How do I act as a user in the Parent app on my Android device as an admin?

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If you are an admin, you can act as an observer in the Parent app and take any action in the app as if you were the observer. Only account-level users with the Act as users account permission can act as other users. This permission does not apply to sub-account admins.

In order to act as a user, you must log in to the app using your admin credentials.

Open User Menu

Open User Menu

Click the Menu icon.

Act as User

Act as User

Tap the Act as User link.

Note: If the Act as User link is not available in your User Menu, you do not have the permission to perform this action.

Enter User ID

View the domain in the Domain field [1]. It will already be populated for you.

In the User ID field [2], enter the Canvas ID number for the user. Then tap the Act as User button [3].

Note: The user's Canvas ID can be found as part of the user's URL in the web version of Canvas. Make sure you have the user's ID associated with the correct Canvas URL

View App as User

View App as User

View the Parent app as the user. A magenta border will display on every page while you are acting as the user.

Note: The app may restart in order to view the app as the selected observer.

Stop Acting as User

Stop Acting as User

To stop acting as user, tap the Close icon.

Return to Account

To confirm and return to your account, tap the OK button.

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