0 votes
    I would like to categorize students, so that I can keep track of grades and activity, but I don't want them to be able to see which groups or categories they've been put in.   One example would be tracking stude...
    Mary Wells
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  • Canvas Error Report - Send Broken Link errors to instructor

    Open for Voting
    163 votes
    When students run into a broken link (e.g. link to file that has been deleted) they fill out the "oops!" error report, which is sent to me as a Canvas Administrator at our institution. I will then forward the error re...
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  • Allow Admins to hide Course Menu Bar Items by Default

    Open for Voting
    163 votes
    Many instructors get overwhelmed by the options available in the menu bars of their classes.  As administrators, we would like the ability to hide designated menu items by default, by subaccount.   Because ...
    Kelly Roark
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  • Duplicate Question

    Open for Voting
    142 votes
    It would be helpful to be able to duplicate a question in the quiz generator. Let's say I'm quizzing students on the use of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, and synecdoche). I could make my firs...
    Darren Drayer
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  • Exempting a Quiz or Assignment for a student?

    Is there away in the grade book to mark an quiz or assignment to not count towards a students grade. For instance i have this student that just moved in and do not want her to have to go back and take every assignment...
    Coach Alexander
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