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Problem Statement: 

If an instructor wants to create the quizzes for his course, he need follow a set of steps and need to to do it manually. If an instructor has set of rules designed for the quizzes, he/she can replicate the same quizzes for other courses.

Proposed Solution:

Need to design a script which first fetches all the courses available. Once we have a list of courses, will ask for specific course for which an instructor is interested to create a quiz. After making the selection for a respective course, other part scripts will create a quiz with the predefined set of rules.


Script Description:

  • First, take the user's input such as course name and the quiz details like quiz name, description, type, the time limit
  • Fetch all the courses belongs to the respective instructor with the help of  course API (<canvas_url>/api/v1/accounts/self/course)
  • Filter the courses based on the user provided course name
  • If we found the courses for the user's specified requirement make a call to create the quizzes
  • It will take the quiz details and make a post call to create the quizzes (/api/v1/courses/:course_id/quizzes)
  • Notify based on the response to the user.


Code Snippet:

#Libraries to be import
require 'typhoeus'
require 'link_header'
require 'json'

canvas_url = '' # put full canvas test url eg:
canvas_token = '' # put canvas API token here
api_endpoint = '/api/v1/accounts/self/courses'

#User inputs to create the quiz
course_name = "GENERAL ZOOLOGY LAB"
quizz_detail = {
        "title" => "Test Quizz3",
        "description" => "Test Desc3",
        "type" => "practice_quiz",
        "time_limit" => 160

#Function to create the quizzes
def createQuizzes(canvas_url,canvas_token,course,quizz_detail)
    api_endpoint2 = 'api/v1/courses'
    id = course["id"]
    request_url2 = "#{canvas_url}#{api_endpoint2}/#{id}/quizzes"
    create_quizz =
        request_url2,    #we need a variable here because we need the api url to change
        method: :post,
        headers: { authorization: "Bearer #{canvas_token}"},
        params: {
            "quiz[title]" => quizz_detail["title"],
            "quiz[description]" => quizz_detail["description"],
            "quiz[quiz_type]" => quizz_detail["type"],
            "quiz[time_limit]" => quizz_detail["time_limit"]

    create_quizz.on_complete do |response|
        if response.code == 200
           puts "Quizz created successfully for Course id #{id}"
            puts "Something went wrong! Response code was #{response.code}"
#End create quizz function

#Variables initialisation
request_url = "#{canvas_url}#{api_endpoint}"
count = 0
more_data = true
course_found = false

while more_data   # while more_data is true to keep looping through the data

    #puts request_url #helps demonstrate pagination
    get_courses =
        request_url,    #we need a variable here because we need the api url to change
        method: :get,
        headers: { authorization: "Bearer #{canvas_token}" }
    get_courses.on_complete do |response|
        #get next link
            links = LinkHeader.parse(response.headers['link']).links
            next_link = links.find { |link| link['rel'] == 'next' }
            request_url = next_link.href if next_link
            if next_link && "#{response.body}" != "[]"
                more_data = true
                more_data = false
        #ends next link code
        if response.code == 200
            data = JSON.parse(response.body)
            data.each do |courses|
                count += 1
                if courses['name'] == course_name
                    more_data = false
                    course_found = true
            puts "Something went wrong! Response code was #{response.code}"

#If no course for user provided input
if !course_found
    puts "Course not found"

puts "Script done running"



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