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How far along are you and when will you be done?

Phase 1 is currently in development. Phase 2 will be in development when all features in Phase 1 are completed.


The Gradebook will be generally available to all users via the New Gradebook feature option until Q2 of 2018 when we will deprecate the old gradebook. We will provide you with plenty of notice as to when the New Gradebook will replace the current Gradebook for all institutions. Institutions are welcome to enable the New Gradebook at any time.


What features are already released and what features are in each of the phases?

For the complete list of features in each phase, check out the New Gradebook Users Group page, the Gradebook Enhancements Canvas Studio Page, or the Canvas Release Notes.


What features are in the current Gradebook that are not in the New Gradebook?

All functionality with the current Gradebook is included in the New Gradebook with the following exceptions:

  • Assignment Details—this feature is being addressed as part of Canvas Studio Priority: Analytics 2
  • Hide Student Names—this feature is being addressed as part of Canvas Studio Priority: Anonymous & Moderated Marking (hiding student names is still available in SpeedGrader, which is a separate feature and not affected by this project)
  • Treat Ungraded as 0—this feature will be modified in a future release of the New Gradebook that will include more viewing options for total grades


How do we enable the New Gradebook for our whole institution?

Currently the feature option does not allow you to enable it for your entire institution. As a reminder, this feature is still in beta, so right now it can only be allowed on a course-by-course basis. However, beginning January 6, 2018, when the feature option is set to allow at the account level, instructors can individually enable the New Gradebook in each of their courses without having to involve a Canvas admin.


Can I switch back and forth between the New Gradebook and the Old Gradebook?

With the introduction of Late Policies on January 6, 2018, you will not be able to switch if you enable late policies or even manually adjust the labels in the Grade Detail Tray. Once you have done one of these two things, the feature option in the course will not allow you to return to the old Gradebook. Late policies do not transfer to the old Gradebook. In affected courses, the course-level feature option may take up to 1 hour to display the status change.


How do I find out about Late Policies?

Check out the Late Policies: Instructor FAQ. Late Policies will be available in the production environment on January 6, 2018.


Will this project fix such and such with Importing or Exporting the Gradebook?

No. It will not. We have a separate project proposed to address all import and export issues with the gradebook.


How do I report bugs?

First, ensure what you want to report is a bug, which means the feature is not performing as intended. What you may think is a bug actually may be intended (we're working on a document to help explain some of those behaviors). Otherwise, please follow these steps:


  1. See if your bug is a known issue specifically related to the preview beta Gradebook.
  2. View the list of reported bugs. The Reported Bugs section is located in the main focus group page— look in the left sidebar under the blue buttons.
  3. If you still can't find a report for a specific behavior: open Canvas, click the Help menu, then click the Report a Problem link. (Depending on your institution's preference, reporting a problem in Canvas may include a different process. Please follow the process established by your institution.)


Where should I put my feedback?

We love feedback. Let us know if you love something, or just have general thoughts on our approach. There's a button on the main page of the focus group that will direct you to the appropriate feedback forum.

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