How do I configure Skyward for CSV exports into Kimono?

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***This method is now deprecated, please work with your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Consultant to get information on the new Skyward API-based rostering automation***











Are you wondering how to setup your SkyBuild exports for consumption by Kimono and subsequent import into Canvas? If so, then read on! If you are looking for something else please try searching again!


  • The ability to save reports directly from SkyBuild to an SFTP location

Limitations and things you need to know:


  • If One to Many is selected as a section -> course layout and the primary teacher changes, then a new course is created in Canvas and the sections will be moved into it. If this occurs, an admin will need to cross list the section(s) back into the original course.
  • If SkyBuild no longer considers the enrollment as active and stops including the enrollment in the file, then the enrollment will be Deleted in Canvas.
  • Do not alter the SkyBuild fields. All mapping of SkyBuild data to Canvas data happens in Kimono, so the fields used for usernames, 1:1 vs 1:many course IDs, etc. for Canvas are all decided in Kimono. You can remove certain demographic data from the report (ex: student birthdates) if you are not planning to use that data for fields in Canvas (like passwords).

How to Import the SkyBuild Interface using an XML SkyBuild File


  1. Download the exported SkyBuild interface XML file from the Attachments sections at the bottom of this article. This file will be used in a future step.

  2. Login to Skyward as user that has access to SkyBuild in the Student Management Module.

  3. If you are not in the Student Management module you will need to change into this module to continue:

  4. Switch the Entity 000. The name of the Entity is usually in the form of “District Name (000).” Note the "(000)" — this indicates the Entity 000. The small triangle to the right on the Entity name can be used to switch Entities if needed.

  5. Click the Administration menu option on the top navigation bar and then click “Exports - EX” in the “SkyBuild - SB” section.

  6. Select “Export File Builder - EF”

  7. Click the “Load Interfaces from File” button in the list of buttons on the left side of the window.

  8. Browse to the file downloaded and extracted from Step 1, then click the Import button. (Note: It has a .txt file extension)
    Note: This is the file from Step 1. When you download the file it will be zipped, so you will need to extract the file before completing this step.

  9. When the process finishes, click the Back button on the dialog that is displayed.

  10. The Export should be now in the export list

  11. With the newly imported Canvas interface select, click the “Edit” button.

  12. If you are planning to automate the import into Canvas, you must save the CSV files to the Kimono provided SFTP server. You will need to obtain this information from your IC or CSM.
    1. Change the “Export Location” radio button to “Save Export Files in Database”
    2. Check the "FTP Files" checkbox
    3. Change the "Protocol" radio button to "SFTP (with SSH)"
    4. Set the values as described below:
      • Host:
      • Port: 22
      • Path: /skybuild (this is case sensitive)
      • Username: provided by your IC or CSM
      • Password: provided by your IC or CSM
    5. Click the "Save" button

  13. Expand the Canvas interface using the triangle beside the interface name.

  14. Complete the following steps for each of the files shown in the Export File(s) section.

    1. Click Edit File
    2. Enter an appropriate file name in the “File Name” field. A good option is to give the filename a similar name to the Export file description. For example: courses.csv.
      Note: The filename MUST end in “.csv”

      While running through this step check the Student and StudenEnr file to be sure that the start and end years are correct. If you want all years then please blank out these values.

      Use the following values for the file names:
      Note: It is likely the file names will already be set for you from the imported interface.
      Second Note: While looking at the StudentEnr and Student files check the grad year filter section and be sure the values are not limiting students incorrectly.
      • Course File: course.csv
      • Section File: course_section.csv
      • Staff File: staff.csv
      • Student File: student.csv
      • Term File: term.csv
      • Entity File: school.csv
      • StudentEnr File: student_section_enrollment.csv
      • StudentSchool File: student_school_enrollment.csv
      • StaffEnrollment File (activate the file): staff_course_section_enrollment.csv
      • StaffSchool File (leave disabled): staff_school_enrollment.csv
    3. Click the “Save” button

  15. Click the “Export” button while the Canvas interface is select to build a sample of the files.

Scheduling the SkyBuild Interface to Run Automatically

This section applies to you if you would like to automate your imports into Canvas. You must meet the requirements discussed earlier.

  1. You must run the interface to test file generation before continuing

  2. From the Export File Builder window, click the Print Queue icon

  3. Select the job with the “Report Description” that matches the name of your Canvas interface and click the “Tasks” button.

  4. Click the “Schedule This” button.

  5. Make any changes to the schedule that are desired. When finished click the “Save” button.
    Note: The only required change is to set the time of day you would like to run the report. Record this value as you will need to remember it when you are ready to schedule the import into Canvas.

    Important: Currently Kimono automatically processes the data once per day in the early evening. Please select a time that is before 5:00 pm local time to process the export in SkyBuild to ensure that you do not miss the daily processing window.

  6. If desired, you can review the scheduled job and make changes to its settings using the “Scheduled Tasks” button that is accessible from the window on which you click “Schedule This” when creating the task above.



SkyBuild Export

  • Problem: Not all students and student enrollments are being exported.
    • Solution: Check the start and end years in the Students and StudentsEnr file. Sometimes when the XML is imported, years are configured here even though they are not configured in the XML. Blank both the start and end years and save the files to load students with any graduation year.




Note: You will need to extract (unzip) the attached SkyBuild export in order to import the file into SkyBuild.