TurnItIn Assignments in Canvas Blueprint Courses

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I'm sharing this in a document, in case anyone else has this issue crop up. I didn't see it documented anywhere else in the community yet. We had a number of students unable to access their TurnItIn assignments. The students were all in multiple sections of a single course.  The sections were associated with a Blueprint source site.

The students getting error messages was in part tied to whether or not the assignment was first touched by an instructor or TA in the associated course site. But it also had to do with how many of the assignment’s settings were filled in at the Blueprint Source site.  As I discovered in Dallas E Hulsey's Canvas and Turnitin blog post:

The Turnitin release notes state, "Students can now launch into an assignment and trigger its creation; this relieves instructors from being forced to have first interaction with the assignment before students are able to submit." However, the instructor must set an available from date and a due date in Canvas to allow students to initialize an assignment.”

I believe you have two ways to go forward and use TurnItIn assignments in Blueprint associated sections.

  1. You could create the assignments with a published status, and be sure to include both the “Available from” and “Due” dates in the assignment settings.
  2. This is for if you don’t want to include Available From and Due dates.  You could create TurnItIn assignments with an unpublished status – but then you must require your TAs or associated site instructors not only to Publish these assignments, but ALSO click on the assignment to initialize the connection between TurnItIn and ICON.


Also good to share with instructors: if you create a TurnItIn assignment in a Blueprint Source Course, any internal settings to the TII assignment will NOT be carried over.  If these Optional Settings are important (if you want to turn off the Standard Paper Repository for example) you will need to go into each assignment individually.