What is the Canvas Community Reward System?

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In order to promote community onboarding and/or encourage ongoing member engagement, the Canvas Community includes a built-in reward system to track and incentivize your contributions and participation in the community. There are a variety of initiatives that play a role in creating a dynamic, resources-heavy, networked community. But it helps to have a built-in rewards system to help propel the goals of the community forward. Read on to learn more...




Where do I view information about the Rewards System?



There are 3 ways to access your rewards:


What are Strategy Missions?

In the rewards dashboard, the first batch of badges are for Strategy Missions. Points are given for ongoing behaviors in the community, such as creating content, marking things helpful.



There are six categories of Strategy Missions, each with sub-missions that support that strategy.

  • Engagement
  • Knowledge
  • Support
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Value


If you click on a sub-mission, it will list the repeated actions needed to contribute to that mission.



In the example above, following another user is 2 points. If you follow 25 users, you will meet the threshold to level up in this mission. Follow another 25 users you will have 2 grouping missions. Another 25... you will have earned 3 grouping missions... and so forth.


Since Grouping is part of the 'Growth' Strategy, you can click on the link to learn more.



On your profile, you can see which missions you've earn and how many times you've earned them. Below, this user has earned the Virality mission badge 8 times!




What are Quests?

Unlike Strategy Missions which you can earn over and over, Quests are 1-time missions. They usually come with a checklist of things to do in the community. And some are time-sensitive.



Click on the badge to learn more about the quest details.



As you complete each task, a check-mark will appear next to the corresponding item (either automatically or after user marks complete).


What are User Badges?

In order to ensure that our rewards system is not a Top-Down approach, we enabled user badges as a way to give peer-to-peer recognition. To learn more click here: How do I give a badge to another user in the Community? 


Where can view Levels and Leaderboards?

You can view your overall progress on the rewards page. The links to the LEVELS and Community Leaderboard can also be accessed from there, as well.



Leaderboards offer another layer of overview on your activity, as well. In addition to user badges and quests received or general mission progress, you can see:

  • Points needed to get to next level
  • Your daily point totals from user badges, quests and missions
  • Points received from users
  • Points you've given to users



Challenge Inspire Users

User can also challenge or 'taunt' five users above or below himself/herself on the leaderboard by pressing the 'challenge' button. So, you're welcome... have fun with that!



What do the levels mean?

We wanted to align levels with your experience over time. Points help achieve higher levels, but when you reach higher levels, you'll also gain additional privileges, as well.


  • FRESHMAN: Newbie in the community. If you see these folks, please welcome them with a "Welcome" user badge!
  • LEARNER: Members who are consuming a lot of information, asking a lot of questions and engaging with the community.
  • EDUCATOR: Members who are still learning, but offer a lot more feedback and support across the community (esp. in Find Answers and CanvasLIVE)
    (Those who reach Educator II status AND have authored 10+ blog posts in the community will be considered for their own  USER BLOG!)
  • ADVOCATES: Members who are learning and supporting, but have a bit of a more focused, purposeful or strategic approach in the community.
  • LUMINARY: Members who have been recognized as an ‘expert’ in their market or domain and help others use Canvas in ways to improve their adoption.
    (Those who reach this status will gain a 'orange flame' role icons next to their names.)
  • SCHOLARS: Long-time users and community members, take deep-dives into various topics. Committed to effectively leveraging Canvas. Dedicated to helping evolve the product(s) and adoption in education.
  • PHILOSOPHERS: The Master Panda!


Other rewards and privileges will also be tied to your status in the community.


Is there a regular reset?

Yes and no. The community is evolving alongside the products. Quests may get out-dated, members become inactive, etc. We want to keep membership active and information relevant. We reserve the right to level-set the community periodically in order to ensure progress and engagement. Does that mean you'll lose all your points every year? Not necessarily. Just putting that out there now!


What if I didn't receive a badge for a Quest?



So, we can't do much for strategy missions (unfortunately, they automatically run in the system's back-end). But we CAN look into Quests completion. Despite our best efforts to test Quests thoroughly, every once in a while there's a technical glitch where something you did simply didn't trigger the system properly. It happens. And when it does, we will attempt to fix it.


Quests for offline activities have to be awarded manually (i.e. badges for InstructureCon 2015 ). These take a bit longer to sync up to your profile, so your patience is always appreciated.


If you feel you deserved a badge for completing a quest and did not receive one, click on the button below to fill out the submission form.




NOTE: Submissions that are posted in the comments below will be deleted.

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