What is moderation?

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Are you seeing this message across the top of your post?


The Canvas Community relies on a moderation service designed to prevent automated spam postings that are often employed to alter web search results on other Internet sites. While all of the specific triggers and logical rules of that service are not public information, we can tell you a few things that might cause your postings and comments to go into moderation as well as what happens to that content when it has been moderated.


Events that might trigger moderation:


  • Content posted from brand-new accounts
  • Content posted from accounts with less than a set number of points
  • Reports of abuse
  • Specific keywords
  • Posts with a high proportion of repeated words and phrases
  • Certain combinations of tags and mentions
  • Content in certain languages
  • Content posted in Community spaces set up for content approval


What happens after my content goes into moderation?


Your content will be reviewed within 24 hours by a Community Manager or other designated moderator, and will be approved or rejected as deemed appropriate.

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