Payload Example : quizzes.quiz_graded (autograded quiz)

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NOTE: all IDs provided in the messages emitted by Quizzes.Next are  local IDs and will not exist in Canvas API or Canvas Data . Please inform Canvas Data and Live Events product management via your CSM if any events you are interested need to support Canvas specific IDs 



 "metadata": {

   "root_account_uuid": "VicYj3cu5BIFpoZhDVU4DZumnlBrWi1grgJEzADs",

   "producer": "quizzes",

   "event_name": "quizzes.quiz_graded",

   "event_time": "2018-10-11T22:17:07.592Z"


 "body": {

   "quiz_session_id": "9",

   "quiz_session_result_id": "6",

   "grader_id": "",

   "grading_method": "autograde",

   "status": "graded",

   "score": 1.0,

   "fudge_points": null,

   "points_possible": 1.0,

   "percentage": 1.0,

   "created_at": "2018-10-11T22:17:07.472Z",

   "updated_at": "2018-10-11T22:17:07.472Z"





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