Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-05-22)

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In this beta release, Canvas has updated features for the Course Home Page, Content Exports, Developer Keys, Individual View Gradebook, Rich Content Editor, and the External Tools API.


Features are subject to change based on user feedback and testing. Please follow the release notes for the latest information.


The beta environment is for testing new and updated features, which are subject to change at any time. Beta features will be available in production environments as noted in the Canvas release schedule.


Account-level features are not available in Free-for-Teacher accounts unless otherwise indicated.



  Updated Features




Course Home Page Recent Announcements Display

In Course Settings, the Show recent announcements option displays for any Course Home Page. Previously recent announcements only displayed when the Course Home Page was set to the Front Page.



Content Export Expiration

Content exports expire after 30 days and can no longer be downloaded. Content can be exported in the content exports page in Course Settings, and the download assignment submissions page in User Settings.



Developer Keys

Notes Field and Enhanced Usage Statistics

The Developer Keys account page includes a notes field to keep information about a key, such as how the key should be used. Notes about a developer key can be added in the Add Developer Keys page or by editing existing developer keys.


The Usage Stats section includes the access token count and the last used date.



Source Code-16.png Canvas open source contributions: Add notes field and usage stats to Developer Keys



Individual View Weighted Grading Periods Display

After a student is selected from the student drop-down menu, the Student Information section in the Gradebook Individual View displays assignment groups when an individual grading period is being viewed. However, when grading periods are weighted and the All Grading Periods option is selected, the Grades section displays the weight of each grading period. Like in the grading period set, the total percentage is not displayed. 



Rich Content Editor

Remote Version of Rich Content Editor and Sidebar Global Availability

This feature applies to a entire account. Canvas admins can enable this feature by contacting their Canvas Customer Success Manager.

The Rich Content Editor sidebar enhancements that exist in Pages and the Syllabus are available in all feature areas of Canvas, including Quizzes. The sidebar enhancements include a visual style update and pagination support.



Embedded Content Preview

When content is embedded through the HTML editor, switching back to the Rich Content Editor displays a preview of the iFrame content. Previously embedded content always displayed as a gray box and content could only be viewed once the page was saved. This change does not apply to media added through the Link to URL icon in the Rich Content Editor Menu.


This change is already available in the production environment.



In Pages, YouTube URLs linked in the Rich Content Editor support full-screen viewing. When users click the video thumbnail image, Canvas expands the video window to 425x344 pixels. To display the video in full screen, users can select the Full Screen option in the YouTube menu. This change allows users to view YouTube videos without having to open the video directly in YouTube.



Source Code-16.png Canvas open source contributions: Allow fullscreen for YouTube links


Table Context Menu

When a table is added and selected in the Rich Content Editor, the table displays a context menu. This change allows for quicker table navigation and design access.


This change is already available in the production environment.



Media Play Icon

When a user creates or uploads audio or video files using the Record/Upload Media icon, the Play button for the media file displays against the background with higher contrast. This change also improves accessibility for visually impaired users. This change does not apply to media added through the Link to URL icon in the Rich Content Editor Menu.







For details about using Canvas API documentation, please see the Canvas API Policy page.



External Tools API

In the External Tools API, the Create an External Tool endpoint supports the tool_configuration[prefer_sis_email] parameter, which allows an admin to default the lis_person_contact_email_primary to prefer a provisioned sis_email.

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