• Where is the button for archiving all messages at once?

    My time is valuable, as is, I am sure, all of yours. So, why must I spend hours managing my Canvas e-mail at the end of every semester? Why must I check and scroll and check and scroll just to move last semester's mes...
    Rebecca Starr
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  • Speedgrader not working right

    How do I get the tools to function properly in Speedgrader?  It was part way through the spring semester, that I started to have issues with the tools - the strike out, drawing tool, highlighter, etc.  I hav...
    Jennifer Jackson
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  • Is there a way to hide my grades and comments on 2nd wave assignments without hiding the 1st wave comments and 1st wave grades?

    Say I have an assignment and I mute it (1st mute).   Then the on-top-of-it students submit their assignments (1st wave assignments).    And I grade students that have submitted their assignment and ad...
    Meagan  Black
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  • Self-Grade If/Then Grade Book Items

    Open for Voting
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    I'd like to create an extra credit item in grade book that allows me to set qualitative commands for it to grade itself. For instance, students who complete assignments A-F with a score of 100% AND assignments G-I wit...
    Mary Cate Komoski
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  • Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages

    Open for Voting
    865 votes
             Please allow us the ability to set a specific date and/or time for content pages to be published ahead of time.   It would be nice to be able to schedule th...
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  • Files tab inactive in Rich Content Editor while editing pages

    Hello,   For some reason Files tab is inactive in Rich Content Editor while editing pages (screenshot attached) I use self hosted open source Canvas server. The files menu on the left side of the course i...
    Vitaliy Galeta
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  • What does "Page reviews" man in course anaytics?

    It appears in column next to students' names#
    James Sheehan
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  • Remove the ? Need Help sidebar

    How do I remove the "? need help" tab in speed grader? It is covering up important screen space. A more critical issue when I am running window minimised.    Thank you   Marcel
    Marcel Takac
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  • What does "page views" mean in course analtics??

    It appears next to student names,,,
    James Sheehan
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    HOW do I set discussion grading rubrics to automatically display total?
    Lin Krohn
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  • Missing Rubrics

    My Discussion rubrics are missing in the Gradebook. How can I find them? I need to use them for grading.
    Barbara Anderson
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  • Using <div> and <hr> tags to create prettier (and accessible) pages in Canvas

    The <div> tag can be quite useful in Canvas for chunking content. I thought I should share this sample page and instructions in case anyone here would like to try it.  Notice that my first <div> ...
    M. Ricardo Flores
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  • Cool - Getting Subscripts in Quizzes.Next Fill-in-the-blanks

    The fill in the blanks for Quizzes.next doesn't have an html editor or a math editor. However, while tinkering tonight, it turns out that it is very easy to add a subscript. For example, S naught or S_0 in classic doe...
    Layne Heiny
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  • Allow folders in Pages

    Open for Voting
    2017 votes
    Greetings all. Conversations in the community unthread after 100 comments, making the conversation difficult to follow, and official comments hard to find. For this reason we're posting our most recent update here: &#...
    Beck Hasti
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  • Public Site, No Images Load

    Hi   I hope there is no obvious answer or else it's going to be rough on my ego.     I built a public canvas site. The setting for public has been double checked. Everything loads quite well...
    Layne Heiny
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  • Can't sort assignment submissions

    I used to be able to sort assignment submissions by name, date submitted, grade, view, etc. But now, the sorting feature is gone. All the information is now shown for one student at a time (see attached scre...
    Linda Yee
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  • Motivational Information Systems: What's it to you?

      Presentation Title So, What's My Motivation? Students Barrel Towards Success!   Abstract / Session Overview We often work to improve our content and pedagogy, but what about improving students' desire ...
    Jared Chapman
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  • "Make Ups" for Virtual Class Meetings?

    Hi everyone,   Apologies if this is a double post -  I couldn't quite find what I was looking for in a search.   What are people's strategies for doing "make ups" when students can't attend virtual cl...
    Abi Johnson
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  • wHERE ARE MY AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES that I either recorded or uploaded as feedback to students?

    wHERE ARE MY AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES that I either recorded or uploaded as feedback to students?
    Jennifer Chandler
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  • Interactive PDF

    What is the best way to add an interactive PDF to a module and keep it's structure?
    Shelley Florence
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