PSK12 Bulletin Board: 10/26/2018

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Hello Admins, 

Our costumes have been pressed, the apples caramel-ed, the pumpkins carved, and things are getting spooky around here! Take a look at some of the Treats that Canvas is handing out this year, including a new blog post about the mobile apps, the New Analytics tool, and the last days of the Template Sale!


Surveys Are Here!


It is that time of year again for our Canvas Fall 2018 Admin Survey!

Your unique link has been sent straight to your email inbox!

We so appreciate your time and your feedback.


Fill it out before November 3rd for a chance to win a Canvas Swag Pack!


Mobile App Announcement


Canvas Parent app version 2.0 was released in July, including several updated features for an improved user experience. As of today, approximately 99% of users have updated to the new version.


On October 27, backend functionality will be removed from the Canvas Parent app that will require all app users to update to Canvas Parent version 2.0. After this change, all app versions prior to 2.0 will no longer function. This change will also remove access to Canvas Parent Tools and end support for users who haven’t updated to version 2.0.


We will send an email to the small number of affected users to encourage them to update the app.


Please reach out if you have any questions!


Introducing: Canvas Nation


Canvas Nation aims to build a community of Canvas users to spread the love of innovation in education and technology. From coast to coast, you’ll hear the stories of the lifelong learners in Canvas Nation. Though they have different backgrounds, they are nonetheless united by a common goal.

Learning truly makes us free.



Click below to learn more, download helpful resources and classroom decorations, and get involved in Canvas Nation!


Who Ya Gonna Call?!


Quin did an awesome webinar on when to contact your CSM Team and when to contact Support. Take a look at the webinar and the handy reference sheet below!


It's time to schedule your 4th Quarter Call with your CSM Team! 

Click the image above to schedule your quarterly check-in call!

As your CSM team, we are also always available to answer questions via email


Growing with Canvas

We'd love to introduce you to our new free, self-paced Canvas training course! Click below to learn more!


Professor Quin is our resident Webinar Pro! He offers webinars for New Admin Orientation, Study Hall Webinars that go over specific Canvas features, and Extra Credit Webinars on how to get even more out of Canvas! Click below to view upcoming webinars.


Feature Idea


Frustrated with the new Parent Observer Pairing Code process? If you are interested in the ability to mass generate pairing codes, this feature idea is open for voting! Click the image above and cast your vote!


Template Sale!


There are a few more days left of the Back to School Sale!


We are offering Templates Buy 3, Get 1 Free! This offer is available through the end of October 2018, so take a look! Click the button below to take a look at some of the ready-made options, or contact us if you are interested in some custom templates! 


Featured LTI Tool


GoReact is an interactive cloud-based video software for feedback, grading and critique of student video assignments.

Instructors create video assignments. Students upload/record video submissions. Instructors and/or peers leave automatically time-coded text, video or audio feedback. Assignments are given a score or graded using easily-customized rubrics.


 Click below for a guide on adding External Tools to courses.


Catch Up With The Official Canvas Blog


Assessment Management System in Canvas?


Interested in learning morea about Gauge, our Assessment Management System? Click below to sign up for a free webinar!


Now Available in Canvas!


Analytics Beta is here! This updated tool explores giving Teachers, Students, and Administrators the right info at the right time, to make teaching and learning easier.


Analytics Beta has been added to your BETA environment ( as of October 8th. As an admin you have three weeks to test out the new tool in your Beta environment before we deploy Analytics Beta to your Production environment on October 29th.


As mentioned in the release notes, Analytics Beta will be added to your environment as an account level LTI tool and disabled by default in the course navigation. If you do not want Analytics Beta in Production on October 29th, you can uninstall the LTI tool in the Account Settings Apps tab.

Resources for a Great Year!

Take advantage of our webinars, the new training course-- Growing with Canvas, guides, and community spaces to get back into the swing of things in no time!


Get to Know Your

Priority Services CSM Team!

This week we are spotlighting Quin!


What was the first concert you attended?

  • Neil Diamond, with my parents. Don't judge.


If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

  • Take the family to Yellowstone, British Columbia, NYC, and Tokyo.


What is one thing you cannot resist?

  • A good chocolate chip cookie!


What makes you laugh EVERY time?

  • Videos of people wiping-out. (But not getting hurt too badly.)


If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

  • JK Rowling. And I'd prefer to meet her alive ;)




Need Help?


Release Notes: 10/27/2018