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Our commitment to adopting and furthering open standards is a no-brainer for us because it makes technical innovation possible. We believe standards help make Canvas a better platform, and encourage our users and partners to innovate without needing our permission. We’re actively pitching in to help shape the future of these technologies by participating in some pretty powerful collaboration with other members of the standards community. You can find us regularly attending webinars, technical workgroups, contributing to forums, and having a presence in quarterly meetings—if you see us, say hi!


The purpose of the Canvas Standards Grid is to show exactly where Canvas is (and isn’t) conformant in the latest standards initiatives. We value openness as a company, and empowering our community with background knowledge about all the great things we're doing is important to us. If you have any questions or concerns about the information you find on this page, we encourage you to reach out to



Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) ServiceContent-Item Message


2.02.1Membership ServiceGradebook Service


LTI 2.0, LTI 2.1, Membership Service & Gradebook Service: Instructure is heavily engaged with the development of LTI and its associated services. In fact, through our participation, we started to help shape LTI related standards as early as 2013. We understand the importance of making open standards available to our clients and partner ecosystems as soon as we can, but we also want to make sure that any standard we fully adopt aligns with our values and provides opportunities for our community to leverage it effectively. In regard to LTI 2.0, there were a number of reasons why our product team chose not to certify in 2014, but above all, we hoped to gauge the level of interest in the added functionality from our users. It wasn’t until recently that both our client and partner communities started inquiring about the latest versions of the LTI standard and its associated services. To date, Canvas currently supports Registration, the Tool Settings service, and the Tool Proxy service.


We only support the core rostering capabilities of the Membership service, and due to security requirements, the use of an API token is mandatory to gain access. The good news is that LTI 2.1 meets our needs around security in this area, and development is now underway. We intend to certify when the conformance test suite is finalized by IMS. From there, we’ll add support for our placements, Content-Item Message, and Grade Passback. Support allowing use of the Membership service without an API token will then be prioritized. We’re keeping a close eye on the evolution of the Gradebook service and plan to evaluate our implementation once final.



Common Cartridge®



Thin Common Cartridge®





Caliper Analytics®




Caliper 1.1: We're engaged in the Caliper working group and hope to see the 1.1 conformance suite finalized in the coming weeks. Our plan is to certify shortly thereafter.



Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®)




QTI 2.2: We're hoping to certify once Quizzes Next is released.







OneRoster 1.0, 1.1: We're actively developing to the OneRoster v1.1 standard to support bidirectional integration with compliant student information system providers. There are two main components: (1) consume rostering data from the SIS and (2) send assignment-level grades data back to the SIS. We've already obtained certification in OneRoster 1.1 data consumer rostering and hope to complete the work around grade passback soon. We don’t anticipate certification of OneRoster 1.0 since the standard has been replaced by version 1.1, which is getting widely adopted.



Learning Information Services (LIS)




LIS 2.0: Instructure recently achieved certification in LIS 2.0 for provisioning events and bulk services. We are coordinating with Oracle and Peoplesoft to test Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP) and with Ellucian and their Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP).


Competencies & Academic Standards Exchange (CASE)




CASE 1.0:
We’re currently evaluating what it’ll take to phase in the CASE standard in Canvas. We do plan to support the standard; however, now that 1.0 has been released, we’ll need to evaluate and find the appropriate place in our roadmap for implementation.



Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), Common Cartridge®, Thin Common Cartridge®, Caliper Analytics®, Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®), and OneRoster® are all trademarks of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (







Canvas is a SIF® certified product. SIF® is a trademark of the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community.





1.22004 2nd Edition2004 3rd Edition2004 4th Edition


Note: We support the above package versions, but there are some features within each that remain unsupported—such as passing back rich outcomes.