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Useful definitions

  • Field admin: The Field Admin is the one designated Canvas admin who has primary access to Service Cloud - the console that allows you to manage, view, and create Support cases. As the Field Admin, you are responsible for escalating new cases to Support to be worked and completed. You can view THIS short video for a rundown of the features and tools available.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement): Standard Support ensures your case will be responded to for the first time within 2 business days. 24/7 Support grants an initial response time of 8 hours. The response time is what we refer to as the "SLA."


Processes & workflow

  • The case owner determines who is currently responsible for responding to the Support case. From the beginning, every case will be assigned to the Field Admin that has been set up for the account.
  • You must escalate to Canvas Support before they are able to view and investigate the case. The more information that can be provided, the quicker the case is likely to be solved. If the information listed below can be provided in the case from the beginning, Support will be able to solve the issue much faster.


  • Summary - [user(s)] in [course] are unable to [activity]
  • User expected behavior - they should be able to [user expected behavior].  
  • Event time - this happened [date and time].
  • Links to where you can see the problem - []
  • Troubleshooting done - I have tried [troubleshooting].
  • Screencast or screenshot of the problem
  • Additional notes


Once the ticket has been escalated to Canvas Support, knowing the status of the case is important when determining if the case is being worked.



  • Open: The case is being worked on by a member of Support. Note the the case owner must be the “L1 queue” or in the name of a Support representative.
  • Pending: The case has been responded to and the Support team is waiting on a response and/or more information.
  • Oh Hold: The ticket cannot be resolved until work is completed outside of Support’s control. This status is usually used when a particular bug is identified.


Additional notes

  • If you are providing more information to a case and “Post” to the case, you must also update the Status to “Open.” If you do not, the case will remain in “Pending” and the new information will not be noticed by the Support team.
  • Instead, emailing directly to the case will automatically reopen the case.
  • Adding additional information to a case will push the case to the bottom of the Support queue, as the added information will be read by the ticketing system as an update.
  • Leverage your CSM relationship! If you have a case that needs a second pair of eyes or if you feel as though the issue isn’t being properly communicated or followed, we as your CSM team are always happy to provide as much help as possible.
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