SIF - Setting Term Dates and Enrollment End Dates

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In order to prevent student enrollments from being hard concluded (or dropped) at the end of a term, the Term End Date in PowerSchool must match a student’s enrollment Exit Date. These dates are sent to Canvas from PowerSchool and are associated with a student’s enrollment.


The Exit Date is either the last in session day or the last day the student was enrolled in the section, whichever is later. Canvas uses this date to determine drops.  



  • If a student has an Exit Date that is earlier than the Term End Date, Canvas reads this as a drop and the student is hard concluded. The student will not be available for grading in the Gradebook.
  • If a student’s Exit Date matches or is later than the Term End Date, the student will be soft concluded on their exit date. The student will be available for grading in the Gradebook.
  • Term dates should not be edited in Canvas.  Teacher access dates can be extended to allow grade completion.  


Viewing the Exit Date in PowerSchool:

The Exit Date (or dateleft) is created in PowerSchool as part of a virtual table using PowerView, which combines fields from other tables. PowerView finds the last calendar day the student is in session and returns it as the Exit Date The Exit Date is then sent to Canvas and associated with a student’s enrollment.


Any changes to a student’s Exit Date must be made in PowerSchool and synced to Canvas. The Exit Date cannot be changed or remapped in Canvas.


The Exit Date (dateleft) table may be named “pssr_student_section_dates” and looks like this:

select cc.dcid,,




      cc.dateenrolled ps_dateenrolled,

      cc.dateleft ps_dateleft,

      cc.dateenrolled firstday,

      leave.leave_date lastday

from   cc

inner join (

   select a.schoolid,



           select max(c.date_value) from calendar_day c

           where schoolid = a.schoolid

           and c.insession = 1

           and c.date_value < a.dateleft

      ) leave_date

 from ( select distinct schoolid, dateleft from cc ) a ) leave

on cc.schoolid = leave.schoolid

and cc.dateleft = leave.dateleft



Changing Term Dates:

All changes to Term Dates should be made in PowerSchool and synced to Canvas.


No changes should ever be made to the Term Run Dates in Canvas for terms that were created by the PowerSchool sync. If changes are made to these fields, they become ‘sticky’ and the sync no longer applies.


If you changed your term dates manually in Canvas, please contact Canvas Support. Canvas Support is able to correct the Canvas term dates and restore the sync with PowerSchool.


Extending Teacher Access For Grading:


Extend Teacher Access Dates


To allow teachers extra time at the end of the term to submit final grades, you can set teacher specific override dates [1] in Canvas. Setting user specific term override dates will not interfere with the PowerSchool sync.

Note: The Term Run dates [2] are defined through a sync with PowerSchool. Changing these dates in Canvas will cause the sync with PowerSchool to fail. If you manually changed these dates in Canvas please contact Canvas Support to reinstate the sync.