Canvas Studio: Quiz Log Auditing

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Instructors and admins need a new way to view students' click-by-click progress through a quiz. This will be useful for diagnosing problems students may have had while taking a quiz and considering, for instance, whether or not to grant a student an extra attempt.


User goals

As an admin or instructor, I need to know the following things about a given quiz attempt:

  • When did the student begin the attempt?
  • What was the timeline of student actions during the attempt, including:
    • When did the student view and/or answer a given question?
    • What was the student's answer to a given question each time they answered it?
    • When did the student navigate away from the quiz and return?
    • When did the student change their browser focus to a different tab and return?


This feature was released into production Canvas on 1/31/15. Read the release notes about this feature here. See the Canvas Guides article here.
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