How do I view updates to resources I previously imported from Commons?

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When a modified resource is re-shared to Commons, users who have imported a copy of that resource in Commons prior to the update will have the option to update the resource. When an update is available, it will appear in the updates page, in the notifications center, and in the resource detail page.


  • To enable Commons in your Canvas instance, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Commons is available in all Free for Teacher (FFT) accounts. Free for Teacher users are limited to finding, importing, and sharing public resources.
  • If your current version of a resource has student submissions, you may consider not updating the resource.
  • If you choose to update a previously shared resource, the previous version will be replaced. If you choose not to update a previously shared resource, a new resource will be created.

Open Commons

Open Commons

To view and update resources, click the Commons link.

Open Updates

Open Updates

In Commons navigation, click the Updates link [1]. You can also click the View Update Notes button in the notifications center [2].

To dismiss the notifications center, click the close icon [3]. The notifications center will reappear only when there is a new update.

Note: The notifications center will display up to three updates; however, you can view all available updates in the Updates page.

View Available Updates

View Available Updates

In the Updates page, you can view all your previously imported resources that have been updated by the original user. You can view the name and type of resource [1], date and time the resource was last updated [2], and notes of what was updated in this version [3].

You can also view which course(s) you previously imported the resource into [4] and which version of the resource you are currently using [5].

To view the resource details page or view the full version history, click the name of the resource.

Note: Resources removed or deleted from Canvas cannot be updated.

View Resource Details Page

  View Resource Details Page

On the resource details page, you can also view update notifications. To view updates, click the Show Courses button [1].

To view the version history, click the Version notes tab [2].

To return to the updates page, click the Back button [3].

Select Courses

Select Courses

If you imported the resource into more than one course, you have the option to select which course(s) you want to update. All courses will be selected by default. To select or deselect a course for update, click the checkbox next to the course name.

Update Resource


To update your resource, click the Update or Update selected button [1]. Updating your resource will replace your current resource. To confirm, click the Yes button [2].

Dismiss Update


You can also choose to ignore the update if you do not want to update your copy of the resource. To ignore the update for the selected course(s), click the Dismiss or Dismiss selected button [1]. Prior to dismissal, you will need to confirm you wish to ignore the update. To confirm, click the Yes button [2].

Note: If you ignore the update for the selected course(s), you will still be notified of future updates to the resource.

View Updated Resource in Canvas

  View Updated Resource in Canvas

To view your imported resources, navigate to the feature area (e.g., Modules, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, Pages, or Files) in Canvas.

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